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Wednesday 22 October 2014

Drugstore Gems | Recent Finds...

As a blogger, it's very easy to get sucked in to the luxury product hype - swishy packaging and the lure of a glitzy high-end counter certainly have the power to sway a purchase.  Whilst I'm not denying that you do sometimes get what you pay for (some of my high-end favourites simply cannot be beaten in my opinion) - I do think there's plenty of 'drugstore' products out there that perform just as well as - if not better than some of the high-end brands. I've become such a bargain hunter just recently (just call me David Dickinson) and I seem to have uncovered a small selection of fabulous 'drugstore' products that I absolutely love - I've been on a roll!  Of course, I often find cheaper products I enjoy and use on a regular basis, but these 6 most recent finds have seriously impressed me -  they're much more than fleeting favourites.  We're a fickle bunch, us bloggers, so to say that this little collection of my latest 'drugstore gems' top the mark as some of my most recommended is saying something! Here's why I think they're jolly good contenders to rival their higher-end versions...

Seventeen | Falsifeye HD Mascara | £6.99 | Link
I'll kick off with my most favourite shall I?!  If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I'm rarely impressed with mascaras - I'm ridiculously fussy.  I've been using Maybelline's 'The Falsies' for a good 5 years or so now and I never really vary from this (Benefit's 'They're Real' is my only other 'go to' but I use this as more a 'treat' because it's quite expensive). It's fair to say I'm very stuck in my ways when it comes to mascara.  However - I think I may have discovered my new obsession in the form of Seventeen's Falsifeye HD Mascara.  It's seriously amazing. First impressions were good before I even left the store as it actually comes in a box - and we all know how much bloggers love their boxed products... It didn't stop there though.  I was blown away as soon as I applied it - it coats every.single.lash. The wand doesn't look anything special but trust me, it works a charm at coating even the smallest eyelashes and it's so easy to use. Usually, with volumising 'false lash effect' mascaras, the wands can be quite cumbersome but this one is just perfection.   It reminds me of a simplfied version of Benefit's 'They're Real' whilst being easier to use. 

The formula doesn't clump at all - I can easily apply 3 coats without my lashes clumping together and it also holds a curl really nicely. My lashes look fuller than ever and incredibly defined, and even though it's not waterproof, it doesn't smudge, flake or crumble.  I must admit I don't use it on my bottom lashes as the only mascara that doesn't smudge on me is Clinique's 'Bottom Lash Mascara' - but I can't sing this product's praises enough. I definitely think it's a good rival for Benefit's 'They're Real'. I think I'll be buying this from now on instead of the Maybelline one I've been using for 5 years... that's how much I adore it.

Seventeen | Instant Glow Bronzer in Medium Bronze | £4.49 | Link
Seventeen really have upped their game the past year or so! I'm loving the brand at the moment and their new image is definitely a winner in my books. This is another one of my recent purchases but as it's already featured twice on my blog so I shan't get in to it too much - you're probably sick of the sights of it! I picked this up on a whim at the airport before a holiday and my goodness, am I glad I did! It's such a good 'all rounder' bronzer and works so well for all over bronzing and subtle contouring. It's the perfect shade to add warmth to the complexion and even though it's pigmented, it's virtually impossible to over-apply as it blends like a dream.  I've been applying it even though my skin is paler now and it just gives the most incredible healthy glow without looking like I've piled on a shed load of bronzer.  I really loved Guerlain's 'Terracotta' bronzer earlier this year but I have to admit this one has had much more use.  It's matte so it provides a really lovely, natural finish and gives a nice bit of definition to the facial features.  I posted about it in a summer beauty haul here, and also in a recent favourites post here.  My love for it is still going strong...

MUA | Power Pout Lip Crayon in 'Rendezvous' | £3.00 | Link
I had to re-use a photograph I've taken of this product for a past post because my camera ran out of battery just before I'd finished this one - but trust me - this lip crayon is very well loved.  It's lived in my hand-bag since the day I bought it and it's not making a move out of there any time soon! I really love MUA's lip crayon offering - this colour is just the perfect every day shade and I've been using it over some of my Mac favourites just recently.  It's super moisturising, yet long-lasting and easy to apply on-the-go. I really don't think you have to spend the earth if you want a good quality lip crayon - I can't see why this one isn't just as good as some of the more expensive versions I've seen on the high-street.  I have a full post about the product here.

Collection | Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer | £4.99 £3.99  | Link
Currently on offer for just £3.99, this concealer is my most recent discovery.  Now, I have to admit that my ultimate holy-grail favourite is Estee Lauder's Double Wear Concealer and I don't think I'll ever find anything else to rival it - but since it's so expensive (£21.00 a pop!) I wanted something to use under my eyes on those days when I'm not wearing a great deal of makeup.  I wanted something a little more brightening than Collection's 'Lasting Perfection' (another drugstore gem) as I mainly use concealer underneath my eyes to conceal dark circles. I've been blown away by this one! I was so amazed at how well it hid my dark circles - it's literally like a brightening version of their Lasting Perfection. The formula is quite thick (similar to L.P), so it's a little more hard-wearing than other brightening concealers I've tried before.  I've also used YSL's Touche Eclat in the past and prefer this cheaper version by a mile!

Bourjois | 123 Perfect CC Cream in '32 - Light Beige' | £9.99* | Link
I was actually sent this product a while back but as soon as this tube runs out (and it's getting rather low) I'll be purchasing another straight away.  As much as I love my Nars Sheer Glow foundation, it can be a little heavy for everyday wear and I sometimes crave a slightly lighter coverage. My high-end 'go to' for a dewy base is YSL's Touche Eclat foundation but for a cheaper alternative, this Bourjois offering is fantastic. It does everything it promises - the colour correction really does seem to work and I instantly look more awake when I've applied this.  The coverage is so impressive and comparable to a light-medium foundation - so don't let the fact it's a CC Cream as opposed to an actual foundation base put you off.  If i'm ever having a 'dry skin day'  I use this because its a little more hydrating than an average foundation.  It evens out the complexion in an instant and looks virtually undetectable, especially when I've applied it with my RT Buffing Brush. I have a review of it here, and it also featured in a favourites post here.

Look Beauty Eyeshadow | Shade 13 - 'Luxe' | £4.00 | Link
Ok. So this isn't exactly a recent find - I've had this shade in my collection for quite some time now but it's definitely a re-discovery! If you're looking for pigmentation, 'Look' Statement Eyes Eye shadows really are amazing - they put some high-end brands to shame. This eyeshadow has to be one of the most pigmented shades I own and it gives that statement metallic lid look - perfect for the upcoming festive season. It's so creamy and buttery-soft to the touch and the gorgeous antique-gold colour is so flattering. Admittedly, due to the fact it's so pigmented you do get a little bit of fallout but it's easy to overlook- I just protect my under-eyes with a tissue and 'dab' the shadow on with an eyeshadow brush. 

Swatches L-R // Collection Concealer | Bourjois CC Cream | Seventeen Bronzer | Look Eyeshadow | MUA Crayon

So there we have it, some recent drugstore finds that I've been seriously impressed with.  Of course, I have plenty of other favourites but these are products I've discovered in the past few weeks/months.  Do let me know if you'd like me to do a post on some of my other drugstore gems - I have a fair few that definitely rival their higher end versions.

Have you found any drugstore gems recently? Let me know!


  1. I love the look of every single one of these products! I have the Bourjois CC cream and I love it too for days when I don't feel like wearing my Bare Minerals. I think I am going to go on a hunt for that lip crayon next time I am in town, and probably the concealer too! x

    Holly / holly la beau

  2. Boots SEVENTEEN mascaras are by far my favourite on the highstreet. I love their doll’d up mascara and the HD mascara is pretty decent too!

  3. Love the shade of that eyeshadow! x

  4. WOW - lovely picks! That eyeshadow looks lovely, would be perfect for Christmas Day :) add a little sparkle xx

  5. definitely will be needing another shopping haul again!

  6. Love the look of the MUA Crayon and the Seventeen Mascara (it's so hard to find cheap ones with silicon applicators!) x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  7. Bourjois CC Cream is one of my favourite base products. That Seventeen bronzer looks really good as well, pretty much high end dupe! x

    Speaking Beauty UK | Nars, Urban Decay, YSL GIVEAWAY

  8. I love MUA lip products! Such good value for money and a lovely quality that you get at a real bargain price. Totally agree with you that some drugstore products can sometimes outshine other top end sellers. Love this post :)

    Georgina | HeadInTheCloudsr

  9. I use the CC cream it's brilliant! Part of my everyday routine at the minute and I love MUA such a good quality for low price

    As for the other beauty products I'll have to check out that mascara as my benefit is getting a bit dried up

    Leanne x

  10. Totally agree with the mascara, its the only high street one I use. I'm a YSL through and through!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  11. The Bourjois CC cream looks amazing! I've heard a lot of good things about it.

  12. Wow, the Look eyeshadow looks incredible! Your photos are so fab Beth xxx
    The perks of being a hipster

  13. I really must pick up the MUA Crayon the colour looks gorgeous just the right shade for me

  14. I've been loving Seventeen products recently! I'd really like to try the Bourjois CC Cream though :)

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  15. I adore Seventeen but never tried this product.Should change it))))) I like their nailpolishes) Among drugstore brands I like Rimmel (adore Rimmel Stay Matte powder and lipsticks)

  16. TOTALLY agree with Seventeen Falisfeyed Mascara -beats the expensive ones every time, its just so good!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  17. I've always walked straight past Seventeen when I'm trawling the Boots aisle but clearly need to do a bit of a double take on this! Will have a look next time I'm in there

    Diana xx |

  18. The Seventeen mascara is AMAZING. Mine's recently ran out and I'm so sad, it gives my eyelashes incredible length and curl. My only gripe is that it smudges onto my brow bone but I can forgive it because it's perfect in every other way!

  19. I have also been loving the Bourjois CC cream, I really didn't have high hopes but it quickly became my go-to for everyday! And agree with you the MUA lip crayon doesn't get enough love on the blogosphere, especially that shade which I also have living in my handbag! Thanks for the heads up about the mascara, I've added that to the list!
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

  20. Sometimes there are definitely high end products that are so worth it, but I totally agree that the drugstore has some amazing products! Unfortunately none of these are readily available in the US. :(

    Watching for Pigs on the Wing

  21. I love a good drugstore find! I'm using the Seventeen Bronzer at the moment but you're making me want to try the mascara and CC cream! Not good for my bank balance!


  22. I love Seventeen at the moment too, they are becoming one of the best drugstore brands x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  23. The colour payoff of that gold eyeshadow is phenomenal, it looks gorgeous!



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