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Sunday 29 June 2014

June Love Me Beauty Box

Love Me Beauty Box | £10.00 plus p+p* | Link
My monthly dose of beauty goodness from LoveMeBeauty has been a very welcome visitor through my letterbox the past few months, that's for sure.  Aside from snapping my postman's hands off, I've been battling on through my final few weeks of uni and it's fair to say I've rather enjoyed receiving a little selection of beauty treats every few weeks to keep me going.  I won't go off on one but I got my results back the other week (if you follow me on Twitter you might already know)... I'm superly-duperly happy to say I'll be graduating with a FIRST! eep! I was so excited my results paper now has a little smudge of lipstick on it where I'd half-kissed it with relief..oops! Anyway, life rambles aside, I have to say I really struggled to choose a menu this month - every single box was filled with stuff I fancied getting my mitts on and I spent ages trying to decide. I finally settled on Menu 2, although I have to say I half wish I'd opted for the one with the lipstick in it as after seeing other blogger's posts on it, the shade was just my cup of tea. I let one product in the box sway me but sadly, my little gamble didn't pay off. This being said, I'm still rather chuffed with my goodies despite my slightly mixed reaction this month.  If you want to find out more, read on...

NYX | Nail Polish in 'Compulsive' | RRP £3
So i thought I'd better kick things off with the product that swayed me.  This month, Love Me Beauty provided 3 different selections of nail polishes from Nyx - a brand I've tried and loved so much in the past.  Since I'm going away on holiday, I was instantly drawn to the 'Exotic' shade selection and really liked the look of the beautiful turquoise blue shade of the three - the thought of it on my nails with a golden tan was enough to persuade me to opt for this menu.  Sadly, my little gamble didn't pay off so I was a little disappointed to receive a dark, wintery shade - 'Compulsive' (not at all a fault of the box or the product - just my overly positive wishful thinking!).  However, I have to say I'm really impressed with the Nyx packaging - I've seen a few bloggers say it's very 'Deborah Lippman-esque' and I have to agree. It feels weighty, looks luxurious and feels expensive to say the RRP of these polishes is just £3!  Although it's not my most preferred colour in the world and I might end up saving it for Autumn/Winter - I'll still be sure to give it a go and see how it works for me - maybe it will prove me wrong and the purple/black iridescent pearl effect will actually help set off a tan? I'll reserve judgement for now but it was a nice addition to the box nonetheless - I'm never one to say no to a nail polish!

Urban Veda | Daily Purifying Facial Wash | RRP £7 | Sample Size
This sample sized face wash was a nice addition to the box this month. I'm off to London tomorrow and I've been stocking up on miniature products to pack into my wash bag.  This will be going with me as it's just the perfect excuse to give it a try! It's down to Love Me Beauty that I discovered one of my most loved skincare products - Arran Aromatics Lavender & Tea Tree Face Wash - so I'm always happy to see similar things pop up from time to time. You never know what holy grail products you might uncover!  This little offering from Urban Veda is said to mattify the skin, refine pores and clear toxins whilst helping to clear the complexion.  Although I don't have oily skin, I'm sure I'll get on well with this - I'll be taking lots of photographs so anything that helps towards banishing shine or excess oil is very much welcome! 

Beauty UK | High Brow Kit | RRP £3.99
I was really excited about this product! I'm a big fan of brow products and I'm always on the lookout for new things to try.  This one from BeautyUK seems like a cheaper alternative to palettes such as the HDBrows kit or Benefit 'Browzings' - it's even cheaper than Sleek's offering.  Although the shades aren't as pigmented (don't expect it to be an amazing dupe!) - it's still a nice little palette for £3.99 so you can't grumble. I actually find the two darker shades in the palette to be quite good - they're the 2 most pigmented of the bunch and I have to say, none of them feel overly powdery and they all transfer really nicely. If I was on the lookout for a budget eyebrow product with change from a fiver I'd definitely give this a swatch in store. I've gone off using powders on my brows just recently so I'm going to use these shades as eyeshadows or pop it in my handbag simply for eyebrow 'touch-ups'.  The addition of the wax is also handy for on the go.  I'm really pleased with this product - I know a few bloggers felt slightly indifferent about the eyeshadow palette but it seems as if this Brow Kit offers a little more in the pigment department and it has to be my favourite addition to the box this month! 

Montagne Jeunesse | Hot Spring Sauna Face Mask | RRP £1
Ohhh this takes me back... Hands up who else used to bulk-buy these bad-boys for girly sleepovers back in the day!?  I'm a little unsure about the warming effect of this mask as I usually prefer a cooling sensation or just a general cleansing one, however, I'm going to take it in my suitcase with me and have a pamper-sesh half way through my holiday! I tend to wash my hair and sit out on the balcony in my fluffy dressing gown whilst I soak up the last of the late afternoon sun with a magazine and a glass of cider (classy bird) - this seems like just the ticket for a mid-holiday treat (can you tell I'm daydreaming about my holiday lots just recently?!) This mask is said to open pores and remove impurities for a deep cleanse - definitely useful to say I'll be slathering on the SPF every day!

Model Co | Eye Define Pencil in 'Black' | RRP £9
I have far too many eyeliners but I'm always up for trying more. I like my pencils to offer intense pigmentation coupled with staying power - a combination that's actually rather difficult to find!  I haven't tried this yet but I'm looking forward to seeing how it works for me - it's said to provide intense, long-lasting colour whilst being smooth and creamy to apply.  It has a sharpener in the lid which I always find handy to have for on the go.  Seems jolly good to me - I'll have to give it a whirl soon!

So overall, this month's box is a mixed bag for me.  It's not been my favourite so far but I'm definitely a fan of the eyebrow kit and I'm excited to try the facial wash on my travels next week.  In fact, there's nothing I actually dislike in this box and I'm sure I'll use them all - there's just nothing that stood out to me this month.   This being said, the selection on offer this month was one of the best I've seen so far and like I mentioned above, I really did struggle to choose! Love Me Beauty really do hit the nail on the head when it comes to monthly subscription boxes - they even offer the option to 'skip' a month if you're not overly fussed! To find out what else is on offer this month or to find out more about the concept, head on over to their website here.

What are your thoughts on this month's box?


  1. I have seen so many mixed reviews on this months LMB. I really like the look of the eyebrow kit though :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. it's definitely been a mixed bag - i didn't love it as much as i thought i would but there's a couple of things in there I think im going to really like :) xx

  2. I agree with Sian, the brow kit looks really nice. Let us know if it holds up as a dupe!

  3. Looks like you got some great things! I bought a load of those face masks when they were on offer in boots and they do remind me of being 16 at a sleepover ha, love them :)

    Victoria | SocialVix

  4. Not a bad box, a few products I would like to try. That NYX polish is a very Summer shade, although it does look pretty. That brow kit is nice & Im obsessed with trying new brow products & this one is a bargain

  5. Ooh I could do with a new brow kit - the Beauty UK one sounds fab!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  6. Fab review lovely - I think I prefer this box to the one I received - I love the look of the brow kit and eyeliner! I also love the colour of that nail polish, despite it being a tad wintery! Also, huge congratulations on your first - I must have missed that over on Twitter! I bet you're chuffed to bits and can't wait to jet off on your hols to celebrate :) lots of love! xxxxxx

  7. I decided to cancel my glossy box subscription a couple of months back and have been hunting for a new box, but this box this month just doesn’t do it for me unfortunately.

  8. Congratulations on your first! You must be so proud and excited for your future :)
    Hannah | Hannah Bakes Things


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