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Sunday 23 March 2014

Love Me Beauty Box | March

LoveMeBeauty Box | £10 plus £2.95 p+p | Link

This month's LoveMeBeauty box is a good'un, let me tell you! I was super excited to see The Vintage Cosmetics Company popping up on the menus for March - I've always wanted to try their lashes after grabbing some of their makeup brushes a few months ago so it's fair to say that this month's offering was rather enticing to say the least! Also, as soon as I saw Nip & Fab's 'Eye Fix' featured on one of the menus - I was sold - I'm all for a good under-eye product, me! Anyway, let's get to it, shall we? Here's what I unwrapped in this month's box...

The Vintage Cosmetic Company | False Lashes in 'Gracie' | RRP £6
I love a good lengthening pair of false lashes.  I often find overly-dramatic ones weigh my eyes down and can actually make my eyes look smaller, so I always opt for lighter, more natural ones like this. These 'Gracie' lashes are right up my street - I love the shape of them and I cannot wait to give them a whirl.

Quintessentially English | Bath Salts in 'English Rose' (sample size) | RRP £4.25
I don't think I could ever contemplate getting in a bath without some form of 'smelly' in there somewhere, surely that's not just me?! I've never really tried bath salts so I'll certainly look forward to tipping these into the tub next time I fancy a relax sesh.  They're made with dead sea salt and essential oils, so they're meant to provide subtle exfoliating qualities as well as a dose of moisture.  The only thing I'm not entirely sold on is the scent - I'm not a florals girl whatsoever and I received the scent 'English Rose'. I'll still use them nonetheless and they aren't overly strong so I might surprise myself and end up loving the rose scent. I've read other reviews of this month's box and there seems to be a lovely variety in scents available - I'm still rather excited to crack this little packet open!

Deep Steep | Moisture Stick in 'Lavender Chamomile' (Full Size) | RRP £3.60
I was quite intrigued by this product this month - I've never heard of Deep Steep but the concept of a moisture stick really tickled my fancy.  One of the reasons I opted for 'Menu 1' was because of the Lavender and Chamomile scent of this one - if you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I absolutely LOVE lavender scented stuff. I find it so relaxing and I often pop some oil on my pulse points before bed as I find it sends me off to sleep much quicker.  I've been using this stick non stop since I received it.  Honestly, it's SO good for moisture on the go! No faffing around with tubes or tubs - you simply just twist up and apply to the specific area.  I seem to have irritable skin at the minute (I'm pointing the blame at the time of year!) so this has been an absolute god-send and it has to be my favourite product in this month's box.

BlanX | White Shock Toothpaste (sample size) | RRP £7.50 (not pictured individually)
Firstly, let me just apologise for not individually photographing every product this month (i know, bad blogger alert or what?!) Of all these glorious, sunny days we've been having just recently, I chose the dullest, greyest, most rainy-est day of the bunch to take this batch. If you're a fellow blogger, I'm sure you'll feel my pain here... Anyway, moans and grumbles about the weather aside (typical UK blogger!), I was surprised to see BlanX featured in this month's box.  I'm still unsure how I feel about this one - I'm not sure I can get overly excited about receiving toothpaste.  Although this one does have whitening properties and I'll probably get use out of it, it's not something I'd usually buy... I'm definitely going to give it a try though. Who doesn't want whiter tegs?!

Murad | Sheer Lustre Day Moisturiser (7.5 sample size) | RRP £64 (not pictured individually)
WHOA!? £64 for the full size?! I am going to use this sample size like gold dust! This daily moisturiser is said to help restore a youthful, dewy glow to the skin and help towards maintaining a healthy complexion.  It deeply hydates whilst protecting against UV rays, at the same time as minimising lines.  Sounds jolly good to me.  I shall have to see what I reckon to this next time I need to break in to a new moisturiser...

Nip+Fab | CC Eye Fix in 'Light' (full size) | RRP £6
 Eeeek. This product has made me a happy chappy this month.  Admittedly, I haven't actually used this yet so I shall have to save the review for a later date, but I'm so excited to get testing it out! It's essentially an eye cream and lightweight concealer in one, and refreshes and brightens the under eye area. The light diffusing pigments lift the appearance of the eyes and bright light to the under-eyes, and the beeswax it contains helps to protect and care for delicate skin.  To apply, you simply twist the bottom of the tube and apply to the face.  The peachy pink undertones to the concealer will definitely help to counteract those pesky dark circles! It's very, very lightweight though, so on those days where the dark circles really are packing a punch, I might still require a little bit of the heavy-duty stuff - but I can't wait to test it out! It looks so promising!

Overall, this month's box has been a winner for me! The Deep Steep moisture stick and the Vintage Cosmetics Company lashes have to top the mark for me - and I'm jolly well chuffed to have the Nip+Fab Eye Cream in my possession! LoveMeBeauty box is really good value for money and every month I always end up finding something new to love.  For £10 (plus p+p) you get a choice of menus each month and each box is worth at least £35 - I've known some to be worth upwards of £50/60 and the variety of brands and products each month keeps things fresh and interesting!  You can have a nosey at the brands and concept behind the box over on the LoveMeBeauty website here.

Are you subscribed to Love Me Beauty? Which menu did you opt for this month?


  1. Oooh looks like you got a great menu! Really good value for money too. I haven't tried Love Me Beauty box but I think I will be now, considering it only costs £10! xx

  2. I really want to sign up to a box but I can't decide which one :( This one does look really good though.

    Jaynie Shannon Beauty Blog [Mac Giveaway Running, I follow back also.] xox

  3. looks like a great box this month !
    i love the false eyelashes
    The Inked Blonde-Mel

  4. This is probably the best box I've seen, looks like you get to sample quite a few lovely products! The lashes look gorgeous


  5. You'll love the Deep Steep Moisture Stick, last year I tried their tangerine and melon one and it was amazing as a lipbalm! x

  6. I've been hearing quite a bit about Deep Steep these days. I definitely want to try some of their products! xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  7. I was so impressed with this months too, I don't even have a bath so I am at loss with the salts but loving the nip and fab! xxx

  8. Oh wow, I have never heard of this beauty box before. In comparison to glossybox it looks amazing. WIll have to check this out for sure.
    Love, Belle

  9. You got some really amazing products in this beauty box and I love the sound of the CC eye cream also :) I always have problem tired eyes so its great to find something to help cover this xx

  10. I love this box so much.. wish we had this one in Holland.
    Enjoy your new products!

  11. I think I may have to say goodbye to GlossyBox and start Love Me Beauty. It seems to be loads better!

    Sian | Sian Marie Beauty

  12. Love the look of this box, it looks like you get such a good selection in there! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

    P.S. I don't want to be spammy, but I have a YSL Lipstick Giveaway on my blog at the moment!

  13. Lovely box, seems like such good value!


  14. This looks like such a lovely beauty box, I'm so tempted to subscribe lo. I hope your well gorgeous xx

    Danielle || Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  15. I've tried the Blanx toothpaste before and it did nothing for me (booo). Hope it works out okay for you though. When I have the money I might have to subscribe to this box rather than the old favourite Glossybox. I was previously with them but wasn't always wowed by their products.



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