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Thursday 1 August 2013

The New Beauty Box Concept | Beauteco Box

Beauteco Box | Monthly Beauty Box | £10 +p&p* | Link

Before I started blogging, beauty boxes were quite the in thing and they flooded my reading list quicker than you could say the word 'hype'.  I must admit, I never quite caught on to the new trend and even though many times I'd been tempted, I put myself off when I heard of people getting sent the same things each month along with countless bottles of posh body wash they could never quite get through.  This was until recently, I was made aware of the new beauty box in town - Beauteco Box. 

What intrigued me was their completely fresh, unique twist on the monthly subscription box - the option of choosing what you want to receive from 3 carefully selected 'menus'.  This clever little concept means that every month, there is something there to suit your needs and preferences when it comes to beauty - adding a little personal touch and taking the whole gamble factor out of ordering a beauty box.  It's such a good way or trialling products that you would genuinely use or look into again in future and it means you can select a box full of products that you will be sure you will enjoy - inevitably saving yourself from a heap of wasted product samples and stacks of unused bottles on your bathroom shelf.  The Beauteco box is also put together using 100% recyclable material - a little eco-friendly boost goes a long way when it comes to packaging in my opinion! (you can have a read about the eco side of it here)

I opted for 'Menu 2' in July - containing products from brands 'Neal & Wolf', Pukka and Art Deco. I was particularly excited about the Art Deco eye products and the volumising offering from Neal & Wolf but there isn't a single product in there that I wouldn't want to use. Massive high-five coming your way, Beauteco! I'm sure you'll see a few of these products popping up in a favourites post or review sooner or later, but until then, I thought I'd give you the lowdown on each product and my thoughts on each one so far...

Neal & Wolf | Elevate - Volumising Lotion | £11.95

My hair needs volumising one heck of a lot just recently... so I was really excited to receive this little bottle of voluptuous goodness. Applied to wet hair, this lotion acts similarly to a mousse, adding body and volume to the hair but also adding shine and extra gloss.  I've only used this once so far, so I'm yet to see if I'm prepared to swap my trusty mousse for a lotion, but first impressions were really good. I found it volumised my hair yet helped it to remain smooth a sleek - no danger of 'straw hair' anywhere here!

Neal & Wolf | Harmony | Intensive Care Treatment | RRP £12.95

Another product my hair could do with at the moment after being slightly frazzled on a recent trip to Greece! This intensive treatment is designed to repair damaged hair using a combination of different conditioning ingredients. I'm planning on slathering this on my locks tonight...

Pukka | Radiance Serum (sample size) | Full size RRP £24.00 

Suitable for sensitive skin, this serum soothes and refreshes the skin and is completely free from parabens, synthetic fragrances and colours. It brightens, tones and adds radiance to the complexion and supports the skin naturally.  Again, as with any skincare, I can't really provide you on the whole she-bang with this product yet, but I really like how it's naturally fragranced and is paraben free - I'm a big fan of natural skincare.

Art Deco | Soft Kajal Liner | RRP £6.95 |

So far, I reckon this has to be my favourite of the July box.  It's soft and gel-like texture makes lining your eyes a breeze and is perfect for the waterline - I have sensitive eyes but I've had no trouble whatsoever with this *happy dance* I've used it over my Mac and Urban Decay liners recently and really, really love it.  It's the softest eyeliner I've used and doesn't drag my peepers.   The performance is also really good - long lasting and really well pigmented.  I love this one.  Definitely a winner for me. I'm glad I've been introduced to the brand and will definitely be checking it out soon.

Art Deco | Eyeshadow Base | RRP £8.00 

Again, another good product I've discovered this month and one I've been reaching for whenever I've been using powder eyeshadow.  The base is formulated with Vitamin E, meaning it feels soft and smooth on the delicate eyelid area. It also claims to reduce eye redness due to the ingredient 'Bisabolol', neutralising the skin before eyeshadow application. I've tried this and have to say, i like it.  It makes applying powder shadow a lot easier and lot more 'swift', with a lot less fall-out, whilst prolonging the life of your eye makeup. I love the consistency of it and find it a really nice base to apply.

Overall,  I personally find the 'menu' concept really refreshing and it's solved the whole problem of wasted samples.  Of course, with all beauty boxes there's a chance you might not like something occasionally, but if you liked everything, where would be the fun in ordering a monthly beauty box?! The fact I've found a new brand I will definitely be checking out soon only goes to show how you can benefit from a beauty box like this - you're introduced to brands you might have skimmed over before and the simple fact you're able to choose a selection means that any disappointment is taken out of the equation. The box costs £10 plus delivery - which is a really good price considering how much everything in the box costs when added up, and the majority of them are full sized.  This is my first ever subscription box, and it has somewhat changed the way I see beauty boxes.  Dare I say it, I'm converted (but only if I have a choice in what I receive, that is...) BIG thumbs up Beauteco Box.

You can have a nosey at the Beauteco Box website here.

What do you think about the Beauteco Box concept? Is this something you would consider trying?


  1. I heard about this the other day and after always wanting to subscribe to a beauty box, as a monthly treat, i was intrigued as to what others thought. I am slowly being persuaded to sign up to this box, love the idea of getting little treats and especially as you can tailor the box to suit your own needs.
    Becka! :) x

    1. Hi Rebekah - I've always been intrigued by them but the only reason i never took the plunge is because you never knew what you were getting for your money. I like that this box is quite upfront and honest and you get a little bit of a choice :) Worth a look at! xx

    2. I'll definitley be looking into it, such a cute design also. Lovely pay day treat!

      Please check out;

      Becka! :)x

  2. This makes a lot of sense to me as half the stuff I've received in my Glossybox has went unloved. Will definitely look into this box :)


    1. I heard a lot of mixed reviews on Glossybox - definitely look into it :) Its great to have a choice :) x

  3. The menu idea is great, because it always puts ,e off personally knowing there's things I may not be interested in! Very helpful post lovey :) xxx

  4. This looks like a pretty good beauty box, I've yet to try any in case I get too many samples I don't like so I love the menu idea! Lovely photos and review xxx

  5. This does look awesome, love the idea that you have a choice of what you get. Great review x

  6. The BeautecoBoxes look like the best beauty boxes, I think I should subscribe! x

  7. Really wish they did a version of this in Aus! Would be so nice to have a choice.


  8. That eyeshadow base looks nice, like the sound of this box I've not really heard much about it before


  9. I've never been too impressed by beauty boxes to the point of trying one, but I really like how this one looks- so sad they don't ship to the US.

    XO, Catt

  10. This box sounds amazing! I like the look of every products in this post, I might have to investigate :) x


  11. looks like a good month - i need tp join x

  12. Just joined thanks to your post , it's such a great idea ! Thanks for sharing

    Love Oresiri :)

  13. I love that they give you a choice of three, i unsubscribed from Glossybox after a couple of months because i was sick of getting products that were irrelevant to me (mostly all anti-ageing) so this is definitely a more refreshing concept!

    Id love to try Art Deco products, im always hearing good things about the brand!

    Natalie xx

  14. I was thinking of opting for a Glossybox subscription but definitely rethinking it now I've seen this!

  15. “Welcome to your Beauteco Box” -- I like how they made the menu card personal. It lets you feel that what you’re getting is special; the money spent worth it. The message also sets the mood of the customers when they try to open their packages.

    Vernia Soriano@ One Sixty Fourth


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