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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Spot Busting Solution | Harley Street Skin Care

Harley Street Skincare | Spot.Less Buster (100ml) | £20.00* | Link

If you've ever seen the programme 'Stitch me, Lift me, Tuck me' (try saying that one fast ;)), then you might be aware of Harley Street's Skin Care range.  The lovely folks over at Baobella asked if I'd like to sample one of their skin care products, I was really excited to say the least - Harley Street has a good reputation for it's skin care and beauty/cosmetic offerings. The 'Spot.Less Buster' is one of Harley Street's products from the 'Spot Less' range targeted at problem skin prone to breakouts and acne.  Now, my skin has never been acne prone, nor is it oily - I've been quite lucky and I only ever really get the odd spot here and there but just recently, at the grand old age of 22, my skin has took a turn for the worst after being on different medications and I have been in need of a little more help than what I'm used to.  Perfect timing then to try out the Spot.Less buster!

Formulated with salicylic acid (well know for it's spot-busting properties!), the 'Spot Buster' claims to be anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and will help to reduce oil production, unblock pores and prevent new spots from appearing as well as banishing existing ones.  It not only helps to kill off any nasties that you do have, but also prevents new ones from forming and the solution is suitable for all skin types (even sensitive skin - yay!) - it even claims to be formulated with anti-ageing properties which is all very well and good (of course, I cannot vouch for this just yet).  To use, you simply cleanse as normal, then cover any affected areas with the solution.  I personally prefer to spray onto a cosmetic cotton pad and simply dab over the entire area that looks a little worse for wear.  What I love about this product, is that compared with other spot-healing products on the market - this one targets an entire area rather than just being a topical treatment for one blemish.  As much as I love my Origins Super Spot Remover (featured in a post here), I often find that when my skin is being particularly troublesome, I want something to cover a larger area in order to prevent any new ones from forming rather than simply treating the breakout.

What I love about this product, is that you can apply it in the mornings under makeup and nobody would know.  If you're a fan of Origins or other similar spot treatments, you'll know that they dry out the skin and often can appear 'crusty' under concealer (yuk) making them more appropriate for night time treatment.  Spot Buster, although drying (as with all spot treatments), doesn't make the skin appear flaky or leave any noticeable residue so it's perfect for use in the mornings before applying your make up. When applied, it feels instantly cooling and you can feel it working it's way into your skin - stinging ever so slightly before disappearing.  It doesn't leave a film and it doesn't sit on the skin like a cream.  It's very much a 'spray and go' kind of product.  I apply morning and night to the effected area and have seen visible improvements to my skin.  I've been having a complete nightmare with it for the past couple of months (amazing what a bit of medicine can do to your skin!) and it's really helped keep breakouts at bay - killing off any spots that appear quickly and reducing redness and any swelling.  I don't suffer with cystic acne spots - purely just annoying little pimples now and again so I cannot say how it would fair on acne-prone, oily skin, but judging how it's worked for me I can imagine it would work on more problematic skin.

I've been so impressed with this little bottle and I've been using it non-stop since I got it. I even love the packaging - the blue glass bottle feels weighty and expensive - this spot treatment definitely means business! I will be placing an order for another one as soon as it runs out as it's worth every penny for me and it's something I can't live without now.  It's filled the gap in the market for an all-round good treatment for spot prone skin in general - it will work as either a topical treatment or as an all over treatment to prevent any breakouts forming and it's also great underneath makeup. It feels cooling to apply and you can feel it working as soon as it's in contact with your skin, tightening slightly and killing off any redness.  The only advice I'd give you is to spray in a well ventilated room - many a time I've coughed and spluttered my way out of the bathroom of a morning!  It doesn't bother me though - it just smells like you'd expect a spot treatment with a bit of 'punch' to smell.   I really, really love this product, and I will certainly be looking into purchasing more from the range (you can have a nosey here) - I have my sights set on the Pore Minimising Mask and Spotless Skin Renewal! Overall, I'm so impressed and Harley Street Skin Care gets a big thumbs up from me (they even have a mineral makeup range...intrigued much?!). You can purchase the Spot.Less Buster from their website for £20.00 here - I'm not yet sure of anywhere else which stocks it which is a shame - but I shall be keeping my beady eyes peeled as the range deserves to be more widely known! Thankyou very much Baobella for introducing me to such a fabulous brand.

Have you ever tried anything from Harley Street Skin Care? Would this be something you'd like to try?


  1. This looks brilliant :) It's definitely worth the money if it's a product that works! I definitely plan on adding this to the wish list! xxx

  2. This certainly sounds impressive! I'd love to try it :) anything that clears up the skin is a winner in my book! x

  3. Thanks for this review darling :) I like the fact you can wear this under makeup and that it doesn't make you look crusty. I'd never heard of this brand but I'm off to have a stalk now!


  4. I love the fact that this comes in a spray - I've been using Skinetica for a little while but the amount of mess and the wasted product it causes can be really annoying! Thanks so much for doing this review, I love finding new products to help with blemishes and I can't wait to see whether this works for me! x

  5. This sounds awesome! Thanks for the review Beth, I might have to give this a try! I love the fact you can wear it under makeup!

    xo aly

  6. I've actually never heard of this brand but this sounds like something I need in my life! xx

  7. I'm a beauty therapist and we use te Harley street products, I like the enzyme mask it refines te akin and makes it feel so smooth and look more radiant :) x

  8. Wow this sounds great and not too pricey either, I was expecting it to be alot more than that x

  9. Never heard of the brand, but given the price for all the promises it makes, it sounds really good! :) x.

  10. This product is really nice. But first time I am heard about this product. However, this is very good for oily skin i like it.

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  11. I'm exactly the same! I'm 22 and the last few months my skin has been horrendous! I've been using a harsh acne cream and it's cleared most of the problem areas but it really drys out my skin. I'll have to give this a look. x

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