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Sunday 2 June 2013

May Favourites

Change of scenery for the ole' bloggles today.  The sun was shining so I thought I'd make the most of it - the neighbours must think I'm a right nutter sat out in the garden, photographing a pile of lotions and potions.  The weather has been undoubtedly warmer of late (hooray) and it's fair to say we have been spoilt just recently with a day or two of sunshine.  I tend to switch up my routine as soon as the slightest hint of summer rolls around - I banish my wintery cosmetics to the bottom of my makeup drawer and go a little crazy for cream products and anything coral...

| Garnier Ambre Solaire | After Sun - Hydrating Tan Maintainer |  
Okay. Not the most exciting of products to kick off my monthly favourites, but it's one that I swear by through Summer. I've had countless bottles of this stuff now and when I jet away on holiday, rest assured I have one in my suitcase.  It's such a lovely little after sun - it smells like holidays and is cooling and calming and the gel-like consistency sinks in really quickly.  Nothing special I hear you say? No, I suppose not - aftersun is aftersun after all. But this one helps to maintain your tan. It contains a teeny-tiny amount of false tan that helps to deepen the natural tan you already have - without smelling of typical false tan.  It's very subtle, but there's something about it that really does work - and heaven forbid they ever discontinue this. Garnier - you have been warned ;)

| Garnier | BB Cream in 'Light' | 
Most bloggers I know really aren't a fan of this. I think I must be in the minority that really get on with Garnier's BB Cream.  It was the first one I ever bought. I've branched out and tried many others, but I always come back to this one.  I don't have oily skin in the slightest so I guess this is why I find it works for me - it's very creamy and moisturising.  It's just perfect to 'slap on and go' when I'm having a lazy summer morning or if it's really warm and I don't want to have foundation sitting on my skin but still want a light bit of coverage. The sun protection in it just adds to it's appeal in the summertime.  I personally really like it and find myself continuously going back to it.

| Revlon Photoready Cream Blush in 'Pinched' |
An old favourite of mine and one that I always reach for as soon as the weather warms up.  It's such a lovely cream blush - it's not too drying (I'm not a fan of cream to powder blushes) and it's not greasy - for me, it's just the perfect, light consistency that makes this blush one of my top summer products. I'm a fussy little madam when it comes to cream blushes - and Revlon have got it spot on with this one.  It's very subtle - so on darker skin tones or on deeply tanned skin it's not the most pigmented of blushes - but this is what I like about it. I've been opting for a dewy, bronzed look just recently so I don't want my blush to be too overpowering. A quick sweep of this with my Real Techniques Stippling brush of a morning and I'm good to go.

| Models Own Nail Polish in 'Blueberry Muffin' |
I tried so hard to resist this. I really did.  I'm a sucker for blue polish and I lost count of the amount of times I shuffled past this on the shelf... I finally caved.  It's such a lovely shade of powdery, pastel blue, and to say it's such a light shade it really does show up on the nails which is what I love about it so much.  Oh..and it also smells of blueberry muffins - what more could I ask for?!

| Lord & Berry | Luminizer Stick in 'Moon' |
I won't say too much about this, since I already have a full review here, but I've really been loving this just recently.  Similar to the Nars Multiples, you simply twist the product up and apply straight to the areas of the face you wish to highlight.  It's such a lovely shade and very easily blendable.  It's effortless. If you're a newbie to cream highlighters or just fancy something a bit different from powders - it's worth giving this a whirl.

| Origins | Super Spot Remover | 
A cult favourite amongst beauty bloggers everywhere so I'm sure you've all heard of this little miracle worker. I've been reaching for it a lot this month as I've been on and off medication and my skin has had a little strop as a result.  This bottle may look tiny, but my goodness it packs one heck of a punch and stops any spots right in their tracks (it also lasts a lot longer than you'd imagine - I'm not even halfway through mine and I've had it since Christmas).  If you pop it on as soon as you feel that 'tingle' then it more often than likely won't even surface.

| Balance Me | Balancing Face Moisturiser |
I've written a whole post on this moisturiser (you can read that here) so I won't say too much - but it's a fabulous product for combination/normal skin and really helps to balance your skin.  It sinks in quickly and leaves your skin really smooth to the touch - making it perfect for using both morning and night.

| Chanel | Tan De Soleil 'Bronze Universal' | 
I've included this in a couple of posts before and it's featured in my 'How I Contour' post here if you fancy a nosey at how I use it.  It's just such a versatile product and one that I always reach for. Even when the sun isn't shining.  It can be buffed in over foundation or worn underneath to give a bronzed glow.  I sometimes use it for contouring my cheekbones and the consistency is just perfect - I haven't touched my powder bronzers in quite a while because of this little gem!

| Rimmel Lipstick in 'Nude Pink' | 
May saw me rediscover one of my old favourites in the lipstick department.  I'm a big fan of Rimmel lipsticks (especially the Kate Moss ones!) but this shade is one that I always return to.  It's more of a nude coral than a pink as the name suggests, and it looks really lovely with a tan.  The slightly frosted finish is surprisingly flattering - and although it's not everyone's cup of tea, I really love it. I love nude lipsticks for daytime, and the coral tone to this one is just perfect for summer.

And there we have it. My monthly favourites for the month of May.  I'm sure now I've stacked up all of my cream products and summery stuff that the weather will go back it's usual cruddy self.. but this month has really got me into that 'summery mood'. I'm just about to sit down and look for some late holiday deals now...wish me luck!

What have you been loving this month?


  1. really like the models own nail polish, it's a gorgeous shade!

    Kamila xx

  2. Lovely photos Beth, I love a lot of the products you've included here and there's a few I want to try now too! I've been loving the Bourjois Cream Blushes - wearing them every day.

  3. I might have to try the garnier tan extender! Need anything to help my pasty skin.

  4. Lovely change on scenery :), Oh I really want to buy the Chanel Tan Soleil in Bronze Universal! Always see so much positive posts and feedback on it! I've been looking into the Origins products recently too (trying to revamps my skincare routine)Might have to invest in the Super Spot Remover for when I get the odd breakout.

    CharrlotteLouise x

  5. I'm loving Pinched at the moment too! Also just added that aftersun to my holiday toiletries list, thanks for that ;) xx

  6. Great favourites! I really like the Garnier BB Cream as well. :) x

  7. The cream blush looks lovely ! x

  8. Awesome favourites! I have that cream blush and I LOVE IT! Oooo I love that Rimmel lipstick, might have to get it!xx

  9. The Models Own nail polish looks amazing! x

  10. I'm sat chuckling to myself as I'm imagining you sat outside, snapping away and your neighbours staring out from behind their net curtains and wondering what the heck you're up to! Hehe.

    I love to see Origins Super Spot Remover in monthly faves posts as it's one of my all time favourite products :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  11. lovely favourites! The Chanel bronzer is so amazing!
    I hope you have a lovely week!xo

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  12. Great favourites! I've been lusting over that Chanel bronzer for the longest time :|


  13. Ah I love your posts, beaut. You make me wanna buy mwahaha. I thought that the lipstick was MAC's ravishing, can't believe it's a Rimmel shade! I really love the Super Spot remover it's a god send for the little blighters! xxx

    Gemma ♥ |

  14. I like that Garnier BB cream, too! It's a really nice Summer product! And that Rimmel lipstick looks gorgeous!

    xoxo aly

  15. omg you're so lucky to be able to find the soleil tan de chanel, i want it sooo bad but its ALWAYS sold out :(
    beauty, lifestyle, hauls, review <3

  16. Oooh the Chanel is so tempting!


  17. thanks a lot.... thanks for your information... very much useful for me.... keep on posting...


  18. Amazing selection of products, some I really want to try so thanks for sharing your thoughts on these :) x | Shamballa Bracelet Giveaway ♥

  19. Really want to try the cream blush, I know what you mean by being fussy when it comes to cream blushes in general!

    Katie Loves.. | UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  20. This is such a great post, I feel like I now need most of it, haha. Love that nail polish I bought it a month ago and its so lovely :)



  21. That Models Own nail polish has such a lovely shade! xx

  22. Loving the look of the Revlon blusher and the Lord and Berry Luminizer xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  23. I'm pretty much dying to try out the Balance Me moisturiser, everyone seems to love it! I never got on with the Chanel cream bronzer, though - it looks quite orange on me.

  24. lovely post, as always! i really want to try the origins super spot remover! :) Xx

  25. I love your favourites! I might try some of these, you make them all sound amazing :)x

  26. I was on the look out for a new BB cream but I have oily skin :( *just keep searching, just keep searching* haha


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