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Wednesday 20 March 2013

How To Follow Bird's Words & Info On The GFC Hoo-Ha

With the whole GFC 'hoo-ha' (or so I like to call it) on Twitter the past week or so, it seems that GFC is no longer the favoured method of following a blog. I've done more than enough research into this and I have somewhat fathomed out that it isn't actually GFC that's getting the boot. It's just google reader - which in no way shape or form effects how you read blogs on your blogger dashboard. So, if like me, you often log on to Blogger and like to have your reading list pop up for you - this won't be changing whatsoever as they're completely different things. Rest assured, your list isn't going anywhere July 1st. GFC isn't going July 1st.

This said, even though there's no solid proof or written word that 'GFC will definitely be going' - it's really sad everyone has stopped clicking the little 'Join this site' button. I urge you all to continue using it as if useage goes down it's going to get heave-ho regardless! Let's fight for the GFC, people! Bloglovin' has now stepped forward as many blogger's main form of following - and I am now making sure to follow on both GFC and Bloglovin - it's better to be safe than to be sorry after all! If you haven't got Bloglovin' - it's majorly easy to set up and you don't even need a blog to do so. So if you're a follower of my blog but don't write one yourself, fear not. Get your Bloglovin' socks on and sign up (it's also fan-dabby-doozily-free and won't cost you a penny).

So - if you've just stumbled upon my little corner of the interwebs and fancy reading more of my rambles, then here's how to follow me:

You can still follow me via GFC over in my sidebar..
  It's not going anywhere and it won't be for some time. Don't let the Twitter panic of last week fool you! But if you do, it's probably a wise idea to invest an extra second of your day in clicking 'follow' on the Bloglovin' button too. This is what i've been doing ever since the 'hoo-ha' and I feel muchos better and safe in the knowledge my lovely reading list won't be dropping off the face of the Earth.

 If you're a Bloglovin' fan - my link is here
Or you can click the 'follow this blog' button over in my sidebar. (I'm missing a few hundred of you off there :( Oh noeees..)


Want to suscribe to my mailing list and receive my posts straight to your mailbox? There's a 'follow by email' option over in my sidebar

 All of these methods of following can be found in my sidebar, but if you want to contact me directly for any reason please send me over an email to Apologlies this isn't a very exciting post - and dare I say a little bit of a cheeky plug for my bloggle. But we must all club together in this and remember we are all in the same wobbly little blogger boat. 

 What have you been doing since the 'GFC hoo-ha? Has it changed the way you follow your favourite blogs? Or do you follow via both platforms like myself?


  1. I thought the same as you, google reader is different from the blogger dashboard, which I love to use. I think now that so many people believe that GFC is going, there could now be a chance due to the drop in usage due to all of those switching to Bloglovin'. I'm doing the same as you, following on both GFC and Bloglovin' although I've found myself following some on one and some on the other because of me stupidly forgetting to follow on both so things have gotten a little unorganised :( x

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  3. I follow everything by both, I read through bloglovin but I think its nice to see how many followers you have through GFC as this seems to be the 'official' count:) x

  4. I thought everyone was going a bit crazy too! I wish people would research before going crazy and thinking everything is going! haha thanks for the post:) xo

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  5. Great post, finally someone's written about the whole Google reader thing in a a way I can understand haha! xx

  6. Exactly my point! If everyone heads over to bloglovin and numbers drop, google will have reasons to cut GFC, right now they don't! AGH this whole hoo ha/mare is really frustrating me!

    Sophierosehearts x

  7. Finally someone who has done a little bit of research about the topic and knows how the things actually are!! Thanks for this post hun! I hope more people would see this and understand that GFC is not going 1st. of July!! :)


  8. I also follow through both platforms now, but I now read posts on bloglovin'. I find it way more organized and easier to follow blogs and there is no way I can miss a post! :)

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  9. I really dont want it to be scraped and im so happy that you wrote this post explaining everything so thank you. GFC is the bomb and it'll be a nightmare to get rid of it, I dont have a Bloglovin account and it bugs me to make a new one! x

  10. Really loving your blog hun! I've been a follower for ages but only recently started getting really into it! :) x


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