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Friday 21 December 2012

Tag: You're It!

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Ohhh how I love a little tag post when I'm at a complete loss of what to write. I have Natalie over at youralmostalice to thank for this one, and I thought I'd take the chance to have a little ramble.

- Every tagged person has to tell 11 things about themselves
- The person who tagged you asked 11 questions, answer them
- Ask 11 questions for the 11 blogs you're going to tag
- Mention the blog that tagged you but don't tag back

11 things about me:
1. I once kept a diary every day for a whole year
2. I love going on holiday and a massive chunk of my wages goes on trips abroad, and clothes to go in my suitcase! There's always a holiday brochure lying around my bedroom somewhere.
3. I can be very competitive..never in a nasty way though. I'm definitely not the vicious type...
4. I absoloutely adore elephants.
5. I'd rather eat a pack of crisps than a chocolate bar. Smokey bacon is preference.
6. I'm terrified of being sick. And cockroaches. And i'm not keen on flying either...
7. I'm very arty. I love drawing and making things. I can forget my troubles in an instant as soon as I pick up a paintbrush. I find it all very theraputic.
8. I once dyed my hair black and hated it. 
9. I love driving at night. It makes me feel relaxed.
10. I love chinese food. 
11. I paint my nails up to 3 times a week - I feel naked without any colour on my talons.

1. If you were stranded on a desert island with one other person, who would you want it to be and why?
My best friend. We have been friend's since we were 11, have essentially grown up together, share the same sense of humour and she strolls into my house as if it's her own home. I could imagine being stuck on a desert island with her would be side-splittingly hilarious and together we are just the ultimate dream team.

2. What is your most embarrassing moment?
oh I have wayyy too many to mention. I'm so clumsy and there's so many embarrassing moments involving me falling over that I'd be here forever trying to pick one. So I shall go for one that instantly pops into my mind. I was once on a school trip in Germany and we had all just arrived at the hotel and settled in our rooms. Being a typical group of girls, we went to see some of the boys in their room as it had a cooker and we were slightly amazed that their room was so much better than ours. I can't remember what happened but it involved us all being chased back into our room by one of the boys, and I dashed through my bedroom door only to be greeted by one of my school teachers, in the middle of getting changed, staring back at me with her jumper half over her head screaming at me to get out. Obviously i'd ran back into the wrong room in the excitement. She mentioned it the next day in front of everyone at breakfast and needless to say she hated me ever since. To be fair though, she could have locked the door?...

3. Three things that you would consider your biggest pet peeves?
Customers - the really rude ones that speak to you as if they're realms above you. I hate stereotypical men, and I also hate it when I can hear people eating or chewing.. or indeed even just rustling a pack of crisps...

4. Your favourite place in the world?
Home. I am the biggest home-bird you will ever meet and as much as I love travelling and going away to lovely places, nothing beats the feeling of coming home after you've been away for so long.

5. What's your dream job?
Anything to do with illustration or graphic design. I've always been a creative person and I'd love to do something with it. Hence why i quit going down the 'retail' path and decided to go to uni. I really want to be able to say 'i love my job'. I'd love to wake up in the morning and not dread going into work. That would be fabulous.

6. Your favourite thing about blogging?
Without a doubt the social side of it all. I think most bloggers would say the same. I also love coming home after a long day and reading through every single post on my reading list (does anyone else do this or is it just me?!)

7. One thing that is on your Christmas wishlist?
A new camera. I've been saving for one for ages but the 'rents have said they will chip in and help me. And of course a couple of beauty bits! What Christmas wouldn't be complete without a new lipstick or two?!

8. What is your most proudest achievement?
I'm proud of everything i've done to get me to where I am now.

9. Favourite lip colour?
As much as I adore bright reds and pinks for nights out, I love a good nude lip, me! They're just so wearable for everyday and it means I can be a bit more experimental with my eye makeup. I love muted pinks and peach tones.

10. A saying/motto that you live by?
My life goes by my star sign in the Metro. If the Metro says it's going to be a good day - then by heck it's going to be a jolly good day!

11. An unusual fact about yourself?
I really cannot think of anything unusual about me! I struggle to say the word 'squirrel'...?

My 11 Questions:
- What is your ultimate holy grail item?
- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
- If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would it be?
- Your most treasured/favourite item in your wardrobe?
- What scares you?
- Your favourite childhood memory?
- What is the worst product you have ever used?
- What was your first makeup item?
- If you could have anyone's hairstyle, who would it be?
- What was your favourite subject in school?
- Who/what inspires you?

I Tag:


  1. Great tag, i HATE rude customers too! I also lovelove night time driving!

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. arghh theyre the most annoying species on the planet arent they! haha xx

  2. I love elephants and I'm also terrified of being sick! Oh and I love crisps too haha x

    1. yaayy fellow elephant loverr :) i think theyre amazing animals. Oh me too - id happily have a family pack all to myself lol xx

  3. Ahh i loved reading this :D Thank you for doing it!
    I also dislike noisy eaters and people who rustle crisps and make any noise related to food haha, and the customers - oh god, i hate how they think they're better than you!

    Natalie xx

  4. Ah! i love reading tags on people's blogs, feel like i'm getting to know the person better, through personal questions (does that sound weird ? )

    but yes i do to hate noisy eaters, or as i like to say washing machines, i mean is there any need for people to chew so loudy or smack their lips together! frustrates me haha

    plus i deal with rude, irgnorant customers everyday & it annoys the livig daylights out of me when you get snobby ass' thinking your no better than them!

    i love this post :) I'd honesty love to answer these questions myself haha :P

    plus i hope your feeling better :)


  5. Great tag, I always love reading those - you get to know the blogger so much better too. And I always love hearing about HG products!!

  6. thats for tagging me! will be doing this tag tomorrow xxx

  7. just got back of holiday! Thanks for the tag! Will get to it now! hope you had a great christmas xxx


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