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Sunday 25 November 2012

Fantasy Shopper | Shopping Inspiration

As a bit of a self-confessed shopaholic, I'm constantly looking online and taking inspiration for new outfits and eyeing up key pieces for the season. I regularly online shop, and spend many an evening trawling the shops for the right thing to buy - sometimes I have something specific in mind and it can take me ages to find the right item. So, I thought i'd let you all know of this wonderous little tool that might just become an asset to your online shopping habits. Fantasy Shopper is a fashion and style website which allows you to build up a 'wardrobe' of your most wanted items and pieces on your wishlist. If you're after something specific you can type a word into the search bar and it will bring up hundreds of pieces from a large list of shops - this list can be narrowed down further using the drop-down menus on the sidebar which is really handy if you have something you're searching for that you've seen in a particular shop or if you're after a certain colour. You can simply click a little button to add the item to your online wardrobe to save for future inspiration, or click to find out more information and link to that item's website to make a sneaky purchase... This fabulous little online closet can also be sorted into categories - which i find rather satisfying (i like my real wardobe to be organised so i'm not about to let my online one slip, am i? ;)).

What I love about this website, is that it allows you to view items from shops you would never have thought twice about looking in before - I have pieces in my online 'wardrobe/wishlist' that I never would have found before. It just gives you a wider perspective of whats out there, and if you're after a quick online shopping fix, it saves you the time of looking through individual websites.  I must admit, I use this more for inspiration more than the actual shopping side of things at the moment; i just find it more useful for collecting images and gathering ideas for outfits with items that are actually available to buy (as much as I love Pinterest..sometimes i get a little disheartened when I can't find a similar outfit anywhere!). There's so many different things to explore on here - it has been recently launched so I keep finding new things that have been added - you can follow people and add your friends to give you feedback on outfits and give you help if your struggling to find something. All in all I just find it a little bit addictive! There's a really fun side to the website too which allows you to unlock badges and challenge yourself a little bit - it also totals up how much you've 'spent'. Put it this way, if i'd actually bought everything i've added to my online wardrobe I would be a few thousand pounds poorer ;) It puts a little twist on the whole idea of 'online shopping' and if you fancy having a nosey then hop on over, and do let me know if you sign up - I will hop on over and follow you!

Have you tried Fantasy Shopper? Is this something you would use? 


  1. Oh my god youve just gt me addicted to this haha, my name on it is Hayley Campbell...Whats your username so I can follow you? x

  2. haha its good isnt it? :P passes the time if youre at a bit of a loss of what to do :P im Bethany Jade on it :) xx


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