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Thursday 27 September 2012

Burt's Bees | Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil

A while back now I won a giveaway prize off the very lovely Jodie. It was the first giveaway i'd ever won so I was a very happy chappy and I recieved some really great products to try. She's recently helped me with a blogger layout question and is just an all round good egg :) Of course, it goes without saying if you're after some new blogs to follow then hop on over.

'Bring your lips back to beautiful. This replenishing and hydrating natural lip balm is infused with the antioxidant goodness of pomegranate oil. It replenishes moisture to reveal smooth, healthy lips, while it coats them with a hint of color for an even-toned appearance'

I've tried Burts Bees briefly in the past (pre-blogging days) and I don't think i really appreciated what makes a good lip product. This has turned out to be one of my favourite lip balms to use - and I keep it on my bedside table to apply morning and night, and often throw it in my handbag for work. I usually suffer with dry lips but since i've been using this on a regular basis I've found them to be in much better condition. Unlike some balms that 'sit' on top of your lips, this one provides an instant moisture barrier that isn't greasy or 'slippy' - and due to the colour, doesn't leave an ugly white residue. It also smells delicious - subtle but really natural and sweet. I also love the fact that all the ingredients are 100% natural.The selection of balms have different benefits, which I think is really handy since at different times of the year I find other textures/types of balm work better - theres something for everyone: 'Rejuvinating', 'Nourishing', 'Replenishing' and 'Refreshing'. There's no doubt i'll be trying a few more Burt's Bees products now (I have my eye on the lip shimmers!) Thanks to Jodie for introducing me to such a fabulous brand! You can view the range of balms available here.

Which Burt's Bees products are your favourites?


  1. I love this balm - bought my 5th one of these yesterday! I really like all of their other balms that I've tried too (most of them) x

    1. I'll definitely be repurchasing once it runs out - use it every day without fail :) xx

  2. I've been wanting to try this too. Thank you for helping me decide to give it a go! great review and great blog.

    love Nafisah

  3. Such a lovely post, so glad that you like the product too! :)
    & I'm happy to see you got the jist of the whole tabs layout thing too! :) xx

  4. This is one of my favourite lip balms. I adore it. My favourite Burt's Bees product is the Lemon Cuticle Butter. I really want to try their banana hand cream, too! xo

  5. I love their lip balms, especially this one, always taking it everywhere with me!! I can see myself repurchasing this as it's such a lovely product :)


  6. loads of people have these, i want one now!

  7. I've heard quite a bit about this brand and after this review I really want to buy this! xxx

  8. I've been interested in these lip balms for quite a while and I actually just ordered the mango one, so I'm excited to try it out when it comes.

  9. Try Buddha Balm and you will stop using Burts Bees. Burts is owned by CLOROX! I refuse to support them and either way I think Buddha Balm is a better product. Try it and you will not be sorry.


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