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Saturday 13 December 2014

Soap & Glory 'The Next Big Thing' Gift Box Offer | What's Inside?!

Ohhh Soap & Glory's Christmas gift sets... I'm sure I'm not the only one who goes a little bit doe-eyed at the sight of their big gift box?! It's become a bit of an annual tradition for me and I wait with baited breath every year for the much awaited offer to come on. I was lucky enough to work in the city centre for 4 years or so and nabbing one of S&G's BIG gift boxes used to be my pre-shift mission.  I always got into work super-early and tottled off to Boots to get my mitts on one before all the hustle and bustle.  They absolutely fly off the shelves every year and I've known colleagues to come in with 3 or 4 sets for various family members but personally - I'm a little bit selfish with it and grab one for myself (Merry Christmas to me...) I just love their products and a box like this keeps me going for months.   Let me tell you - this year's is a good'un... Here's Soap & Glory's 'The Next Big Thing'*...

This year's box design has been put together by Hattie Stewart - a british illustrator - and there are 2 different versions: one in-store and one online (but both with the same amazing contents - just take your pick over which design you prefer).  As usual, the box is a generous size, well made and sturdy, and is perfect for using for storage even after you've used all the products inside.  I still have a Soap & Glory 'hat box' from years ago in my wardrobe which I use to store belts and accessories. All products come packaged in a gorgeous drawstring bag too which always comes in handy for travelling - I always use bags like this to separate things in my suitcase when I go on holiday.  

Priced at £60, the box is already a cracker - however, Boots currently have it on their 'Star Gift better than half price offer', meaning that the set is now reduced to an amazing £29! So what's inside?!  'The Next Big Thing' contains 10 full sized products worth a whopping £76 - making it even more of a bargain! There's some of my old favourites in here: The Righteous Butter is always a winner for me and I'm never without a tub on my bathroom shelf.  The Sugar Crush Body Scrub is also a gorgeous product for fake-tan fanatics like myself and there's also a big bottle of their 'Orangeasm' body wash which I've been wanting to try for ages.  Here's the full list of contents:

Hand Dream Super Cream // £7
Orangeasm Body Wash // £6.50
Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion // £10
Heel Genius Foot Cream // £5.50
Sugar Crush Body Scrub // £8
Whipped Clean Shower Butter // £7
The Righteous Butter Body Butter // £10.50
Off Your Face Purifying Face Wipes // £4.50
Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Laquer in 'Charm Offensive' // £7
Thick & Fast Mascara // £10

Another fabulous offering from Soap & Glory - they never fail to impress me every year and there's a reason why these gift sets are so incredibly sought after.  If you're a fellow Soap & Glory fan, it's well worth fighting your way through the christmas crowds to nab one! There's some fab additions this year that I really cannot wait to try amidst a few of my old staples, and the addition of the lip laquer and the mascara is perfect for any beauty addict.  These sets sell out incredibly fast, so it's worth being snappy! You can find 'The Next Big Thing' online at Boots here for £29.00*...and also whilst stocks last in store. Not only are you saving £31.00 on the original price tag but the contents themselves are worth £76! For the bargain hunters amongst you, it's too good to miss out on... Get yer skates on girls!

Are you a fan of the S&G gift sets? Will you be treating yourself to one this year?!


  1. I love look of all these products, especially the body scrub! I bet they all smell incredible :)

    Abby //

  2. Ooh no this is very tempting! May have to make a trip to boots soon!

  3. I bought this yesterday for my sister for Christmas as a stocking filler (not that it'll fit into a stocking), and I totally wish that I got one for myself! It'll probably be sold out by now.. :( x

    Rachael |

  4. Oh gosh, this gift box looks amazing. I really wish they would start shipping to my country! :(

  5. I saw this in Boots today and the price is amazing for the amount of products you get x

  6. I've treated my mum to a soap and glory set for Christmas but no doubt it will be family shared. Everyone loves the stuff in our house x

  7. all of these products looks so lovely!! This looks like the perfect present for my boyfriends mum!X

  8. Such a good offer, I always get it every year!!X

  9. Love it! Was sold out in my Boots store though - if you're not fast, you're last! x

  10. the photos on this are absolutely beautiful
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  11. These are always such good value for money but I've never been able to get my hands on one, I always seem to be too late!

    Bethan | Thought from Beth x

  12. This is unbelievably good value! And your photography is great!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  13. This is defiantly the reason S&G sets are so in demand. Defiantly wouldn't mind this for myself, think anyone I know would be lucky to get it past me!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  14. Ohh I would love to get this box for Christmas! ^ w ^

  15. I wish I got this! It sold out ridiculously quickly! :( x

    I've got a mac lipstick giveaway on my blog if you want to take a look :)

  16. This set is beyond incredible and such an amazing deal!

  17. Love Soap and glory products! This just seems to be a dream come true really~ especially for the price.
    Definitley a must have for a christmas gift :) ~

    Hope there will still be some in stock when I go. Have a great day! ♥

    Ying |*Yingcbeauty*

    X x X x X

  18. I already have mine under the christmas tree. I asked my dad to buy it for me on Friday while I studied for an exam. Can't wait for next week when I can start using the products. I got this deal last year as well and the products lasted me the entire year. Such a bargain :)

  19. I adore S&G! I'm lucky enough to know my Mum has bought me one but she's saving it until my birthday as I still have a few things to use from last years gift box!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  20. I made my boyfriend buy me this for Christmas and I'm so excited to get to use it! It looks so good!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  21. I've never tried any Soap & Glory products since I live in the US and they're a little hard to come by, but I've heard they smell so good. These all look so nice.

    Watching for Pigs on the Wing


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