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Thursday 18 December 2014

7 Festively Scented Pamper Products

I thought I'd continue with the Christmassy themed posts this week and introduce a few of my favourite festive pampering products.  I really love the whole build-up to Christmas and I get ever so excited - for me, it's often better than the day itself and I like to make the most of things by switching up my every day products for a select few that get me into the festive spirit.  If you can't treat yourself at Christmas, when can you?! With the darker evenings and colder weather, nothing makes me want to curl up and relax more than having a small collection of 'go to'  winter warmers!  If you're after a bit of stocking-filler inspiration or just fancy treating yourself on the run-up to the big day, hopefully this post might be of some use! Here's what I'll be using throughout the month of December...

Organic Surge // Spiced Lily Foaming Bath // £5.99 for 250ml // Link
This is such a fabulous winter product and although I enjoy using it at Christmas, I use it all throughout the autumn/winter season as it's just so comforting and warming.  It has quite a thick gel consistency and makes for the perfect winter bubble bath as you only need a small amount.  The spicy, yet gentle scent is so relaxing and soothing and the essential oils and aloe vera extracts means that it's also softening on the skin. It featured in a 'festive bath soaks' post on my blog last year.

LUSH // Snow Fairy // £3.75 for 100g // Link 
An all time Christmas classic - LUSH's 'Snow Fairy' is a cult favourite for a reason! It's not exactly the most festively scented product ever but because I've been buying it for years, it really does remind me of Christmas.  Although it's a sweet scent, it has a bit of a 'kick' to it that's quite hard to describe - definitely one for the girly girls amongst you!  The scent also lingers on the skin after you've got out of the bath so it's a nice one to use before a christmas party or night out!

LUSH // Hot Toddy // £3.95 for 100g // Link
A new found favourite of mine! I spoke about it in a recent post so I won't say too much - but if you could bottle the scent of Christmas and sell it as a bath product - you'd have yourself some Hot Toddy! It smells like traditional Christmas - with hints of cinnamon it's very spicy and warming and the dark red colour swirled with golden glitter makes for the perfect festive blend.

LUSH // Yog Nog Soap // £3.40 per 100g // Link
Again, I won't speak about this too much as I've written a full review not too long ago - but this has to be my newest addiction! I'm not usually one for soaps but I've been converted with this one.  To me, it smells like creme brûlée with a very subtle spicy hint.  I don't even need to use it to smell it - it's sat on a dish in my bathroom and it makes the room smell like festive sweetness constantly. Yummy! Its very creamy and softening on the skin, and the scent lingers very faintly on the skin after your bath. 

Teapigs // Spiced Winter Red Tea // £4.49 // Link
I actually have a full post about this product from last year here, but if you're a fellow tea-belly like myself - you need Teapigs' Spiced Winter Red tea in your life.  It's like drinking Christmas in a mug -  it's really warming and the scent is seriously spicy. Flavour-wise, it has hints of orange and berry, with a little cinnamon-like kick. I can always tell when I have some brewing because it makes the room smell so festive  - it's a nice one to treat yourself to as you're wrapping presents, having a cosy night in or watching a Christmas film. A must-have for Christmas Eve!!

Tisserand // Seasonal Joy Vapourising Oil // £5.50 // Link
Ok. Out of the whole bunch - this has to be the product I've been most excited about using. Seriously, it's been sat on my bedside table since the beginning of October and I'm so so happy that it's finally time to use it. As I don't use candles an awful lot (without sounding silly I'm the clumsiest person ever and they're just a fire hazard around me!) I rely on oils like this to fragrance a room.  I used this non-stop last year and I absolutely adore it. It has that typical traditional Christmas scent - rich, orange-y, with hints of spice and calming to the senses.  There's a number of different ways you can use it but I simply drop some of the oil onto a thin tissue and place it on top of my radiator - job done.  As soon as the room heats up, it's filled with the scent of Christmas.

Hugo Boss // 'Orange' Perfume // Price Varies // Link
Now then, this isn't exactly a Christmas product but it's perfect for the colder months.  I've never worn another perfume quite so much as this one - and although I wear it year round, I really do enjoy using it around Christmas time.  I always seem to get compliments on it whenever I wear it and it's also really long-lasting.  The orange hints are so beautiful and it's just such a luxurious fragrance to wear.  Definitely one for Christmas day! 

What are your favourite festively scented products?!


  1. Lush do some amazing products. Snow fairy is my favourite x

  2. Lush always seem to have great seasonal products! I definitely wanna try that Hot Toddy shower gel! Sounds great! I really like drinking tea that spiced winter red tea seems to be a really good option for this time of the year! :) xx

    Mary Bloomy

  3. I loove the scents of Yog Nog, Hot Toddy! xx

  4. Ahh I love Lush during the holidays (even more than usual - if that's possible haha). Snow fairy is definitely a favourite! x

    Angela // The Sunday Chapter

  5. Snow Fairy is my favourite Shower Gel by Lush! ^ u ^

  6. Hot Toddy sounds amazing, can't wait to pick it up tomorrow! Xx

  7. I always stock up on Snow Fairy at Christmas. I've just reviewed a Gingerbread fragrance which is festive.
    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow

  8. That hot toddy sounds delicious! Haven't yet smelt it, but it sound like my kind of product down to a T - I feel a lush shop coming on...

    Georgina x | miss petite

  9. wat een prachtige producten, heel erg mooi! vooral die van LUSH

  10. Lush is always best around Christmas! x

  11. Oh my goodness I love Snow Fairy! I haven't bought any this year either....

  12. Love Snow Fairy & Hot Toddy! my faves :D

  13. Twisted Peppermint from Bath & Body Works is one of my favorites for this time of the year! I definitely need to get my hands on LUSH's Hot Toddy, that sounds divine!

    Beautyosaurus Lex 

  14. I love Snow Fairy! It's so amazing and sweet. I smelled Hot Toddy in LUSH a week or so ago and I was actually a bit confused by it.. I wasn't sure what I was expecting but it didn't smell like I thought it would! I also love the Philosophy Peppermint Bark body wash. It smells exactly like Peppermint Bark :')

    Watching for Pigs on the Wing

  15. Ohh, I love Hot Toddy and Yog Nog so much! I actually have Yog Nog standing as a kind of room scent in my bath right now, works amazingly.


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