Wednesday, 16 April 2014

New Topshop Buys | Lip Cream Lovin'

Ahh Topshop makeup. One of my many, many weaknesses. I'm usually pretty good when I waltz into Topshop. Gone are the days when I'd casually stroll in on my lunch break at work and end up spending my entire day's pay in an instant (we've all been there and felt the crushing guilt - let's face it)... that's why nowadays I tend to go in for something specific in order to avoid any spending mishaps.  With my best friend's birthday this month, I decided to have a mooch around their makeup stand to see if there was anything there I knew she'd like.  Typically, I walked out with a little more than I anticipated - an eyeshadow palette for my friend and 2 brand new lip products for me.  Standard.  In my defence, I actually only picked up the pink Lip Paint - but when I got to the till I discovered that they had an offer on. Oh, how convenient! If you were spending over £15, you received a free Lip Cream - yay! Welcome the two new additions to my ever expanding lip product collection...

Lip Paint in 'Reminisce' | £8.00 | Link
Described as a highly pigmented liquid lipstick, this lip paint is just the ticket for colourful, glossy lips.  I'm definitely not a lipgloss girl whatsoever - I'm very much a lipstick lover through and through so anything that combines a lipstick and a gloss in one without the dreaded sticky-ness is a winner in my books. I have to say - I've instantly fallen in love with this Lip Paint - so much so, I'm definitely going to be picking up a couple more in time for summer. I find it really creamy to apply without the dreaded stickyness (if you ever tried Rimmel's Apocalips, I'd liken it to those - more of a laquer than a gloss).  I opted for 'Reminisce' - a mid tone pink shade.  You can never go wrong with a mid-pink, right?  I actually bought it because I have hugggge love for Mac's lipstick in 'Fanfare' (post on that here) and this seemed very similar when I swatched it. If ever I feel like a slightly more vibrant and glossy version of my beloved Mac favourite - I shall be reaching for this Lip Paint in a jiffy...

Lip Cream in 'Dust' | £7.00 | Link
Now then - I was extremely, extremely tempted to opt for one of the bright shades in these Lip Creams (you's know how it is fellow colour fans!) However, I have so many bright reds, oranges and pinks and thought it might be a little ridiculous to add yet another one to my overflowing lipstick drawer. Since the Lip Creams were free when spending over £15, I decided to chance my luck with the nude peach shade, 'Dust'. I was a little unsure about it if I'm honest - I half expected to get it home and realise I'd actually just bought a glorified foundation for my lips. Nope. I was pleasantly surprised.  It's actually a really pretty nude shade and I've been wearing it quite a bit just recently in the daytime. It lasts amazingly well and looks lovely when paired with a bronze smokey eye or neutral, fresh look. After a while, the glossy finish wears off and leaves behind a lovely satin flush of colour to the lips that feels completely weightless. Admitedly, as soon as I get a bit of a tan I don't think I'll be able to get away with this - depending on your skin tone it might be a little borderline 'concealer lips', but on my skintone currently - it works really well. It's also a lovely option to wear over the top of lipstick if you want to tone it down a notch. Consistency wise, it's a little less glossy than the Lip Paint and a bit more smooth and soft in texture. I likes it. I likes it a lot.

Overall, I've been really impressed.  Good ol' Toppyshoppy never fail to put a smile on my face when it comes to their lip products (if you still haven't tried one of their lipsticks, you're missing out!) I'll definitely be picking up some more shades for the summer - I already have my eyes on their Lip Paint in the shade 'Pout' - a gorgeous bright orange.  I'm also tempted to try their 'Gloss Inks' - if you've tried them - let me know!

Have you tried Topshop's Lip Paints or Lip Creams? What did you reckon?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Bird's Words Featured on Mallzee

'Never give up on something you enjoy purely because life is getting a little hectic'

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by the lovely folks over at Mallzee if I'd like to feature on their website as part of their new 'Blogger Showcase' feature.  After being introduced to Mallzee some time ago, I was so excited to see what was new on the site and of course, I jumped at the chance to be part of it all! I won't do a 'copy and paste' jobby on here - but if you fancy having a read of some of my jibberish, head on over to my interview/feature with them here.  I put my two-pennies worth in on all things blogging and discuss some of the things I've learnt throughout my 3 years of writing and scribbling away here at Bird's Words (3 years?! I started my blog before I started uni! It seems like a lifetime ago that I clicked 'publish' on my first ever post...) I also briefly mention a 90's fashion mishap and my love of Nicole Scherzinger's hair...

So what exactly is Mallzee, I hear you ask? I urge anyone who's interested in blogging, fashion and shopping (find me a girl who isn't interested in shopping and I shall eat my hat) to have a nosey - Mallzee describe themselves as 'the personal shopper in your pocket'. Now then, anyone who knows me will know of my hatred for the Tinder app (alreet there Laura and Sarah? ;)), but the Mallzee app is essentially the same concept except you're choosing clothes you like the look of instead of potential dates. Mallzee then becomes like a personal shopper in your pocket - showing you items available to buy online and on the high street depending on your style preferences. It's basically a fashion directory for your phone that personalises your experience depending on what you like and don't like - it's very easy to filter a huge array of items depending on what you're after. Mallzee also has some fabulous online features, such as interviews, articles and chit-chats with bloggers and fellow fashion-fanatics. 

Have you tried the Mallzee app before? What are your blogging tips and tricks?

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

New Release | Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks | £8.99* 

When Bourjois released their Rouge Edition Lipsticks last year, it was instant love (you can read my post on them here). That in mind, you can only imagine how excited I was when I heard of these newbies to the Bourjois range - the Rouge Edition Velvets. Due to be released mid-April, these beauties promise a soft, velvety texture, a bold, matte finish and 24-hour hold.  Now then, I hate to break it to you if you're a nude lipstick fan - this range definitely isn't for the faint hearted and will most certainly be favoured by those of you who are partial a bold lip or two.  There are 8 shades in the collection, ranging from classic reds, bright pinks and nude-y corals to deep burgundy shades. Sound like your cup of tea? Read on...

The shades I received are 'Frambourjois' - a reddish berry pink tone, 'Hot Pepper'  - a stunning bright orangey-red, 'Peach Club' - a pale orangey-coral shade and 'Pink Pong' - a bright, vivid fuchsia. My current favourite has to be 'Peach Club' - it's a lovely mid-toned orangey coral shade that looks lovely for daytime wear - although I have to say, even though this is the lighter of the 4, it's still pretty bright! Firstly, I have to say that I love the application and lip-laquer styling that these lipsticks have - they're very much more of a lip cream as opposed to your typical lipstick formula.  They're easy to apply and set to a velvety matte finish.  Now, I have to hold my hands up here and admit that I'm never the biggest fan of matte lipsticks - so I do wish that they remained a little more glossy when on the lips, but I don't find them uncomfortable to wear and they really do feel very soft and weightless when worn - perfect if you prefer the matte look but hate the dry feeling! Personally for me, a little balm or gloss over the top and I'm good to go!  The pigmentation is simply incredible and these shades definitely make a statement - they really do pack a punch let me tell you! Wear time is also impressive- they don't budge easily at all.

Overall, I have to say I'm impressed with these lip laquers. They're so creamy and smooth and apply like a dream - although I always end up popping a gloss on top due to my preference for a bit of a sheen! Saying that, they aren't overly matte so don't let that put you off if you're like me! I really cannot wait to start wearing 'Hot Pepper' in the summer once I have a bit of a tan - it's so vivid and bright! If you're more of a nudes girl, it's worth looking into shade '07 - Nude-ist' which is more of a rosewood, brown-y nude - I will definitely be popping in store for a cheeky swatch of that one as soon as they're released.  If you loved the original Rouge Edition lipsticks or if you're a fan of bold, matte colour - these little beauties will be right up your street!

Which shade do you reckon you'll be trying?

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Monthly Favourites | March

No word of a lie, I actually had to check what month it is just then. Is it really April? Cripes. March was indeed a bit of a toughie for me.  Those of you who read my blog on a regular basis may have noticed that my usual blogging schedule went a little topsy-turvy. As the type of person who likes a bit of routine in her life, you can only begin to imagine how much this made my eye twitch with nervousness... however, that ugly, black cloud that some like to call 'the dissertation' is now handed in and I'm slowly starting to get my life back. Wahey! Hopefully, Bird's Words won't be so empty this month - I had visions of seeing tumbleweed bouncing across my blogger homepage if it carried on much longer...

Nevertheless, amidst all that time sat at my laptop referencing clever folk and trying to make myself sound somewhat well spoken (anyone else find themselves shocked at just how many 'therefore's and 'furthermore's seem to spill out when you start typing anything for uni?!) - I've still found the odd bit of time here and there to find myself some new favourites.  Here's what I uncovered last month...

Elizabeth Arden | Eight Hour Lip Cream*
Admittedly, this is a fairly new discovery for me and I've only really been using it religiously over the past couple of weeks, but Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour lip cream has become my go-to lip balm for March.  Ok, so it doesn't last the 8 hours - I shan't lie - but its a very good little tin of balm nonetheless.  I find it much more moisturising than similar products I have in my collection and it's really smooth and soft.  It also smells really fresh and pretty. It does absorb and sink in pretty quick, which is what makes me a little dubious to the 8-hour claim but I find that i have to apply balm much less often when I use this - must be doing some good! I have to say, it does moisturise them very well. I'm not sure if I'd go out and repurchase but it's a nice product to have in my handbag and on my bedside table.

Rimmel Lipstick in 'Undressed'
Ohhh what's a monthly favourites if there isn't a lipstick in there somewhere? This month, I've really gotten into nudes again.  But I've definitely switched up and away from the typical nudes I'd usually wear and gone for something a little more, dare I say, 'grown up'. At 23, that seems a little silly to say - but I've really been getting into brown-ish hues and darker nudes as opposed to milkier ones (not that I was ever into 'concealer lips' but you get what I'm trying to say...) I've really been loving this offering from Rimmel - so much so that I reckon I've worn it almost every day throughout the month.  It's such a lovely colour - it's ever so slightly darker than my lips so when I wear it it still looks like I'm wearing a lipstick as opposed to a tint or a nude balm - and it provides a great deal of definition.  I've had quite a few people ask me about my lipstick this month too - so it must be a good'un! I've also been a fan of Mac's 'Half and Half' which is ridiculously similar (Mac's is a tad darker) - if you're after a dupe - head on over to the Rimmel stand!

Deep Steep | Moisture Stick in 'Lavender and Chamomile'*
I mentioned this in my Love Me Beauty box post earlier in the month and mentioned how intrigued I was (post here).   It's fast become one of my new favourite products to reach for and I've found it so, so handy to have.  For some reason, around this time of year, my skin always seems to go a little itchy and irritable - I always seem to be allergic to something in the air around March time! This moisture stick is so useful - you simply just twist up and apply to skin - you don't really even have to rub it in (i do, but you could get away without it...) It's so simple to use and completely mess free so you can moisturise on the go without looking like a loon with a tin of body butter on the bus.  I tend to use it most on the tops of my arms and it provides instant moisture relief, at the same time as keeping your skin feeling soft through the day. Love it.

Dove | Purely Pampering Body Butter (Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla)
Speaking of body butter... Here's another one! Why do I always seem to have a body butter in my favourites? Nothing like realising you feature one every month to highlight just how quick you get through the stuff, is there?  I threw this one in my basket on a complete whim a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted to cut down on the fragranced stuff whilst my skin has been so sensitive and try something a little different. Dove always seems to be a winner for subtle scents so I opted for this one. I can't quite bring myself to use an un-scented product (such a girl...) so I thought this one would be perfect as it's not overpowering.  Firstly, the scent is beautiful - it's very light - but it's got a hint of sweet-ness to it. Secondly, the consistency is gorgeous - really thick and creamy - think Soap & Glory's Righteous Butter but even more so.  It's so dreamy - honestly, grab a tub! I'm so glad I walked past it and decided to take a chance - it's a definite re-purchase.

Eyelure | Naturalites in '020'
These have to be my most re-purchased lashes ever.  I know what you're thinking - but there's nothing to them? Maybe so. But that's exactly why I like them.  They look so natural and blend in to your real lashes so they're almost completely undetectable. They add that little bit of extra volume and thickness without looking like you're actually wearing falsies.  You know when you have one of those mornings when your mascara just doesn't sit right... (no? surely it can't just be me...) these lashes are perfect for those moments. They're super light and I often forget I'm wearing them. I much prefer wearing these to big, dramatic lashes now.  Honestly, give them a go. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Natural looking false lashes so under-rated.

Sanctuary Spa | 'Relax' Reed Diffuser
Yep. That's right. A reed diffuser. I'm aware it's not exactly the most exciting product in the world, nor is it beauty related but it's something I've been loving this month regardless. I'm a sucker for any 'relaxation' product.  This offering from Sanctuary is just the ticket - it smells beautiful - almost oriental - and it isn't overpowering either.  I catch the odd whiff of it when I'm sitting in bed or getting ready of a morning and I just love it. I can't really say much more about it other than it looks pretty sitting on my dresser and it makes my bedroom feel like my own little relaxation haven. Definitely going to re-purchase it as soon as it runs out - although judging by the size of the bottle, I doubt that will be anytime in the near future...

 What have you been loving this month? Any of my favourites tickle your fancy?

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Spring Pastels | New Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Polishes...

Barry M | Gelly Hi-Shine Polishes | £3.99 each | Link

When it comes to nail polish, Barry M have to be my go-to brand.  Ever since they released their 'gelly hi-shine' range last year (you can read my old post on them here) I've been twiddling my thumbs waiting patiently for them to bring out some new shades.  Well, I can officially stop thumb-twiddling now - Barry M very kindly granted my wishes and released 3 new Spring colours that happen to be just my cup of tea.  'Rose Hip', 'Sugar Apple' and 'Huckleberry' are perfect for pastel lovers. The milky tones are just the ticket for the upcoming warmer weather and will look absolutely fabulous with a bit of a tan.

I'm such a fan of the Gelly Hi-Shine polishes.  They only require 2 coats for full, opaque coverage - which is impressive to say how light these new colours are - it usually takes me a good few coats with pastel shades to get a good coverage on the nail but these don't take a great deal of effort whatsoever.  My only bug-bear at the moment is the fact that my nails aren't half as long as they were last year - I'm trying my best to grow them back but at the moment - but these light colours seem to highlight the fact that my talons are looking less than top-notch. Of course, that's no fault of the polishes (they haven't exactly sprouted teeth and nibbled them away themselves - no fear - these aren't a new range of killer polishes or anything) - no - it's my own stupid fault for being so slap-dash with the ol' nail upkeep routine and giving in to uni stress. Worth baring in mind if you too haven't got the neatest of nails at the moment! Nevertheless, they look lovely once i've popped a glossy topcoat on and neatened the edges up a little - they actually make your skin look much more tanned - yay for summer!  I love the 'milkshake' vibe that these polishes have - they're definitely a little lighter in shade on the nails than what they appear in the bottle - they have a strong 'white-ish' undertone to them but they're unlike any other pastels I have in my collection. I cannot wait to experiment with some floral nail art with them in the coming months... who doesn't love a good dose of floral nail art as soon as the sun comes out?! I know I certainly do!

It's well worth picking one of these up if you have a spare £3.99 in your purse (pre-pay day treat anyone?!) I think my favourite at the minute has to be 'Rose Hip' - it's such a lovely nude pastel pink and it looks really flattering and classy (even on my current stubby little claws).  They apply just as nicely as the previous Gelly Hi-Shines, although you do need to be careful when painting - it's easy to make a bit of a mess with them if you're feeling a bit slap-dash - worth mentioning. Overall, I love them. Feel free to bring out more shades Barry M.... Just sayin'!

Have you tried the new range of Gelly polishes by Barry M?  Which shade is your favourite?

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Dirty Looks Extensions | Review

DIRTY LOOKS | Extensions in 'Manhattan Highlighted Blonde' | from £69.99* | Link

If you're a fellow hair obsessive and haven't yet heard of Dirty Looks hair extensions, then where on earth have you been hiding?! There's been a lot of hype surrounding the company just recently so I was superly-duperly excited to have the chance to try them out for myself.  I've dabbled in my fair share of clip-ins since I was around 16 so it's fair to say I've got a good idea of what makes a good set (and a bad one - we've all been there, done that and got the rats tails, right?!) I have to say, Dirty Looks have thoroughly impressed me. If you're after Rapunzel-esque hair, look no further....

Colour Selection: If you've got a simple hair colour to match (i.e - block brown or black), you're pretty much sorted with every single hair extension company you'll ever come across. Sadly, for those of us with slightly trickier barnets, we have to look further afield. I really struggle to match my hair - no end! Honestly, it's such a mission. I've ordered so many sets in the past and had to take them back or just give up completely because I can never seem to get it right. Dirty Looks have plenty of options and I found it really easy to select a few colours which looked as if they'd blend in - their colour 'swatches' are some of the best I've ever come across which is really important if you're buying extensions online!  I was matched to 'Manhattan Highlighted Blonde' which matches the top and mid-sections of my hair perfectly, and although I do have darker brown bits underneath, they seem to blend in really well and once I've clipped them all in, all the different tones in my hair looks completely blended with the extensions. I was so pleased to finally have a set of extensions that weren't too warm toned for my hair - another big plus point for me as I've ordered many sets from companies in the past that have been far too warm toned or brassy. 

Length: My hair is quite long in the first place without extensions, so I opted for the 20-22" length set. I prefer volume as opposed to added length so I went for a set that would be close to my own hair. They're ever so slightly longer which I really like as it gives that extra little half an inch of length without looking false and provides tonnes and tonnes of 'oomph'. Just what I'm after! Luckily, Dirty Looks offer a range of lengths so there should be the perfect length for everyone whether you're after super-long locks or a bit of added volume like me!

Hair Quality: Dirty Looks hair has seriously amazed me.  And that's saying something to say how many sets of extensions I've tried in the past! They're easily some of the thickest extensions I've ever used, and they look so healthy and full from the weft to the tip.  The 20-22" set contains 180 grams of human remy hair - which is pretty impressive considering that most standard sets are usually around 120 grams or less.  They've stayed looking thick, smooth and tangle free since I've had them and they're so easy to style. If we were awarding points out of 10 here, they would definitely get top marks for quality! Gold star for you, Dirty Looks!

The Set/Wefts: There are 10 wefts of hair altogether including one 'quad weft'. Oh my goodness. It's amazing.  I can easily get away with just wearing the quad on it's own (which is what I'm wearing in the two photos either side on the top row of photographs above). Admittedly, I have to be careful when wearing it sometimes - I don't have thin hair but if I'm having a particularly 'flat' hair day it can show slightly at the back - however, if I've styled my hair and given it a proper blow-dry, it's perfect. The other wefts included in the set are a mix of typical 3, 2 and 1 clip sections of hair which are ideal for clipping in on the sides of your head or to help blend any layers in. To be honest, because my hair is more or less the same length anyway, even just popping in a few of the smaller sections of hair without the quad weft is more than enough! The hair is so thick anyway that you honestly don't need to wear the full set to get results. Perfect for if you're in a rush of a morning and fancy some instant volume. 

Price: Ok. So Dirty Looks extensions aren't the cheapest. But I'm a firm believer in that when it comes to hair extensions, you do get what you pay for and they're 100% worthy of their price tag.  The full set is currently on sale and ranges from £69.99 all the way up to £124.50 depending on what length you need (the 20-22" currently retails at £99.99 - *link*).  These extensions will last you ages, so you probably won't need to buy a new set for quite some time.  For the quality and ease of use, I personally wouldn't really think twice about buying another set when I need to.

Overall, I'm so, so impressed with Dirty Looks extensions. I would definitely repurchase another set in future and I'm already planning on adding a couple of their singular wefts to my basket - that's another great thing about Dirty Looks! You can purchase singular wefts so there's no need to buy a full set if you just need a couple of 'top ups' or spares.  You can also buy the 'quad weft' on it's own too - which means there's no need to buy a full set if it's simply the larger weft that you're after! They also offer thin wefts for 'layer blending' which you can clip close to the root or attach onto your existing extensions. This idea is something I've not really come across from another company before - and it's great to see that Dirty Looks have thought of everything and sell different wefts separately - meaning there's no need to buy a full-head set every time. You can find their website here.

Have you tried extensions from Dirty Looks? Were you as impressed as me?!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Lauren's Way | Darker than Dark 'Glam Tan' Spray

Lauren's Way | Darker than Dark Spray Tan | £19.95* | Link

Summer creeping around the corner can only mean one thing. Yes ladies - it's time to start waving goodbye to the trusty opaque tights and hello to weeks and weeks of  regimented hair removal - waheey!  If the thought of getting your less than summer-ready pins out makes you shudder in your fluffy slippers, a layer or two of the ol' fake tan never fails to perk them up in a jiffy.  Just recently, I've been testing out this offering from Lauren's Way.  I've always been intrigued by the range - I'm forever reading fabulous reviews and comments on Twitter about just how great it is and the fact I'm a self-confessed TOWIE fan only added to my excitement.  As soon as I tried it, I loved it.  In fact, I'm going to throw it out there - I reckon I've found my new favourite fake tan.  It featured in my monthly favourites a couple of weeks ago (you can have a read here) so it just goes to show how much I love it as I thought it needed it's very own post. 

Firstly, I have to say I'm slightly surprised at just how quickly I warmed to using a spray.  I've always been very much a mousse-y kinda girl with the odd lotion thrown in here and there - St Tropez and Xen Tan have to be the only 2 fake tans I've ever really liked. However, Lauren's Way is SO easy to use the guide colour means that it's really easy to see where you've been - and it isn't messy or hard to apply in the slightest. You can either spray directly onto the skin and blend with a mitt, or apply onto the mitt beforehand and then buff into the skin - either way works equally well and it's really easy to achieve a smooth, even colour.  I'm completely and utterly sold on the spray version and I would 100% repurchase the spray again - I find it's actually much less effort than a lotion or a mousse - and it dries almost instantly.  It's also really quick to apply as there's no real 'massaging in' routine that's needed like there is with a mousse or lotion - you literally just spray, buff in and go.  I can easily do my entire body in 10 minutes.

Just one coat is enough to give a deep, even tan. The colour is quite dark - but it's not orangey in slightest. It gives the same colour to my skin that I'd achieve if I'd been in the sun for a few days - very olive toned and natural.  One of the main selling points for me though, is the fact that this tan doesn't seem to smell like typical fake tans to me (which is what puts me off doing it as I can't stand smelling like a digestive!).  It has a very light, fresh scent when you first apply it, but once it's on you can hardly smell it whatsoever. Perfect! It also seems to last much longer than other tans on me - I find I don't have to 'top up' half as much - and I'm always happy with the colour it gives after just one application (finally, a tan I don't have to layer up!) I would have posted a 'before and after' photograph - but to be honest, I've been wearing this tan non-stop since I got it so I haven't had pale skin in a good few weeks now. Hopefully, you get the jist of the application from the photos above.  Overall, I have to say I love Lauren's Way - and as soon as I run out of this bottle I'm going to be ordering another pretty swiftly! It really is as good as everyone says...

Have you tried Lauren's Way?

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Love Me Beauty Box | March

LoveMeBeauty Box | £10 plus £2.95 p+p | Link

This month's LoveMeBeauty box is a good'un, let me tell you! I was super excited to see The Vintage Cosmetics Company popping up on the menus for March - I've always wanted to try their lashes after grabbing some of their makeup brushes a few months ago so it's fair to say that this month's offering was rather enticing to say the least! Also, as soon as I saw Nip & Fab's 'Eye Fix' featured on one of the menus - I was sold - I'm all for a good under-eye product, me! Anyway, let's get to it, shall we? Here's what I unwrapped in this month's box...

The Vintage Cosmetic Company | False Lashes in 'Gracie' | RRP £6
I love a good lengthening pair of false lashes.  I often find overly-dramatic ones weigh my eyes down and can actually make my eyes look smaller, so I always opt for lighter, more natural ones like this. These 'Gracie' lashes are right up my street - I love the shape of them and I cannot wait to give them a whirl.

Quintessentially English | Bath Salts in 'English Rose' (sample size) | RRP £4.25
I don't think I could ever contemplate getting in a bath without some form of 'smelly' in there somewhere, surely that's not just me?! I've never really tried bath salts so I'll certainly look forward to tipping these into the tub next time I fancy a relax sesh.  They're made with dead sea salt and essential oils, so they're meant to provide subtle exfoliating qualities as well as a dose of moisture.  The only thing I'm not entirely sold on is the scent - I'm not a florals girl whatsoever and I received the scent 'English Rose'. I'll still use them nonetheless and they aren't overly strong so I might surprise myself and end up loving the rose scent. I've read other reviews of this month's box and there seems to be a lovely variety in scents available - I'm still rather excited to crack this little packet open!

Deep Steep | Moisture Stick in 'Lavender Chamomile' (Full Size) | RRP £3.60
I was quite intrigued by this product this month - I've never heard of Deep Steep but the concept of a moisture stick really tickled my fancy.  One of the reasons I opted for 'Menu 1' was because of the Lavender and Chamomile scent of this one - if you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I absolutely LOVE lavender scented stuff. I find it so relaxing and I often pop some oil on my pulse points before bed as I find it sends me off to sleep much quicker.  I've been using this stick non stop since I received it.  Honestly, it's SO good for moisture on the go! No faffing around with tubes or tubs - you simply just twist up and apply to the specific area.  I seem to have irritable skin at the minute (I'm pointing the blame at the time of year!) so this has been an absolute god-send and it has to be my favourite product in this month's box.

BlanX | White Shock Toothpaste (sample size) | RRP £7.50 (not pictured individually)
Firstly, let me just apologise for not individually photographing every product this month (i know, bad blogger alert or what?!) Of all these glorious, sunny days we've been having just recently, I chose the dullest, greyest, most rainy-est day of the bunch to take this batch. If you're a fellow blogger, I'm sure you'll feel my pain here... Anyway, moans and grumbles about the weather aside (typical UK blogger!), I was surprised to see BlanX featured in this month's box.  I'm still unsure how I feel about this one - I'm not sure I can get overly excited about receiving toothpaste.  Although this one does have whitening properties and I'll probably get use out of it, it's not something I'd usually buy... I'm definitely going to give it a try though. Who doesn't want whiter tegs?!

Murad | Sheer Lustre Day Moisturiser (7.5 sample size) | RRP £64 (not pictured individually)
WHOA!? £64 for the full size?! I am going to use this sample size like gold dust! This daily moisturiser is said to help restore a youthful, dewy glow to the skin and help towards maintaining a healthy complexion.  It deeply hydates whilst protecting against UV rays, at the same time as minimising lines.  Sounds jolly good to me.  I shall have to see what I reckon to this next time I need to break in to a new moisturiser...

Nip+Fab | CC Eye Fix in 'Light' (full size) | RRP £6
 Eeeek. This product has made me a happy chappy this month.  Admittedly, I haven't actually used this yet so I shall have to save the review for a later date, but I'm so excited to get testing it out! It's essentially an eye cream and lightweight concealer in one, and refreshes and brightens the under eye area. The light diffusing pigments lift the appearance of the eyes and bright light to the under-eyes, and the beeswax it contains helps to protect and care for delicate skin.  To apply, you simply twist the bottom of the tube and apply to the face.  The peachy pink undertones to the concealer will definitely help to counteract those pesky dark circles! It's very, very lightweight though, so on those days where the dark circles really are packing a punch, I might still require a little bit of the heavy-duty stuff - but I can't wait to test it out! It looks so promising!

Overall, this month's box has been a winner for me! The Deep Steep moisture stick and the Vintage Cosmetics Company lashes have to top the mark for me - and I'm jolly well chuffed to have the Nip+Fab Eye Cream in my possession! LoveMeBeauty box is really good value for money and every month I always end up finding something new to love.  For £10 (plus p+p) you get a choice of menus each month and each box is worth at least £35 - I've known some to be worth upwards of £50/60 and the variety of brands and products each month keeps things fresh and interesting!  You can have a nosey at the brands and concept behind the box over on the LoveMeBeauty website here.

Are you subscribed to Love Me Beauty? Which menu did you opt for this month?

Friday, 21 March 2014

A Selection of Bourjois Goodies...

Bourjois really are pulling out all the stops just recently with lots of new releases - it's no surprise that many of their products are being propelled swiftly into the blogger limelight! I'm particularly fond of their range of lip products and you can often find me having a good ol' swatch sesh at their stand - so I was really chuffed to have the chance to try out a few of their liners and, of course, the ever famous CC Cream! It's received one heck of a lot of praise amonst the blogger community just recently, hasn't it?  As the warmer weather seems to be creeping around the corner (albeit extremely slowly), it's good timing for this little tube to arrive on my doorstep.  I'm all for a dewy, light coverage as soon as the lighter nights start drawing in...So what did I reckon to this bunch of lovely Bourjois goodies? I shall get cracking with the nitty-gritty... 

123 Perfect CC Cream | £9.99* | Link
This clever little colour correcting base is filled with a selection of pigments in order to counteract dreaded dark circles, redness and dark spots. Been out on the tiles one too many times over the weekend? Fear not, this CC cream makes you look fresh, dewy and awake in a flash.  I'm all for a light coverage as soon as spring/summer rolls around, and although I must admit I'm not quite ready to put down my trusty bottle of Nars Sheer Glow yet, this CC cream has been my answer for those days where you just want a little bit of coverage but don't want to go all out with the foundation. It's so lightweight and blendable, and actually has a pretty good amount of coverage to say it's a CC cream - it counteracts any redness with ease, covers any blemishes or dark spots and even does a jolly good job at knocking out those pesky dark circles (and by heck - have I got a lot of those just recently!).  In the past, I've often found BB/CC Creams can lean much too pink or orange for me - but this little beauty matches my Simpson-esque yellow-toned skin perfectly! Hooray! It's almost undetectable and it doesn't look like I'm wearing anything at all - I love it!  If you do suffer with a little bit of redness (I don't tend to get a great deal of it so I can't vouch too much for this aspect) I can imagine it would be a great option to try due to the pigments it contains and the fact it leans a little more yellow.  Oh, and to top it all off, it also smells really nice and fresh - just what you want from a lighter coverage base.  The CC Cream comes in 4 shades, however, it's worth swatching in store - I have the lightest shade and on paler skins, it might be a little too dark (worth noting!) Overall, I have to say I am very much in the rave camp when it comes to this product...Pat on the back, Bourjois. You have suitably impressed me.

Liner Feutre in 'Moka' and 'Violine' | £6.99* | Link
When it comes to liquid liner, I'm very much stuck in the 'black and nothing but black' rut - I know, call me boring - but I just stick to what I know.  However, these coloured options have certainly shook things up a little of late.  I've discovered I'm actually rather partial to a pop of subtle colour across the upper lash line now and again, who would have thought?! I love the purple because it really sets off the green tones in my eyes, and the brown version puts a neutral twist on my usual liquid-liner.   It's good to mix things up sometimes, right? I love the shape of these liners - they're very much my cup of tea and are so easy to get a good 'weight of line' going on. The felt-tip style works in their favour and they're super easy to apply and last pretty well too.  Yep. These are right up my street. 

Mega Liner | £7.49* | Link
Ok. I'm still a little undecided about this one.  I love the colour - the intense black shade really does crank up the definition and the staying power really is unbelievable. Honestly, could I get this swatch off my arm? No. No I couldn't get this swatch off my arm. It was the same story for my eyes - this stuff stays put - and it doesn't fade easily either. So if intense, long lasting black-ness is what you're searching for, this is well worth looking into.  However, I just can't seem to get on with the shape of the nib.  I very much prefer a tapered, felt-tip styled tip and if you have a tendancy to be a little cack-handed (even slightly) - you might find this will drive you up the wall. It's easy to achieve a variety of weights of line and it's quite good for getting a good flick going on - but it might take a bit of getting used to. If you're the type to think 'aint nobody got time for that' when it comes to fiddly things, then you might prefer the Liner Feutres featured above (much easier to get on with in my opinion!)

Beauty'full Volume Dark Kohl Mascara | £7.99* | Link
I'm extremely, extremely fussy with mascaras.  I can only think of 2 I actually love and repurchase on a regular basis - to say I'm a blogger and therefore try a great deal of different mascara offerings, that's saying something isn't it? It takes a lot to impress me. I must admit I do like the wand - the hourglass-typed shape really works at getting all of those piddly little lashes coated and it's quite good at getting into the inner corners of the eyes. I'm a big fan of Benefit's They're Real and one of the selling points of that one for me is the little 'spines' (is there a technical word for those things?!) at the tip of the wand - this one is quite similar in that aspect.  I also like the 'fullness' it provides my lashes with and it does give an intense black look.  I do like this mascara, but I'm not head over heels in love as yet. However, I always prefer mascaras once they're dried up ever so slightly, so I shall reserve judgement until then. It has good potential.

Overall, a fab selection of products from Bourjois and I wasn't disappointed with any of them. Personally, the CC Cream has to be my favourite of the bunch - it really is as good as everyone says (believe me I tried to fault it - I can't - shucks!) The 2 coloured liners are also really lovely - I like the fact they aren't too bright or 'in your face' - they provide a subtle pop of colour that's very wearable for daytime wear (even for a colour-phobe like me!) 

Have you tried any of these Bourjois products? What did you reckon?