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Friday 28 June 2013

Decleor Skincare | 4 Piece Collection

Decleor 4 Piece Mini Collection | £19.68* | QVC

Ever since I started blogging, my eyes have been opened to the world of skin care.  I've dabbled in quite a few products I might never have even heard of before and I've pushed myself to try new things.  Before Bird's Words I was very much a face wipe, quick cleanse and a dab of moisturiser kind of girl - I never really branched out much when it came to skin care. My skin has always been a bit 'iffy' - it's very sensitive and often has little blips if I chop and change too much or use things that are too harsh - but ever since starting my blog I like to think I understand my skin a great deal better. I'm definitely more in tune with my skin - never again shall I settle for your average facial wipe! 

Decleor is a brand I've always been familiar with, but never actually dipped my toe (or face..?) into. One of my ex-colleagues swore by their Hydra Floral moisturiser so when I got the chance to try their skincare range a couple of months ago, I jumped at the chance.  I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on the set and give you a little overview of the range for all you skin care nuts out there... 

Now then, when it comes to cleanser, I must admit that me and Liz Earle have got a very strong relationship going on, so to break from it seemed like I was cheating on one of my most loved products ever. I'm very partial to my hot cloth cleanser but nevertheless, I gave this cleanser a whirl.  It's very creamy in texture, and smooths onto the face easily.  It's function is what intrigued me the most - it's actually a 3 in 1 mousse cleanser - and cleanses, tones and smooths all in one step.  For somebody who doesn't enjoy spending huge amounts of time taking their makeup off of an evening, I was quite impressed with this.  It smells fresh, clean and natural - a scent which seems to run throughout the range.  My skin felt very smooth and soft after using and it felt very clean - like it had gotten every last scrap of makeup off my skin before bed.  Whether or not it will knock my usual hot cloth cleanser out of the water I'm not so sure, but it's a nice cleanser nonetheless and I'd repurchase in a small size for taking away with me for when my hot cloth routine isn't the most practical.

| Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturiser |

The moisturisers have to be my favourites from the set. I change my moisturisers very regularly due to my skin being so all over the place, and having a couple of them in my cabinet for when my skin calls for different levels of moisture is essential for me (awkward, I know...) The Hydra Floral moisturiser is really lovely - it sinks in quickly which is such a big plus for me. I hate applying moisturiser of a morning and having to wait an age for it to sink it - but this one soaks in very evenly and quickly and leaves a smooth even base.  It's not too heavy but definitely leaves your skin feeling quenched.  The scent is similar to that of the other products in the set - really light and fresh.  

One thing I'm always a little scared of when it comes to skincare is oils and serums.  There's just something that doesn't sit right with me when it comes to applying oil to your face but I've always been intrigued by them.  I have some very faint scarring from back in my teenage years around my chin, and I've always wondered whether or not to dabble in the whole facial oil 'thing' as I've heard they can be quite beneficial for uneven skin tone or scarring.  I always steer clear of them purely because I'm afraid of them feeling like they're clogging up my pores.  I actually quite liked this one though - and I found it gave me an extra bit of 'oomph' when my skin needed it and smoothed over any dry bits.  I think I will find this more useful in winter when my cheeks begin to dry out a little more - but I found the overall effect of the serum quite nice. It's smoothing, smells light and doesn't feel greasy - which surprised me. It leaves the skin looking dewy and revitalised and a little definitely goes a long way (i apply quite sparingly as my skin isn't overly dry at the moment). All in all, I can see why people swear by skin serums and I'm saving some of this to sample again during the colder months to see if it makes a difference to my dry, winter skin.

I think this one has to be the favourite of the bunch - although it's a toss up between this and the Hydra Floral.  I usually use a slightly thicker moisturiser at night, and I expected this to be of a creamier consistency to the Hydra Floral - but i actually found them quite similar.  During the summer months, my skin doesn't need heavy moisturisers and I often skip moisturising at all purely because I don't want to overload my skin - this is why the Aroma Night Moisturiser is ideal for me.  Having combination skin means its sometimes hard to find a balance between a heavy moisturiser and a lighter one - but this one is a really nice little inbetween and I've found it really nice to apply in the evenings after removing my makeup. I also find the smell really relaxing and it's a nice little treat before bedtime - Decleor's skin care is aimed at being de-stressing and all about pampering and I can totally see why with this little product.  I simply massage into my forehead and cheeks (the dry parts of my face) and smooth a little down my neck and it sinks in fairly quickly, leaving my skin feeling refreshed before bed -  I like that it doesn't 'sit' on the skin and it's become a lovely finishing step in my night-time skin routine.

'Combining methods of aromatherapy and pythotherapy since 1974, Decleor's award-winning range aims to revitalise your skin with essential oils whilst relaxing and de-stressing your entire being'

Overall, I've enjoyed using these products - I'll definitely be looking into purchasing the Aroma Night Moisturiser (my fave of the lot!) and possibly the Hydra Floral.  The cleanser is a really nice addition to my skin care cupboard and I reckon I'll end up purchasing a small size for when I'm travelling - I find it very easy to use and it leaves my skin feeling clean without all the 'faffing' around! I'm off to London for 5 days next week so I've saved the last little bit for taking away with me.  You can purchase the set for £19.68 from the QVC website - and it comes with a little wash bag and cloth (I've used it to massage the cleanser in and it's a handy little addition!) - it really is perfect for those of you who travel frequently. I'm certainly going to grab some mini products again for any holidays or trips. You can find QVC's selection of Decleor products here.

Have ever tried skin care from Decleor?


  1. What a gorgeous set! I got hooked on skincare after trying the travel size Benefit B. Right range. I love it but these sets are so good for trying out new items.

    Great post! I love the skincare it sounds amazing.

    Jodie x

  2. I've never tried skincare from Decleor other than in Spa treatments, but I've absolutely loved facials which use Decleor products!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  3. I've never tried this before but I agree with you that blogging does open up skincare! I'm just starting to really get into it now :) xx

  4. My skin is very sensitive, I avoid chemical products. Every time it gives me side-effects. What you think is it good for my skin. If yes! I love to try.

    obagi nu derm starter kit

  5. I've never heard of this brand before, but it sounds just lovely. I am on the hunt for a new night moisturiser as I have combination skin too, and I know what you mean it's a right pain to find the right balance. Might have to give this ago. Lovely review babes xxx

    Danielle | Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  6. I've heard of this brand name wise but never known about quality! The price seems about right so I might test it for myself xx


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