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Sunday 5 October 2014

Love Me Beauty Box | The Re-Launch

LoveMeBeauty Box | £10 + p&p*

When LoveMeBeauty announced that they were having a bit of a 're-jig' last month, I was rather excited to say the least.  The brand really has grown since it first launched and it's been amazing to be able to follow its journey. Not only have they had a complete re-design, but they've also adapted the concept.  Instead of a choice of menu, you now have your pick of a wide variety of products each month via a credits system.  You're given 6 credits and take your pick from whats on offer in the 'boutique' (some products are worth 1, some are worth 2 depending on the size) and if you find yourself a little spoilt for choice, you can add extras for a small fee. Not only do you get much more of a say in what you receive, resulting in a box that's completely yours, the website also offers a much more personal experience.   When you first log on to the website, you answer various questions about your skin type, hair colour and general preferences - LoveMeBeauty then recommends certain brands or products to suit you and suggests these in your 'personal boutique'.

I have to say I love the new design.  The box feels much more high-end and luxurious - and the handy drawstring pouch you receive your products in is a great little extra to keep (as someone who enjoys jetting away on holiday, they're so handy!) Not only have they stepped it up a notch, but they've kept their pricing the same - I love that they haven't used this re-launch as an excuse to up the pricing system. It does feel like a completely different experience to the previous boxes but it's such a fun process to take your pick of all the products available each month and it definitely feels more high-end and considered. It's worth mentioning that you can still opt for a surprise if you enjoy the mystery element of subscription beauty boxes. So, without any further rambling, I shall introduce you to the contents of my September box. Here's what I chose with my 6 credits...

Percy & Reed | Abundantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse | 200ml | Full Size
Wowzaa. Look at the size of this beauty! For 2 credits, this full sized mousse promises extreme, lasting volume without the sticky feel - providing incredible height as well keeping your hair light and natural due to the creamy, moisturising texture. Sounds dreamy doesn't it!? I've not used this yet as I'm currently getting through the dregs of my current one, but I cannot wait to give this a try.  Mousse is something I simply cannot live without and I use it every time I wash my hair without fail -- I'm excited to have a full sized can ready and waiting! I love Percy & Reed's branding too... the little illustrations and simplistic, quirky feel really appeal to me.

Oriflame | ECollagen Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream | Full Size
This looks slightly different to the pot that was shown on the website, but either way, I really wanted to try an eye cream so I'm still a happy bunny.  I'm pretty sure the one on the website claims to be for all ages but this one seems more targeted towards wrinkles. Not complaining though, I've often heard that starting in your 20's is the way forward when it comes to preventing wrinkles! This one is enriched with ingredients which stimulate collagen production which altogether help to banish wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. Dark circles are the main culprit for me and although it's too soon to report results, I have to say I've really enjoyed using this.  It's quite a thick consistency but the rollerball application makes it so relaxing to apply - it moisturises really nicely and is gentle on the eye area.

Malin + Goetz | Grapefruit Face Cleanser | Sample Size
I never really get excited about skin-care products but I picked this because I thought it would be great to keep by me for travelling. I was also quite intrigued by the grapefruit scent! The formula is a thick gel-like consistency which foams up when applied to the face.  I like this because it's suitable for all skin-types and is supposed to be a good option for those with sensitive skin (raises hand). It has a delicate, natural fragrance and isn't too perfumed. Malin + Goetz is a brand which is stocked in SpaceNK so it must be a good'un!

Murad Absolute Bronzing Boost | Sample Size
Ooo I was excited about this one! Although summer is well and truly over, I do favour products which add a subtle glow throughout the colder months in order to keep my skin from looking dull and lifeless.  This is perfect as it isn't too strong and blends like a dream - giving a super natural, smooth finish to the skin.  I use this as a pre-base before my foundation but I'm pretty sure you could use this over foundation too for a subtle glow - I'd even say you could mix a drop or two in with your foundation too - it's really quite versatile. It's oil free, protects from UV rays and smooths texture and restores tone whilst providing a subtle, even touch of colour to your base. Overall, I'm really enjoying this so far.

Overall, I'm really impressed with the re-brand. I really enjoyed the process of selecting my products and the fact that you're able to add extras if you wish means that you'll never miss out on a sample you really want - something I often had to compromise on with the old menu system.  Theres a lovely selection of makeup, hair, skin and body products on offer each month so there really is plenty of variety depending on your preferences. You can find out more about LoveMeBeauty on the website here.

What did you think to the new Love Me Beauty box design and concept?


  1. I love the Percy & Reed mousse! Love the look of the bronzing boost, different but interesting!
    alice xo | beautybyalicee

  2. I really love the look of the Murad Bronzing Boost! The products in this box look really good this month, and a re-jig seems to have done the whole look of the Love Me Beauty boxes a lot of good :) x

    Angelica // One Little Vice

  3. This looks incredible! I'd given up on beauty boxes for a while but this is tempting mee!


  4. The credits system is such a good idea, and I love he look of what you chose. Well done love me beauty, there are so many beauty boxes which are all the same so it's nice to have something different. x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  5. I am starting to sub back to boxes so I will definitely be adding this one to my list, thanks for sharing hun xx

  6. Looks they definitely changed for the better. Love all the products in this months box! x

  7. Is this similar to the Birchbox? I was just reading about that but these samples look much bigger! Nice post! xx

  8. This seems like a more grown up & classy box. Defiantly one of the better ones!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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