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Tuesday 30 September 2014

Lush 'American Cream' Conditioner

If you read Sunday's post, you'll know that I've recently branched out into the Lush hair care range.  My mum bought me this small bottle of 'American Cream' conditioner to try as a little stocking filler when it was my birthday a few months ago and, not that I want to spoil the ending for you, but I bloomin' love it! Honestly - I'm addicted.  'American Cream' is said to be a 'milkshake thick conditioner that helps cleanse and soften the hair' whilst leaving it silky smooth and super shiny. With its strawberries and cream inspired fragrance and soothing hint of sage and lavender, it really does smell good enough to eat! I was instantly sold on the scent - it is simply divine and the delicate hint of sage stops it from being overly sweet.  It's rather unique - definitely a more luxurious version of your typical, vanilla scented products.  The scent lingers on the hair for ages afterwards - I wash my hair every other day and I could still smell the scent after the second day - it's almost like a conditioner and subtle hair perfume in one in my opinion! I found myself deliberately swishing my hair about just so I could keep catching a whiff of this stuff - it's so dreamy...

Not only does it smell beautiful but it does an amazing job at conditioning the hair too. It isn't overly thick in consistency but it's so smooth and creamy in texture - you really don't need a large amount at all.  The first time I used this, I think I must have over-applied like I do with my normal conditioners - but you only need to work a small blob in through the mid-lengths and into the ends for this one to do its job.  My hair was left feeling so unbelievably soft and smooth - it was baby soft to the touch and the ends looked really shiny and healthy.  If you're going to be styling your hair the next day - I'd bear this in mind as I've found that it can make it a little bit fly away but this stuff really does deliver in the softening stakes! It's been a while since my hair has felt so soft and easy to comb through after washing. If your hair is in need of some gentle TLC and has been feeling a little dry and brittle of late, I really recommend trying a bottle of this.  I'd actually go as far as to say it works better than some of my deep conditioners (and let me tell you I've tried my fair share) and as soon as this bottle runs out, I'm going to invest in a larger size -  it definitely deserves a space on my bathroom shelf!  

The small bottle that I have retails at £4.50 for 100g (larger sizes - £8.95 for 250g / £14.25 for 500g) - it's more of a treat than a daily conditioner but one that's well worth it since you don't need to over-apply in order to see its moisturising benefits. If that doesn't get you hooked, the scent most certainly will! It's one of those pamper products I really look forward to using after a long day or simply when I just fancy a bit of a beauty treat - i found it worked really nicely alongside their 'BIG' shampoo too (review here) - together they really do work well at cleansing the hair and making it soft, shiny and altogether much more radiant and healthy.

You can find 'American Cream' on the LUSH website here.
Have you tried any LUSH hair products?


  1. This sounds so good and I'm desperate to smell it now! I always walk past Lush on my way to work and I try to linger around a little bit so I can smell all of their wonderful products floating out the door :) I find my hair gets so matted and tangled in the shower so I really want to give this a try - I've never found a hair mask to make too much difference so I'd be interested to see if this could work it's magic on my knot prone hair :)
    Love Holly xx

  2. I've never tried any of Lush's hair products, I've used the face masks but they just don't agree with me. This might be worth a try though. Great review Beth :)

    Love Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty

  3. American Cream is one of my favorite conditioners, I love that the scent lingers in my hair and the scent is only one of the great things about it, haha! Buying it might hurt my wallet, but I can never resist! Great post :)

  4. It sounds like such a lovely conditioner! I'll have to have a look at this next time i'm in Lush :) x


  5. Sounds lovely! I really want to go give this a sniff haha!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  6. This literally sounds amazing. I really want to try this now! x

  7. Very tempting! Good thing we don't have Lush here (but, really...why not Lush??), if not I'd probably be hooked on so many products!

  8. I've never tried any Lush hair products but this sounds like exactly what I need! Thanks for the recommendation :)


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