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Sunday 21 September 2014

My MAC Lipstick Collection

Now then. Before I begin, let's address the obvious - I have too many Mac lipsticks. 27 if we're going to be precise. I'm fully aware that nobody needs this many Mac lipsticks (or this many lipsticks in general for that matter...) but as a beauty enthusiast, they're something I both enjoy and appreciate having - for me, they really are the cream of the crop when it comes to lip products.  Over the past few years, they have become something of a staple in my makeup routine and I'm sure if you're a fellow lipstick-aholic like myself, you'll understand my deep rooted love for these beauties. They're a classic. Mac get it spot on the mark when it comes to lipsticks - everything from their sleek design, to the delicate vanilla fragrance to the outstanding variety of shades and finishes - I love it all - there's nothing like waltzing into the Mac shop and casting your eyes over the array of lippies! It's a beauty blogger's dream! My makeup never feels complete without a slick of lipstick or two, and I'll often spend a few minutes of a morning looking through my collection picking the perfect shade for the day. 

So, I've decided it's time to share my collection with you all.  I love reading about other people's Mac collections as it always manages to spark some inspiration - it seemed about time I finally shared my own! Whether you're after your perfect shade, need some inspiration or simply just fancy having a nosey into my lipstick drawer, hopefully this post will be of some interest to you!  I've tried my best to organise this post by splitting them into categories, (this was so unbelievably satisfying to do - believe me) and I've provided all details about colour and finish, as well as the Mac description of the shade (I've included these in the title of each lipstick in quotation marks - I'll pop 'LE' at the end if any are Limited Edition) - I've also tried to give my own personal opinion on the colour. So grab a cuppa, get comfy and prepare yourselves because this isn't going to be a post of the short and snappy kind! I'm going to tell you which ones are my all time favourites, which ones I maybe regret buying, which shades are great for everyday wear, which ones are perfect for seasonal wear, which ones work best for 'statement' night out looks and generally give you a little overview of my personal opinions on how each colour works (or doesn't work) for me. I've really loved photographing this post and putting all of it together - I really hope you enjoy reading it just as much!

L-R: Creme D Nude / Viva Glam Gaga II  / Blankety / Half n Half / Freckletone / Velvet Teddy / Paramount

Nudes, Browns and Neutrals

Creme D' Nude | Cremesheen | 'Pale Muted Peach Beige'
The lightest of all my Mac lipsticks.  I had high hopes for this shade being my go-to 'everyday' nude but in reality, it's just too light for me - especially now that my lipstick preferences have 'matured' and I prefer something a little more brown toned and warm. I like the fact that it's quite sheer due to it being a cremesheen finish as it makes it a little more wearable, but unless I'm going for the whole 'smokey eye', big hair, classic 'Bridget Bardot' look, it doesn't exactly work for me.  It's definitely a handy one to have in my collection and it doesn't go un-used. It's just not my favourite nude.

Viva Glam Gaga 2 | Amplified | 'Pale Beige Nude' | LE
It was a risk when I bought this and it's one that didn't exactly pay off as this is just far too 'concealer lips' for me.  The yellow undertones only add to this effect and I'd never wear this alone.  It's a good one for blanking out the lips for further colour but for me, that's as far as it goes.  It's just too much beige!

Blankety | Amplified | 'Soft Pink Beige'
Now we're talking.  If you want a classic nude and you have a similar skin tone to me - look no further than Blankety.  It's got just the right hint of pink so it doesn't make you look 'dead' in the face and the amplified finish really compliments the shade. I love this one.  It's very much my classic 'true nude' shade.

Half n Half | Amplified | 'Creamy Pink'
This is a step up from Blankety. It still has pink undertones but is slightly darker and has more of a brown tone to it.  I really love this one - again, I love the amplified finish and I think this is a great one to opt for if you want a nude lipstick, but with some extra definition.  Its slightly darker than my natural lip shade so it's not exactly a 'nude' as such - but its understated, classic, and can be worn with the majority of makeup looks.

Freckletone | Lustre | 'Neutral Peach'
This lipstick is most certainly an unsung hero of the Mac lipstick world! This is one of my most used Mac lipsticks ever and I always get compliments when I wear it.  Rumoured to be a favourite of Beyonce, this shade is the perfect everyday shade for pale and olive skin tones alike.  The peach undertone really warms up your complexion and brightens up your entire face in a jiffy - I find it to be a great one through winter as it really does help to counteract any dullness in your skin.  The lustre finish makes it so wearable too - the glossy finish and sheer colour is buildable and perfect for on the go as you don't need a lip liner.  I reckon this might one of my most favourite lipstick shades I've ever owned...

Velvet Teddy | Matte | Deep-Tone Beige
I'll be honest, I hated this when I first got it.  In fact, I almost sold it! However, as time has gone on, I've re-discovered it, seen it in a completely new light and now I have to say it's one of my favourites!  It's definitely not for everybody - I personally love my 90's inspired browns and darker nudes and this one is perfect for defining the lips without making too much of a statement.  It's a step up from 'Half n Half' (as you can see in the swatches, 'Blankety', 'Half n Half', and 'Velvet Teddy' are all very similar in tone). If you have darker skin, this might be worth looking in to if you're after a staple nude.

Paramount | Satin | 'Reddish Brown'
I wasn't sure whether or not to class this as a red, but the brick-like tone to it and distinct brown hint made me pop it in the neutrals camp. It's a bit of a in-between-y isn't it!? This is my newest addition and, like Velvet Teddy, isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea.  It's definitely got that 90's vibe going on (think Clueless, checked skirts, chokers and the lipstick to match!) I personally love this - I can tell already that it's going to be my Autumn favourite! It just reminds me instantly of chilly afternoon walks, crunchy leaves and darker evenings... Definitely one of my more daring shades and also quite unique.  I'm planning on a full review soon so keep your eyes peeled if you're feeling intrigued by's not one I tend to see on a lot of blogs!

L-R: Shy Girl / Cut a Caper  / Ravishing / Saigon Summer / Costa Chic

Peaches, Corals and Oranges

Shy Girl | Cremesheen | 'Creamy Neutral Coral Beige'
This is definitely another one of my all-time Mac favourites - and it's one that receives one heck of a lot of praise in the beauty blogging world! I find I have to layer this on a little bit to achieve the pastel peach shade seen in the bullet, but like Freckletone, it's another one of those perfect everyday colours to throw in your handbag.  The peachy tones warm the complexion and its really flattering when your skin is a little paler. I think Freckletone tops the mark slightly for me, but for a peachy creamy nude, this one is perfect.

Cut a Caper | Lustre | 'Mid-Tone Peach Pink' | LE
Sadly, this is a Limited Edition shade. I wish so much it wasn't as it's simply stunning.  I try to limit when I wear this simply because I love it so much and when it wears down I'll be a little sad to say the least.  I think I actually prefer this over 'Shy Girl' - its more noticeable, slightly brighter, and the pink tones in it work amazingly well with my skin whether i'm tanned or pale.  Again, it completely freshens up your complexion. It's a great all-rounder. Mac? Take note!

Ravishing | Cremesheen | 'Clean, Light, Peachy Coral'
This shade is a true coral.  Not too dark that it's overpowering, but noticeable enough to make a bit of a statement.  It's such a lovely summer colour and it's perfect for day or night. It can be a bit hit and miss for me - sometimes it suits me and others it doesn't - it's very dependant on your skin/eye makeup.

Saigon Summer | Cremesheen | 'Frosted Bright Orange'
I adore this shade - it's so pretty.  The orange tones are perfect for the spring/summer and set off a tan like nothing else.  The slightly frosty finish actually compliments it too and makes it much more wearable to similar, more well-known shades such as 'Morange'.  It's definitely a bit more 'out there' but i've worn this in the daytime to Uni and I've also worn it out in the evenings on holiday - surprisingly versatile!  It's definitely a true orange.

Costa Chic | Frost | 'Frosty Light Coral'
Cult beauty blogger fave alert! Whenever I go on holiday, I am never without this in my suitcase. It's amazingly pigmented, lasts incredibly well and is probably my favourite option if I really want my tan to pop.  It also seems to make my teeth look much whiter and brighter. It's super flattering on and the pink undertones make it really wearable.

L-R: Creme Cup / Plink!  / Fanfare / Bombshell / Speed Dial / Chatterbox

Mid-tone pinks

Creme Cup | Cremesheen | 'Light Blue Pink'
Another beauty blogger fave right here! Similar to 'Shy Girl' in lightness (does that make sense? Hopefully you get my jist there!), but obviously a pastel pink instead of a peach.  This is one of the first Mac lipsticks I ever bought and I've repurchased since. It's a classic nude pink - perfect for daily wear.  I love this in the wintertime when my skin is a little lighter. It looks amazing paired with a smokey eye.

Plink! | Lustre | 'Warm Seashell Pink'
I love Mac's description of this shade - because that's exactly what it is! It doesn't look amazing when swatched but on the lips this is a stunning shade! The yellow undertones are super flattering and the lustre finish gives a natural sheen. Like Creme Cup, this looks lovely with a smokey eye - but also adds a nice touch if you have next to no makeup on and just want something slightly coloured and glossy to pop on your lips. I love this one. It's quite buildable too.

Fanfare | Cremesheen | 'Mid-Tone Yellow Pink'
In my opinion, this is another one of Mac's shades that isn't overly raved about - but totally should be! I adore this one. It's a gorgeous, mid-tone pink with warm undertones and it looks gorgeous for everyday wear.  I have a full review of it here if you want to find out more about why I love it.

Bombshell | Frost | 'Bright Rosy Pink with Shimmer'
I feel like a broken record right now but this is another one of my faves!  I'm guessing it isn't overly raved about due to the 'frost' finish that everybody seems to dislike - but I definitely think some of Mac's 'Frost' finishes are well worth a swatch. I fell in love with this instantly - its so girly and bright.  I like it because the slight frosted finish makes it wearable for both day and night. It definitely lives up to its name - 'Bombshell' is the perfect bright pink - very girly and fun. I have a full review here.

Speed Dial | Cremesheen | 'Light Blue Pink'
I will always have a soft spot for this lipstick because it was my very first Mac purchase. Like Bombshell, this is a super girly mid-toned pink with a touch of brightness.   I've just realised that Mac describe it exactly the same as 'Creme Cup' on their website - strange! It's definitely more of a mid-tone as opposed to a light shade.  A great pink to opt for if you don't want something too bright but still want to make a little bit of a statement. It's almost like a slightly toned down version of 'Bombshell' - all the girly-ness without the frosty shimmer.

Chatterbox | Amplified | 'Bright Red Pink'
This is one of those shades that I really want to love, but I just don't. At least, not on myself.  I really don't suit this sort of pink unless I have a cracking tan! I don't think red-pinks are for me, sadly.  I'll wear it on holiday sometimes as I love the amplified finish and it does look lovely and smooth on, but I definitely seem to suit true reds and cooler toned brights much more.

L-R: Viva Glam Nicki / Saint Germain  / Show Orchid / Lavender Whip / Up the Amp
Bright Pinks and Purples

Viva Glam Nicki | Satin | 'Vivid Bright Pink'  | LE
Again, following on from Chatterbox, I do not suit this shade.  Bright, vibrant pinks are not my thing. I love how they look on other people but when I wear them they just look too barbie-ish and clash with my skin tone and hair colour.  This one is ridiculously bright - leaning on fluorescent - the swatch doesn't show it to it's true brightness and I think the camera picked it up more in the 'line up' shot.  Sadly, this hasn't had much wear whatsoever.  I'm tempted to give it another whirl over the winter - I know that it was loved by a lot of bloggers when it was first released so I must be missing something?!

Saint Germain | Amplified | Bright Bubblegum Pink
Ahh this shade... How it reminds me of my youth. I don't really favour this shade anymore but I keep it more for nostalgic reasoning ;) I used to love this bubblegum pink back in the day... It's certainly a bright one, that's for sure! I cringe slightly when I think back to it now - in my first year of uni i used to prance around wearing this thinking I was the bees knees. Oh dear Beth... You never know, I might wear it again one day but my tastes in lipstick have somewhat matured since this purchase...

Show Orchid | Amplified | 'Vivid Hot Pink'
Now, I'm aware of what I've just said about bright pinks not suiting me, however, the blue undertones in this one work much better.  This is my most coveted lipstick ever.  It's not one for the faint hearted - this baby is seriously bright! It's a gorgeous statement shade that makes your teeth look whiter, your tan slightly deeper and your skin a little brighter. It ticks all the boxes for a statement pink for me! It's earned a spot in my makeup bag for the next time I manage to jet away somewhere sunny...I have a full review and photos here. 

Lavender Whip | Cremesheen | 'Light Cool Lavender' | LE
I'm still undecided on this.  I have a very love/hate relationship with it and I only ever reach for it through autumn/winter due to the cool lilac tone. It's quite a 'young' sort of colour and at the age of 24, I'm not sure I really suit it... maybe a few years ago this would have been one of my favourites (Barry M's '129' used to be my weapon of choice in my teenage years...Google it and you'll see exactly why this shade reminds me of it... ;)) - I must have been feeling a tad nostalgic when I went out and bought this. I think the cremesheen finish works in it's favour though and I actually do like this when I've applied a really light layer - if worn in the right way it can be really flattering and subtle. Again, it isn't for everyone but I do have a little soft spot for it despite it not being one of my most worn... I have a full review here.

Up the Amp | Amplified | 'Lavender Violet'
I must have been feeling rather brave when I bought this - I definitely had a 'YOLO' moment ;) Like Lavender Whip, I really can't work out whether I like this or not.  It's a statement shade for sure and I'm still trying to figure out how to truly make it work for me.  It's definitely quite 'out there' and I'm not sure if I'm really an 'out there' person when it comes to lipstick... it's definitely a stunner, but its one that needs to be worn with certain clothes and makeup to get it to work.

L-R: Lady Danger / MAC Red / Viva Glam Rihanna / Dark Side

Reds and Burgundys

Lady Danger | Matte | 'Vivid Bright Coral Red'
This is my statement summer red. I love it! The slight orange undertone is perfect with a tan and it photographs really nicely too.  I love adding a gloss on top of this one to make it pop even more - it's a stunning bright red!  Definitely a staple shade to have in your collection.

M.A.C Red | Satin | 'Vivid Blue-ish Red'
This is my statement winter red due to the cool undertones. Saying this, I find this shade a little more wearable with my skin tone (compared to Lady Danger which I only reach for over the summer) - I actually wear this year-round. It's my classic go-to 'pillarbox' red. Definitely one of my most used reds in my entire collection of lipsticks.  Another staple shade - if you're after a classic red, look no further.

Viva Glam Rihanna | Frost | 'Frosty Blue Red' | LE
Very similar to M.A.C Red but with a frosty finish and slightly brighter.  I have to say, this photographs amazingly well and the staying power is so impressive - definitely one to opt for if you're off for a night on the tiles. It has a certain brightness to it that other cool-toned reds lack - it almost has a cherry hue to it. I have a full review here.

Dark Side | Amplified | 'Deep Burgundy'
The darkest lipstick in my collection, Dark Side lives up to its name! It's a gorgeous, deep toned burgundy and I love the amplified finish as it makes it such a statement and you don't need to build it up. It's perfect for the winter time and I truly love it - I wish i could get away with it all the way through the year! It's the perfect vampy shade with a tough of gothic glam - it looks lovely with cosy winter jumpers! I have a full review here.

And there we have it, my Mac Lipstick Collection. I'm aware it's probably a bit excessive but they've always been the perfect pay-day treat for me and I've loved collecting them and discovering more about lipstick in the process. It's impossible to pick favourite but I definitely have my 'staple' shades I couldn't be without - hopefully you've picked up on some of my most-loved throughout the post but I'll probably do a post at some stage in the future outlining my ultimate staple shades if this would be of interest.  Anyway, this post has been rather meaty without me rambling on any further... I do hope you've managed to gather some lipstick inspiration or have simply just enjoyed having a nosey into my collection!

What's your favourite Mac Lipstick? Is there any shade here that you have your eye on for your next purchase?!


  1. You've got an amazing collection with some unique choices. I just re-purchased Shy Girl- I love that shade! Gemma x

    Beautiful Life as I know it

    1. thanks Gemma! Oo i shall certainly re-purchase Shy Girl when it runs out - i can't be without it :) x

  2. OH MY GOSH. Beth! I have lipstick envy! You have such a wide choice of colours! Love. I now need to buy a couple more after reading this post!

    1. Im so glad you liked it Emily! :) Hope you've found yourself your next shade of choice ;) xx

  3. I really want to try dark side and lady danger they look super pigmented and super pretty x

  4. Wow I loved this post! Got some real inspiration. I think I might have to Half n Half or Blankety. I have tons of brights and pinks but not many nudes. It would be rude not to change that…. ;) Now where is my card…. xx

  5. What a great collection, I probably have the same amount as you but yours is so different! Got some beaut colours I've never noticed in store before (which has now made me want to buy them). I've just recently got Blankety and I love it too! x

    tmzn loves x

  6. Such a gorgeous lipstick collection! Love the peaches, corals and oranges especially...I need Costa Chic in my collection!

    Lovelorn and Peach Blossom are definitely my most worn shades <3 xx

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  7. What a great collection! I actually don't have any Mac lipsticks but I'm really considering trying a few from them now. :)

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  9. Very helpful post :) love your lipstick collection it has inspired me to add to mine!

  10. Dark Side looks incredible (: You have quite a lovely collection lovely (: xx

  11. You have a far few but I can't judge as I have the exact same addiction to lipstick hehe , my all time favourtie mac lipstick's are Lady Bug and Chili

    Jorden xx

  12. This is literally the most perfect MAC lippy collection. Ever. Serious lip envy right now! xx

  13. Well I'm 37 and I wear lavender whip even in the summer! If you like it, wear it....who cares.
    The others have been noted, I have costa chic but don't get on with it....

    Going to have a look at half and half next time I'm at a counter...not seen that one before. I find it hard as colours I love don't always translate that well on my lip colour...cut a caper looked did creme cup.

  14. Such an amazing collection, ive just added about 10 new lipsticks to my wishlist haha!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  15. Amazing collection! So many pretty shades. Viva Glam Niki and Chatterbox are next on my list! Amazing swatches, captured the shades perfectly.

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  17. oh my god this is like every girls dream I don't even own ONE! I need to start collecting xxxx

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  18. Wow what an amazing collection, literally a shade for every makeup look you could possible wish for! I have been eyeing up Rebel for a while now, but think I would also love Dark Side so I will have to choose between the two for my next purchase x
    Beauty with charm

  19. Your collection is so stunning! I love all the nudes and bright colours!

  20. Hats off to you for having the patience to write about each and every one of your Mac lipsticks! I've become such a snob now, if ever I need a new lipstick (or rather want) I can't be going anywhere other than Mac! I've just screenshot your pictures so I can pick out my faves and add to my wishlist!

  21. Such lovely photos Beth! I am a total MAC addict and own a lot of the same ones you do. I think Creme Cup and Fanfare are next on my list. Such a shame you don't get on with Chatterbox, recently dug mine out and am loving it

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  25. I am SO glad someone else has a rather large MAC collection! But it needs to be done, its a girls prerogative not to be short of lipsticks!

    Annabel ♥
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  27. this is such an awesome reviews, so jelly that you have this great collection, must have taken for a long period of time! :)

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    Emma | The Fashion Six

  33. Really nice collection! Two of my favorites that are in transition are "Coral Bliss" for the summer (goodbye) as I'm saying hello again to "Spice It Up" for the Autumn/Winter when I'm feeling brave. I have Chatterbox and I feel the same way – it looks so nice but just really doesn't suit my complexion.

  34. oh this is so satisfying for some reason.. :D Your collection is fabulous and I just love looking at MAC lipsticks especially since you organised them in this way. Brilliant :)

  35. Such a lovely collection! Definitely got some new things on my wishlist xx

  36. Gorgeous collection of lipsticks!!!

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