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Thursday 18 September 2014

Jerome Russell | Bblonde Lightening Spray

As I mentioned in my previous post, I often use lightening sprays and tints on my hair. My hair has been in such good condition and has grown no end since I stopped bleaching it and piling on the hair dye and for the past 3 years or so, I've tried my best to embrace a slightly more natural look when it comes to my hair.  Luckily, I quite like the colour of my natural hair but sometimes, especially through the winter, it can look a little bit lack-lustre. To combat dullness, I often cheat a little bit with lightening sprays and similar products - it gives my hair a little boost without me having to commit to a hair dye or highlighting kit because the results are gradual. For the past few weeks, I've been using Jerome Russell's Bblonde Lightening Spray*.  I've used their hightlighting kits in the past and have always managed to achieve a good result.  I've also always found Jerome Russel to offer me the closest result to salon-applied highlights (provided you use it carefully and correctly) so I had high hopes for this spray. 

As you can see from the guide on the side of the box, this is more for subtle lightening and lifting the hair a couple of shades as opposed to full-on lightening from brown to blonde.  As my hair is mid-dark blonde naturally, I'm able to achieve the desired result quite easily and quickly.  It gradually lifts the hair colour in around 3 applications and provides a permanent lightening solution.  To use, I simply spray on the area I want to lighten after I've washed and towel dried my hair (in my case, I tend to use it at the roots) and then I'll use my hairdryer as usual.  Because the product is heat activated, I concentrate the hairdryer in this area for a while before moving on the drying the rest of my hair.  It contains thermal protector which is a handy little bonus, as it limits the amount of damage from any further heat styling.  I noticed a difference after 2-3 washes and I stopped using the product as soon as I achieved the desired lift after around 6 washes.  I like the fact that this spray seems to work quite quickly and it also seems to limit brassiness.  Whilst I still use a purple shampoo alongside it to combat any yellow tones (if you're lightening your hair this way it's quite difficult to cut it out completely), it does seem to lighten the hair without causing those nasty 'false' looking brassy hints.  

As with most lightening sprays, it can dry out your hair a little. I always like to apply a deep-conditioner whilst I'm using these sorts of products to try and combat the dryness and limit any damage.  I wouldn't say as if it feels as if I have product left in my hair, but I can tell when I've used this as my hair can feel a little bit gritty - if you're going to apply it through the ends of your hair, it's worth being aware of as it might make your hair less manageable for the time your using it.   Aside from this, the end result is a lovely, naturally sun-kissed look - it's not dramatic but that's exactly why I like it.  It lifts the tones I already have in my hair and just brightens it up a notch - which, through the winter months, is exactly what I want.  I would have posted my results, but seeing as I use products like this quite regularly, I don't think you'd get a true idea of how it works.  I often get questions about my hair and what colour I ask for at the hairdressers and the truth is, I don't! I just use a lightening spray whenever I feel as if my colour needs a lift.  If you're thinking of lightening your hair but are scared of it looking too 'bleached', then it's well worth looking in to a lightening spray.  Just make sure you stock up on the deep conditioner and grab a toning shampoo before you start!  You can find the Jerome Russell Bblonde Lightening Spray on the website here, and you can also find it in Boots.  It retails for £5.99*.

Have you ever tried a lightening spray? What did you think?


  1. I literally just bought this to try today, so this review couldn't be better timed! It definitely sounds like it'll do the job :) xx

  2. This sounds really good, my hair is kind of between light brown and blonde so I'd love to see what effects this has on me.

  3. This sounds great and not a bad price to give it a go as I really don't want to bleach my hair at the moment xxx
    Blonde of carbs


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