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Saturday 25 February 2012

Newest Beauty Buys

 Ohh, new purchases.
Always happens on a Saturday.
I blame the boredom of being at work; it makes me buy things.

I haven't really been in one of those 'new beauty product purchasing' moods of late. I'm not sure why this is but i seem to be ever so indecisive at the moment.. 

I am actually beginning to annoy myself because i pick up all sorts of lovely new stuff i want to try until my arms cannot physically contain any more junk. I'm one of these people who never picks up a basket. I seem to have this theory that if i can contain it all in my hands, then it won't cost as much. Of course it costs exactly the same, but it somehow feels less guilt-ridden?

and after all this tedious balancing and carrying around the various aisles.. 
i put it all back!

So, i decided i would change my ways today, and i seem to have collected a decent amount of stuff.. 

i had to use flash for these photographs as i couldn't be bothered to wait for any natural light..bare this in mind :)

 Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' Foundation in '200 Soft Beige': I don't normally use foundation. But i used the little trial sachet in a recent magazine and i actually really liked it. It smells like Boujois 'Healthy Mix' - which is my next product on the list to try. It's a light to medium coverage and it seems to last me all day - and it doesn't smell chemically and false like the majority of foundations on the market (my reason for hatred of foundation..) I use my regular tinted moisturiser then pop this on in the areas i need it and it seems to suit me just fine.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 210 'Coral in Gold': I only have one Rimmel lipstick and it happens to be from this range and it's one of my firm favourites. So thought i'd try the coral/orange version.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 240 'Undressed': Wanted to try a browny-nude colour for ages before i go splashing out on any Mac beauties. So i thought that i'd try this. I love the shade of this one because it's not too light - it looks quite natural and doesn't seem like it will wash me out too much.

*Rimmel have a 3 for 2 offer on right now which is the reason for the impulse lipstick pur-chase!*

 St Moriz Self Tanning Instant Mousse in 'Dark':  THE. MOST. EXCITING. BUY. OF THE WEEEEEK. I get so jealous when i see this in people's beauty hauls because it seems impossible to find St Moriz near me! I've heard its a good copy of the ever so fabulous St Tropez so i can't wait to try it. They only had the instant version but i still can't wait to try this on a night out. And yes i bought the Dark version because i'm just hardcore like that :) 

If you are one of these poor females like me who lives in an area with a significant lack of St Moriz - then i found mine at Tesco Direct.

Lancaster Tan Maximising After Sun: The best aftersun you will ever use if you wish to deepen a tan. I got this at duty free before i went on holiday - obvs! This is my 3rd bottle now and i'm still in love. (my review here

Vo5 Give Me Texture - Tousled Style Spray: I love wearing my hair wavy and a bit on the messy side so i wanted to try a spray like this. 

Tresemme Volumising Dry Shampoo: I can never find the 'volumising' version! It seems to be very sought after so i'm very chuffed i managed to find myself one. I'm planning on doing a review of different dry shampoos soon.. this one is my current favourite. 

Hope you're all having fabulous weekends. Sadly i'd love to pretend i'm out on the tiles having a crazy one, but i'm just sat on my sofa with 2 packs of fudge and the crumby-evidence of a chocolate cake on a plate next to my laptop, catching up on the TOWIE episodes i missed whilst on holiday.

I have also just treated myself to my first Illamasqua blush! So excited! There will be a post coming soon... 

Lots of love

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  1. Rimmel Undressed lipstick looks lovely! xx

    1. Ive worn it out tonight and i love itt :D x

  2. Ooooo I only ever use Batiste so I really want to see how the Tresemmé one compares! Those lipsticks both look like lovely shades and I am exactly the same.. if I pick up a basket I somehow think the total will come to like double haha even though I'm buying the same amount of items! X

    1. haha atleast its not just me with this crrrazy theory :P
      Yess its really good - its a bit lighter and not as powdery :) ill be doing my review soon :) x

  3. I didn't know about that V05 spray, I'll be adding that to my list aha xx

  4. New follower of your Blog :D I have the Rimmel lipstick in 'Coral In Gold' also it's a really nice colour by the way,and the St.Moriz tan is the only one I use,love it! :D


    1. aw thankyouu :) Yess it looks lovely ive not used it yet so looking forward to trying it out :) x

  5. I recently read good things about that Rimmel Foundation! Oh and its so weird because in Ireland Primark (its called Penneys there) sell St Moriz its €4. I stocked up last time I was home!

  6. I love the Tresemme dry shampoo, it's great, and smells really nice too!

    Also, I just thought I'd let you know I'm giving away a Clarisonic Mia on my blog! I'd love it if you could check it out on my blog. You can gain up to 10 entries! Here’s a link xx

  7. Those lipsticks look amaaaazing! x

  8. The lipsticks look nice - I think I prefer undressed x

    1. Me too .. the coral one was a spur of the moment buy i wish id bought a pink shade now .. but i'll give it a go :) x

  9. That dry shampoo is gorgeous!

    Katie xx

  10. I love St moriz, been buying it for years :)
    hope you like it xx

  11. I love St. Moriz and Rimmel lipsticks! x

  12. St Moriz is the best! I get mine in Semi-Chem it's only £2.99 BARGAIN :D

    I spent half my wages in superdrug on Sat, FAIL!

  13. I love Rimmel's undressed! I bought umberto giannini's backcombe in a bottle- im in love with it! Gives me loads of volume! xxx

  14. aww, good items :)
    i love the hair-products by Vo5 ;)
    If you want we can follow each other, ok? I follow you imemdiately w/ great pleasure!
    i hope you do the same soon if you like ; i'll be glad, really :).
    bisous xxx

  15. could you review the St moriz please? Great haul! :)x


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