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Tuesday 21 February 2012

Estee Lauder: Blush Palette Review

Estee Lauder Blushes
Left to Right: '11' Nude Rose, '01' Bronze Goddess, Shimmer Power in '01' Gold Pearl

I love Estee Lauder. My mum has always been a big fan and over the years i've often stolen borrowed her products, so i too have grown to like the brand. Yes, the products are a bit pricey but in my opinion they're so worth it and an excellent excuse for a pay day treat. If you buy 2 or more items then they often give you freebies - not of the 'sample' size either, let me tell you - i often come away with full sized lipstick tubes and lip glosses, blushes and eye shadows. 

So, i couldn't believe my luck when i came away with this lovely blush palette (i'm obsessed with trying new blushes so it made my day when the lovely lady dropped this into my shopping bag!). I don't think the palette itself is available to buy, which is a shame because the colours actually compliment one another perfectly (i'm pretty sure they will sell the separate colours..)

The blushes aren't the most pigmented powders i have ever tried, which i was a little bit disappointed in as you do have to apply quite a bit to get a decent bit of colour. However, i don't think this is necessarily such a bad thing when it comes to blush, as i prefer to build colour up. 

The colours in the palette from left to right:

Estee Lauder Signature Silky Blush Powder in '11 Nude Rose'
I love this shade. It takes a bit of building up but for me the subtlety of this colour is really beautiful on the skin. It feels soft and smooth and blends effortlessly. I've used this over my BB cream and the powder looks very dewy after it's been applied. Again, i think this is down to the subtle pigments but the overall effect is more like a cream blush rather than a powder that 'sits' on top of your makeup. I've been using this alongside the bronzer in the palette and it gives a very similar but more subtle effect when compared to my trusty Nars Orgasm/Laguna combination. Very much like a toned down more natural/nude version of the two.

Bronze Goddess - Soft Matte Bronzer in '01'
Again, very subtle but a lovely shade with a little bit of a glow. I actually apply this when i'm on the go with the handy brush that comes with the palette (normally i don't use brushes like this because i find them fiddly but suprisingly this one seems to work perfectly fine). I find this shade perfect for those 'pale days' when you just need a touch of bronzer for a bit of a glow but don't want the colour to look so harsh.

Estee Lauder Signature Shimmer Powder - 01 Gold Pearl
I am not a mahoosive fan of shimmer on the face unless it's on my eyes, so this was an interesting shade to try. I must admit that at first i set myself up to hate this, however, I actually found it to be quite flattering when used high on the apples of the cheeks and it gave my face a lovely dewy glow. I'ts not an everyday product for me but i love the shade and the sheen that this colour gives (and it looks so glittery and pretty in the palette! Eee!)

I'm still undecided as to whether i'll be buying any more Estee Lauder blushes. I like the texure and the way that they blend but it does take some time to build up the colour if you're going for a more defined cheek.  That said, i love this palette and if it was available to buy over the counter then i would maybe consider buying another once i've used this. If you're looking into any of their blushes i really would suggest asking for a sample and popping over to the counter for a cheeky swatch or two before you part with your pennies, as they aren't going to be for everyone.

A little note about Estee Lauder lipsticks..
If you're a lipstick fan (like me) then i really suggest Estee Lauder's lipstick range. I have 3 of them now and i find them to be absolutely brilliant - both in pigmentation, staying power and texture (they are lovely and moisturising without compromising the colour pay-off). I shall do a little review on one soon :)

Lots of love


  1. Thanks for the review Beth :) this looks lovely! I've never actually tried anything from Estee Lauder. I can't believe you get full size freebies, that's amazing! xx

    1. Aww glad you enjoyed it :) You should definately try them - theyre double wear light foundation is amazing and so are their lippies.. they always give out so many samples so you should stop by and grab a couple :) theyre usually very generous :) xx

  2. Such a gorgeous colours! I own one so far and I love it. x

  3. What a great palette the shades are really pretty and good for an everyday use, I don't know why I never tried anything from Estée Lauder xx

  4. The third colour looks really pretty and wearable. Haven't really tried any Estee Lauder products but I'll look into their lipsticks!
    Thanks for the review
    Charlotte Couture Blog

  5. Oh this looks very nice ! xx / @ClayAndBeauty

  6. Hey! I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! :) xx

    1. thankyouu lovely :) Ive already done the versatile blogger award but thankyou all the same :) xx


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