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Thursday 8 December 2011

Thursday Summary & Favourite Christmas Things Tag

I'm having one of those days where i really want to write something, but have no idea what to write. So, i've decided to do a little Christmas post that hopefully some of you can also do if you have one of those 'haven't got the foggiest idea what to write about' moments.  I also feel the need to get into the Christmas spirit now, although i haven't exactly had the luckiest of mornings.
Let me explain...
First to cheer me up was a lovely envelope sitting on the doormat - not in the form of christmas card however, but in the form of my credit card bill.
Thanks for that Mr Postman. 
You've made my day reminding me of why i shouldn't actually own a credit card. (It is pink though. It looks lovely in my purse. Therefore i allow it).
So, after working out how i'm going to pay for my ASOS woopsie ('ASOS woopsie' refers to my monthly ASOS binges whereby i buy loads of crap i don't need), i had a lovely little call from the young man who gave my car an MOT.
 Mirabelle needs a new radiator (Mirabelle being my car's name..for any of you who are not aware that i refer to my car by this pet-name i lovingly made up for her).
For those of you without cars i strongly recommend that you DO NOT BUY ONE. :) Yes, they're lovely and they save you from crappy bus journeys now and again, but they rob you of many of your hard-earned pennies. So, i could have really done without that before Christmas.
Thanks Mirabelle. 
AND THEN, as if things couldn't get any un-luckier, the post office decided they would lose my parcel. 
...I've suggested that they find it :)

So, apart from that, i've had a good day Christmas shopping and buying all of my wrapping paper and ribbons and pretty bows and a few presents for my friends. YAY. The christmas shopping has inspired me to do something a little bit here goes my 'Favourite Christmas Things Tag'. I hope you all decide to do one too :)

1. Christmas song? Near Christmas, i tend to bring out the "Christmas Playlist" on my IPod (anyone who tries to tell me they haven't got one is being extremely dis-honest :) if you actually haven't got one i suggest that you make one). I love all the Christmas classics but i have to say Fairytale of New York by The Pogues is THE best christmas song ever ever in the history of christmas songs.

 2. Christmas Colour?  Am i supposed to have a favourite 'christmas colour'? I'd probably say red.. GLITTERY red :) yes.

3. Reindeer? Vixen. I'm not going to be obvious and go for Rudolph am i? That would be extremely predictable of me... 

4. Christmas drink? SNOWBALLS!! 

5. Christmas food? They don't need an explanation as to why.. i could eat a whole plate full of them.

6. Christmas movie? I've discussed this in a previous christmas post but LOVE ACTUALLY :D and Miracle of 34th Street
I think every girl who's watched Love Actually..loves this scene:
Eee. How lovely :)

7.Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? I love Christmas Eve. But sadly i'll be working this year (not impressed AT all..but we have the Michael Buble Christmas album playing so i guess it's not allllll that bad..). I love Christmas Day because it's family time. I just hate how it goes so fast.

8. Favourite thing to do at Christmas? I haven't got a favourite thing. I basically turn into the biggest kid ever near christmas. I love the whole build-up to it. I love eating too much chocolate, i love how it brings families together, i love building snowmen and sledging (my parents bought me a sledge last year because i wanted one for old times sake..haha..embarrasing little confession for you there..) And i love christmas markets.

9. Favourite Christmas Memory? I have waaay too many but i remember one christmas my mum and dad bought me The Lion King Board Game (i was quite young, can i just add..) and i sat and made my whole entire family play it over and over and over again until i went to bed. They must have been so bored (or atleast had a few beverages to help pass the time) but it made me happy :) And i remember when i was really young -  it snowed and my dad walked around the local woods with me - dragging me on a wooden sleigh whilst i was in my new pink coat and woolly mittens :) It was amazeballs.. I'd never seen so much snow.

10. Favourite Christmas tradition? I put the tree up with my mum. Every year. And i've done it since i was little. If i didn't get to put the tree up with her it wouldn't be christmas :) <3

I hope you're all having lovely christmassy weeks :) I shall leave you with a little photograph of the snow man/snow cat i made last year of which i was extremely proud of.

If you get chance to do this tag yourself then let me know and i'll pop over to your blog and have a little read :)


  1. Hope you don't mind me staling your Christmas tag, i really enjoyed reading yours :-)
    Love Actually is a fab film, i love it when you see the video he made of her wedding and you see that its all of just cute!

    Holli x

  2. Love this post! That scene in Love Actually is my all time fave! :)

    check out my blog:


  3. LOVE the blog! You are GORGEOUS!

    Follow eachother?



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