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Wednesday 28 December 2011

Pre-Christmas Clothing Buys

Hey lovelies. 
I've been meaning to do little 'clothing purchases of the month/week' - and never got round to it for various reasons. The photos have been building up on my camera so i thought i'd show you a couple of clothing items that i've picked up the past month or so..I've been wanting to do more fashion-y posts for ages now but i'm never really happy with the photos - either due to the cruddy wintery lighting or the fact that its slightly harder to photograph. But i've finally decided to just whack some photos up anyway..I shall try not to ramble too much..


I love ASOS. I'd say the majority of my wardrobe (or atleast my 'going out' wardrobe) is from here. I love it because they have such lovely designs that you don't necerssarily see in the shops. I also like the fact they offer a SUPER SAVER delivery option at the till. If you're prepared to wait an extra 2 or 3 days it's completely free..which is the main reason i repurchase from here as i tend to begrudge paying ridiculous posting fees!

ASOS Lace Knicker Shorts

I wore these Christmas Day with a black shirt and tights with some glitter wedges. Yes, they are rather short, but if you pair them with the right things they look lovely (my mother actually approved of these).

 ASOS Lace Bandeau Playsuit

Again with the knicker shorts.. These are even shorter than the ones above but again, with a pair of tights and a nice tailored jacket i think i will be able to do something with it. I love playsuits, so this one just had to have a place in my wardrobe.

ASOS Blouse with Sparkles

Eeeeeeeeee Sparklessss! A sheer shirt with a bit of a glittery twist. It has a little keyhole detail on the front which i thought made it a bit different.

Since i've bought these, they've ALL gone into the sale (*gutted much?*) Here's some links if you want to nab yourself a little ASOS bargain:
ASOS Lace Bandeau Playsuit: £45 (although the Petite version is now £29)

New Look
Lace Panel Blouse

I love a white blouse as much as the next person..but this one is made even better by the fact it has lace detailing to the arms, shoulders and the top of the back.

I love New Look shoes
They make me an extremely happy girl. Good quality, on trend and at reasonable prices. The pink ones i picked up in the sale that started before Christmas for a TENNER!  and the glitter wedges were an impulse buy.. Woops. :)

White Jumper with Bow Detail - £14.99
I needed a new white jumper, so i settled on this one. It's simple but the little black bow adds a nice little bit of detail. I believe this has also now in the sale (or maybe just in black?) for £7. This will teach me to avoid going shopping in the week before the sales start!

And here's just a few bits i've picked up from good old Primarni..

 Scalloped Collar Blouses - £6 each
Blouses - £10


  1. ohhh I love all your clothes! Especially the items from ASOS! x

  2. I love everything on here!! :)

  3. LOVE the first shorts! All the clothing are great

    follow me :)


  4. Your have such a pretty fashion style, I like it ;) I love shopping on website that do the free delivery, hate wasting that bit of money on the delivery.
    I also brought the black/gold wedges but I'm not sure whether to keep them or not, but I brought mine in the sale for £12 so probably worth keeping! Hope you have a great new year! x

  5. I love both of those heels! And that playsuit is cute! Great post.

  6. Love your blog! You have amazing ideas!
    You should follow my blog, I always follow back! :)

  7. Ooh love the shorts and the glitter wedges!

  8. Great buys! Love the white lacey shirt

  9. lovely buys , espescially the shorts from asos (:
    oh and happy new year xx


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