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Saturday 26 November 2011

Topshop Lipstick: Beguilded

It's Saturday. It can only mean one thing; i will buy something on my way to work. And lo and behold, look what happened. This week, i found myself in the make-up section of Topshop, and i finally bought the lipstick i've been lusting after for weeks... "Beguilded", a deep 'vampy' red colour.

I love love LOVE Topshop's make up range. Ever since it was launched, i've been a little bit obsessed. I love the packaging. Most things come in cute little boxes (i have an obsession with their cheek tints which are packaged in little dotty cases), and the lipstick is packaged in a really sturdy tube (not plastic-y at all..unlike most brands! YAY!), it almost feels as if it's made of metal, and it feels quite 'weighty' in your hands. It also does that satisfying little 'clicky' sound when you put the lid on. Another thing i love, is that they all come packaged in boxes, which is not something you normally see with lipsticks unless you go for a more high-end product.  They also pop it in a matching spotty, black and white bag at the till, which i think adds a nice touch, and also makes you feel like you're getting something a little bit special..

 (Above: Without flash - Below: With flash)
I've been looking at this lipstick for ages, but i've never really been able to justify parting with my £8 for a lipstick that i wasn't sure if i would get much wear out of. But today, i was feeling in a bit of a RECKLESS mood (oo don't we all love feeling a bit reckless with our make-up purchasing habits now and again..) I just thought 'stuff it' and took it straight to the till before i could change my mind. I'm glad i didn't.
I've seen lots of vampy reds being advertised in magazines; they're all over the shops at the moment, and i really wanted to try a darker shade for once. I have to say, the formula of topshop's lipsticks are spot on. They're creamy, glide on smoothly and don't feel at all drying (which for a darker colour wouldn't be ideal!), they're also well pigmented and one coat drenches your lips in colour. The lipstick also gives quite a glossy finish, and feels really light and moisturising on your lips. They aren't the cheapest of lipsticks (priced at £8) but i reckon they're worth the extra bit of dollar just for the way they're packaged and for the quality.

Having only treated myself to this today, i haven't yet had the chance to wear this out; but I'm planning on wearing it at some stage next week, and possibly for my upcoming Christmas do at work. I think it's the kind of lipstick that can really add to your whole look, a definite 'statement' lip for when you're feeling a bit braver (and i will need to feel a bit brave to pull this off during the daytime - trust me!). Having said that, i'm in love with the colour and i think it's perfect for Christmas time (can see it looking really striking on cold, frosty mornings).
I shall attempt to get some photos when i finally decide to wear it out. 

What do you think to this season's 'Vampy' lip trend? (I've gone a little bit mad on red lipsticks just recently!) 
And has anyone got a favourite Topshop lipstick? Mine is currently "Infrared" and "Desert"..but i'm currently lusting after "Muted"... 
Opinions please! :)

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend.


  1. I totally know what you mean by the satisfying clicky sound aha! Absolutely love the look of this lipstick, looks and sounds like the perfect vampy lipstick! Please show a picture of you wearing it, would love to see how it looks on the lips too! X

  2. you're a loose cannon when it comes to buying make up :) that is all xx

  3. Charlotte - yesss I shall definitely be getting a photograph of the lipstick on :) I did actually attempt to tonight but it was quite dark and my bathroom light didn't do it must justice! I shall let you know when I've posted a photo :) I may do a little 'face of the day' post when I decide to wear it :)
    And I'm glad it's not just me with satisfying clicking sounds! I do it to my Mac lipsticks too.. It really entertains me :) xx

  4. ahhh i was going to get this the other week, but don't think i could justify spending £8 on a lipstick when there's other drugstore lipsticks which are close to this colour and are cheaper! :} xx

  5. I'm so tempted to try this, I even wanna go as far as the inhibition one! :)

  6. I've always wanted to try out the topshop make-up range but I've never got round to it...I think I should put some on my Christmas list haha x

  7. Really wanna try this, youve convinced me now tehehe xoxox

  8. I've never tried topshops makeup range but I've been dying to try this lipstick!

  9. SO JEL you got this, i wanted it but the topshop i was in didnt have it :(

    so i had to do with kate moss wan.. hehe!



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