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Wednesday 2 November 2011

A few new purchases..

Hey girls.
Thought i'd do another clothing related post tonight alongside my cosmetics one. I've been trying to save my pennies just recently because i'm aware that christmas is coming around the corner. I'm trying to be good this year and i'm starting to save and pick little presents up early. I usually leave it until my last possible pay day and then feel slightly depressed about my bank balance (or lack of bank balance). So, i've been cutting back on clothing slightly (i mean slightly).

Anyway, i thought i would show you some of the things i have been buying..

Bird print cardigan: H&M £14.99 

I love bird print (obviously anything to do with birds..hence my blogger name!) and i also liked the colour of this. I just liked it. No other reason for buying it really..I'll just buy anything with a bird on it.

Tan coloured bodysuit: Primark £6
They also do these in black and white. I might pop back and purchase both colours. They're great for pairing with simple floaty skirts.

Selection of leggings
Black speckled leggings: Primark £6
Wet look leggings: New Look (can't remember as i've removed the price tag)
Suede effect leggings: Primark £6

I live in leggings throughout the year. If i'm struggling to put an outfit together or even if i'm just in the house, i will have leggings on. I love them. I think they're just an essential in every wardrobe (certainly in mine!) I'll be pairing these with long line t-shirts, knitted dresses and slouchy fit tunics with my boots this season.

I have a couple of pairs of the leather/wet look leggings from various places (and i currently have my eyes on a miss selfridge pair right now). I tend to put these on if i'm going to a few bars or for a few drinks. They look lovely with a pair of killer heels, a longline sheer shirt and a pretty satchel bag - but also they can be dressed down for the day. Love 'em.

Blue sequin jumper: Primark £12

Wasn't sure about this in the shop. Still unsure now. They had it in cream but i buy TOO MANY black and white monochrome jumpers so i thought i'd be brave and opt for a more colourful shade. (I must have about 3 cable knit jumpers all in cream or white - they all look the same! I can't help it!) I bought this in a size bigger because i wanted it baggy, but it's still quite close fitting around the neck.. And i'll have to wear something underneath this as it is unbelieveable itchy. Im sure i can make it work somehow.. I love the sequins though.

White/Yellow floral one shoulder top: H&M Sale - £1
(Struggled to photograph this in such rubbish-y lighting)

Yes. You read it right. £1. ONE FLIPPING POUND! I won't be wearing this just yet, it will remain in my 'summer section' of my chest of drawers until March when me & my boyfriend are planning to go away somewhere to grab some wintery sunshine. I thought it would look nice with a pair of shorts or with a pair of jeans, might even try to put a belt around the elasticated bit for some extra definition. Who knows. The possibilities are endless (for £1 anyway..)

Pink cushion: Primark £3

I was on my way out of Primark and saw this in the corner of my eye. Yes the jewel in the middle is a bit tacky (it's still quite sweet though), i may replace it with a button of choice from my sewing box, but i've recently changed the colour scheme of my room, so i thought i'd pop this in my basket and treat my bed to a bit of Primark glam :)

(Love my huge furry cushion..its so snuggly..everyone should own one)

Hope you enjoyed my mini-clothing haul. I'm really trying not to buy to much..we will see how long that lasts though.. (probably until tomorrow when i'm planning on popping to H&M before uni..)


  1. Love the bird print cardigan! Sooo cute :) xx

  2. Lots of nice things there :) The bird cardi is so cute!

  3. Love the look of all the goodies you bought! Can't believe that top was £1?! Such a bargain! xxx

  4. Love the bird print cardi, so cute! & the top for a quid, what a bargain!xx

  5. U gotta show a post of u wearing those sparkly leggings! I would like to know how u use them:p

  6. Thankyou girliess :)

    Ana - Yess i will try and do a post on how i wear my leggings - keep checking back :) x

  7. That H&M cardigan is so pretty!



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