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Sunday 13 November 2011

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick: 'Crimson'

Hi girls. So, just recently i've been trying to get out of my 'pink lipstick rut'. By this, i mean i've noticed that all i tend to wear on my lips is pink - nude pink, bubblegum pink, bright pink, dusky pink, barbie pink...basically i've gone a bit mad on PINK! I always have preffered nude shades on me, but as autumn is now well and truly here i've been wanting to try something a bit bolder in the form of reds.

I already have a couple of red lipsticks and glosses but they're always left in the shadows of my make-up box and i rarely ever use them. But since red seems to be everywhere at the moment i thought to myself, 'i'll 'av a bit of that'. And so i bought this Natural Collection one in the shade "Crimson". I only have one other lipstick by Natural Collection (Apple Blossom - flippin' brilliant nude shade if anyone hasn't heard of it!), and it's been a firm favourite of mine, so i thought i would try a red shade. And i have to say, for the price of these lipsticks i really have been impressed. I didn't want to splash out on a high-end red lippie without knowing whether or not i liked it...

I LOVE IT. The pro's..
The best thing about this one is the price.. (£1.99-ish i think?). It's such a strong colour and glides on really nicely, and because of the texture it stays on quite well, but also has a slight gloss to it which i really like. It was a cheap and cheerful way for me to test out the deep red trend, and i'm hooked. I will re-purchase when i run out.. It's great to throw in your handbag for work/uni and i'm not going to cry tears if i lose it because of the bargainous price.

The only cons for me...
is the shape of the lippie. It's just a flat, pointed shape instead of your 'classic' lipstick shape. Although i must admit that now i have the hang of applying this, the pointed thin tip actually comes in handy for getting a nice neat line without having to use a lip liner. The packaging is alright for the price, the red stain does get everywhere though! (But i guess with all red lipsticks in a white tube that its kind of inevitable!)

I will definitely be putting a few more red lipsticks on my christmas list ready to send to Mr. Santa Claus. On my wish list so far:
Mac: Ruby Woo
Mac: Russian Red

SO, fellow bloggers. I NEED YOUR HELP! :)
What's your favourite red lipstick? And if anyone has a post on theirs please throw a link in for me too :) It will be much appreciate.


  1. Oh I'm going to have to try this! I've been on the hunt for a red lippy too! I bought Collection 2000 in Ruby Red and I really don't like it :/ I find it smudges easily :( xxx

  2. This one seems to stay quite well on me :) see what you think you can't really go wrong with natural collection :) xx

  3. I love, love, love NYX 'Eros' or the ELF 'Red Carpet' lip stain - I don't use the gloss though, that's pants. xx

  4. What an absolute bargain! I've asked Santa nicely for Rubywoo, it looks gorgeous. MUA shade 13 lipstick is a gorgeous red too and just £1! X

  5. That looks lovely! I have quite a few of the pink natural collection lipsticks and I find they last really well! I am definitely going to try this out as the red I have is isn't buildable and far too bold! this looks like a good alternative!!
    I have just started a blog... like yesterday!! so if any of you feel like checking it out and giving me some pointers I would LOVE it!!!! thanks a lot xxxxx


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