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Tuesday 3 January 2012

Andrea Fulerton: Petrol In Water

I've had my beady eyes on this nail polish ever since i read FleurDeForce's post about it, but never really took the plunge and bought it for myself. So, i was extremely happy when i found this in my Christmas stocking (thanks mumma!). I've often looked at these little 'duo' polish sets and wondered if they actually worked, and not knowing the end result kind of put me off slightly.

"A colour layering system that's an innovative new way to create your own unique nail colours. This compact, double ended nail varnish bottle contains 2 different varnish colours that can be worn alone in either shade or layer them over each other to create a 3rd colour or an edgy effect"

 You apply the darkest colour first and then layer the lighter colour on the top to create the end result. The polish named "Petrol" is a deep brown shade which has a slight gold/greenish undertone, with very fine shimmers in it. Personally, i wouldn't have chosen this on it's own and it still amazes me how these two colours work together to create a completely different effect altogether.

After applying the 'Petrol' and waiting for it to dry, you then apply the pearly white shade (it's such a pretty colour and i would probably wear this on it's own and build it up to create more of an opaque finish). The white shade changes colour depending on the lighting and gives off flickers of blue, pinks and yellows. 
This is where things begin to get a little bit more interesting..

I really wasn't expecting such a drastic colour change but it really is amazing how these two polishes work together to create this (and yes i did go a little bit caarazzzy and take quite a few photos..) i literally could not stop staring at the colour..(cue close up photos of glittery fingernails)..

How BEAUT is the end result?! 
They're now referred to as my 'mermaid' nails because they remind me and my mother-bear of mermaid-y things and such-like :) 
(does anybody remember the wonderful children's book "The Rainbow Fish"?)

...Yeah.. It reminds me of this little fella.. 
(Yes i have a slightly childish-mind and i remember silly books i read when i was little!)

I waited for the polish to completely dry and then added a glossy top coat just to add a bit more sparkle. I may even go one step further next time and see what a dash of silver glitter looks like at the bottoms or the tips (me and my glitter! I would add glitter to everything if i could..)

I think the layering system with this polish works really well and creates such a unique end effect that probably couldn't be obtained with just a singular nail polish. I know that Nails inc. and Chanel do similar colours but the fact that this one is layered seems to me like it has a little bit more depth to it somehow. In different lighting the polish looks completely different (in bright light the polish almost looks like nail-foils). 

I know i'll definately going to pick up a couple more of the 'duo' polishes - but this time i may just refrain from looking the end results up on the internet first so it's a bit of a suprise.. (oo dont we all just love suprises..haa).

Have you tried any of the Andrea Fulerton polishes? 



  1. Wow can't believe the end result, I'll have to check these out!

  2. I couldn't either! :) If you try any let me know id love to see what some of the others turn out like :) xx

  3. Was not expecting that shade to appear! I had to re-read to make sure you hadn't changed polishes haha! I am so buying this!

  4. haha! I'd never of thought it would turn out so bright like it did!
    Yess certainly give them a go they paint on really nicely too :) xx

  5. wow this is awesome, that colour is gorrrrgeous!
    haha YES the Rainbow Fish, always read that book when I was little in the reading corner in primary School! Brought back so many memories! x

  6. wow so pretty! the rainbow fish is spot on haha

  7. Your nails look lovely! so dimensional too. Great blog:)

  8. This is FIT! I've never even seen this before, this needs to be purchased, great review thanks!


  9. wow! where did you buy it from?! love it!xx

  10. WOW i love the mermaid nail varnish it is sooo glittery and cute :) i want it. It is sooo different and unique :) LOVE IT xxxx cute post xx


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