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Monday 24 October 2011

Cream Patent Bag

I've been at Uni for a month or so now, and i have begun to realise.... i need more bags!!! Of varying sizes! (hehee.. any excuse for a new bag..) Im studying Design so i often need to cart pencils and pens and all sorts of arty tools and materials around with me, and i often need to take my notebooks home. I also carry my make up bag with me each day - which isn't big at all but i tend to struggle to fit it into some of my smaller satchel bags.. and it's too pretty to just 'cram it in'. So this caught my eye today. I know - it's cream. Its going to get absoloutely wrecked isn't it? I know by christmas it will have paint splattered up it and lovely little pen marks and stains, but i've vowed to take care of this one. I also figured that since its patent it can't be too difficult to get paint off it.. But i loved it anyway. And what made it even better, and what made me an extremely happy Bethy, was that it was ON SALE!!!!!!!! :D Eeeeeeeeeeeee! If i needed a reason to buy it, then that was it - right there - written in black and white on the big SALE tag. 

I love the studs on the bottom, and the spacious inside. (Dont we all love a spacious bag to put all our stuff we dont need in..) Theres even a little pocket for my phone, and a middle section to put more important notes and stuff...
The only thing i wasn't sure on is the fact it hasn't got the option of a longer strap. Hmmm... But i tend to carry bags like this in the crook of my arm anyway. I also wasn't sure about the cream patent-ness. But the more i gazed lovingly at it the more i justified it.

Its from Ark. And was reduced from £34.99 to £16.50.
So it didn't hurt my bank balance too much. I must say - Ark has some lovely bags in there right now. There was a rather glamorous looking Marc B satchel in there which i was extrememly tempted by..but my student bank balance can't cope with a £50 bag at this moment in time! (Roll on my next pay day!) They have lots and lots of this style in at the moment, in all sorts of colours.. Maroon, deep greens..lots of autumn-y colours to satisfy your new handbag cravings :) 


  1. Just found your blog and I'm really enjoying reading it! Lovely bag too xx

  2. Thankyou :] I've only just recently started it but there will be a heap more posts coming up soon :] xx


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