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Monday 24 October 2011

Charity Shopping: Topshop pleated mini & an old dusty book!

I am on a roll tonight with these blog posts! I've had so much i've wanted to write about and finally have the time to do it since im currently on a 'reading week' at Uni. So when im not drawing or writing or painting or thinking or reading, i'm posting!

I was jolly well CHUFFED to bits when i found this skirt in the Oxfam store near my Uni. It is such a lovely shop to go into.. its like a little vintage treasure trove and it doesn't feel like most bog standard, tired charity shops you see normally. The walls are covered in vintage wallpaper, the shelves are full of pretty jewellery and rings and little trinkets and it just feels cosy and warm. It is set into two halves, one being books. I found a really old penguin book in there, and i bought a really old looking book with a dusty red cover and old faded pages, which i thought would come in handy for artistic purposes.
The other half is clothes and jewellery and general girly stuff. You can tell that thought has gone into how it is laid out, even the way the tags are made. The topshop skirt was hung on a stripey pink wall covered in pretty old paintings and vintage black and white poleroid photographs.

 I have a thing for old dusty books.. I was even more intrigued to see someone has written the date inside, and there was even an old newspaper cutting left inside the pages. How sweet :)

I had to have the skirt simply because i loved it as soon as i saw it. It reminds me of the Rare skirts everyone seems to be loving just recently:
As you can see its got exactly the same waistband, pleated detail and metallic-y finish. The only difference being mine cost me a fiver.. and the Rare version costs around £40ish. And, what made it even better, was that i knew my money was going to a good cause too. No post-purchase guilt for me!

I will definitely going back there when im back at uni to see what else i can spot. Theres tonnes of vintage shops and thrifty stores near me so i will be going for another bargain hunt soon -  &I do love a good bargain! I can't wait to wear this with some tights, brogues and a cropped cable knit jumper. Or with a sheer shirt tucked in at the waist with my blazer slung over the top. I will be posting an Outift of the Day when i get round to wearing it, as my photos dont really do it justice..

Hope you all have a lovely night, let me know about any beautiful bargains you've found :)

Lots of Bird Love 

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