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Sunday 23 October 2011

Addicted to Glitter Nail Polishes!

At the moment, im absoloutely addicted to glitter nail polishes. I've recently bought 3 new ones to add to my collection.

Revlon: 095 Facets of Fuschia
Barry M: 137 Red Glitter
Accessorize: Shade 42 Electric Blue

If i'm ever having a bad day, and need a little 'pick me up',  i invest in a new nail varnish. I get all excited about painting my nails a new colour (does anyone else get that 'new nail varnish' excited-ness feeling? Please reassure me im not on my own?:)).
Im currently typing this blog with freshly painted RED GLITTERY nails, thanks to the Barry M Red Glitter colour, and i have to say i LOVES it. Normally glitter polishes tend to disappoint me, they're hardly ever how they look in the bottle but Mr Barry M hasn't skimped on the glittery-bits here, let me tell you! Im definitely going to be bringing this one out again near christmas - it reminds me of the little red glittery baubles that me and my motherbear hang on the branches of the christmas tree :) (OK enough talk of christmas its OCTOBER). 
Muchos apologies for my cruddy short nail. I work in a shoe shop - stockrooms don't agree with my long-ish nails. They often fall victim to a shoebox or delivery-opening-struggle *crys*

I also gave Revlon: 'Facets of Fuschia' a try this week. Im normally terrified of any dark nail varnishes, because they tend to make my nails look shorter than they are, but the BIG pink glittery pieces in this polish just tempted me to give this darker shade a go. And i have fallen in love. I have to say this is my favourite colour at the moment. I haven't seen any other colour similar to this one, and i was quite chuffed with how long it lasted before chipping too! (Well done Revlon).

I've always shyed away from dark colours because i chip my nails extremely easily. I've always put it down to working in a shoe shop. Grabbing boxes, and general stockroom-y work doesn't tend to agree with perfectly polished nails. (Saying that, this polish lasted about 4 days with my trusty Sally Hansen top coat before i noticed any wear & tear). I had a handful of lovely compliments about my glittery nails at work yesterday when i wore it. One little girl grabbed my hands and shouted "Mummy! Mummy! Look! She has REALLY glittery nails!" and then leant into me and whispered "I really like your nails, they're very pretty". The mother also seemed to like my shimmery nails and asked which colour and brand it was, and said she was going to treat herself to it before getting the bus home. What is it with us girls 'treating' ourselves to new nail varnishes?!
Theres no doubt that this polish has something different about it. It has a certain depth to it that other glitter polishes dont have, and it makes a change from 'boring black'. Some of the glitter bits are bigger than others, so it makes for an interesting finish.

I will try to get a photograph of the Revlon colour on my nails shortly, as i forgot to take one before i took it off today :( Im sure if you google it you will find a much better one than my attempts anyway! Good old google..

I haven't yet got round to trying the Accessorize 'Electric Blue', but it is next on my list.

If you're still unsure about all this glittery-ness, then you could always give a glitter top coat a bash!  (Barry M do a lovely silver one called "Hexograms"). I have a Maybelline Express Finish one in "Flash Cosmic". Its basically a clear top coat polish with lots of shimmery iridescent pieces. In certain lights they look blue or purple, and others silvery pink. I normally use this over my plain colours if i feel in a bit of a glittery mood!
(Apologies for shabby packaging - it is extremely well used.. and the writing is beginning to disappear :( *sigh*)

In the meantime i will leave you with my "Glitter Wishlist". Just a few of the glitter nail polishes i will be keeping my eyes open for ready for my next cheeky purchase/rainy day/bad day at work/pick me up.

 Wishlist (Left to Right)
1. Barry M: Pink Iridescent
2. Barry M: Lavender
3. Deborah Lippmann: Happy Birthday
4. Deborah Lippman: Across the Universe
5. OPI: Sparkle-icious
6. Accessorize: Mermaid
7. Barry M: Hexograms

Have you tried any glitter polishes? If so i'd love to know if anyone could recommend a baby pink shimmery one! Im struggling to find any! 

Lots of Bird Love

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  1. Barry M "Red Glitter" and the Revlon polish are both on my list now, how gorgeous!!! Red Glitter looks perfect for Christmas and you're definitely not alone with being excited about new nail polish haha xxx


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