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Tuesday 1 April 2014

Dirty Looks Extensions | Review

DIRTY LOOKS | Extensions in 'Manhattan Highlighted Blonde' | from £69.99* | Link

If you're a fellow hair obsessive and haven't yet heard of Dirty Looks hair extensions, then where on earth have you been hiding?! There's been a lot of hype surrounding the company just recently so I was superly-duperly excited to have the chance to try them out for myself.  I've dabbled in my fair share of clip-ins since I was around 16 so it's fair to say I've got a good idea of what makes a good set (and a bad one - we've all been there, done that and got the rats tails, right?!) I have to say, Dirty Looks have thoroughly impressed me. If you're after Rapunzel-esque hair, look no further....

Colour Selection: If you've got a simple hair colour to match (i.e - block brown or black), you're pretty much sorted with every single hair extension company you'll ever come across. Sadly, for those of us with slightly trickier barnets, we have to look further afield. I really struggle to match my hair - no end! Honestly, it's such a mission. I've ordered so many sets in the past and had to take them back or just give up completely because I can never seem to get it right. Dirty Looks have plenty of options and I found it really easy to select a few colours which looked as if they'd blend in - their colour 'swatches' are some of the best I've ever come across which is really important if you're buying extensions online!  I was matched to 'Manhattan Highlighted Blonde' which matches the top and mid-sections of my hair perfectly, and although I do have darker brown bits underneath, they seem to blend in really well and once I've clipped them all in, all the different tones in my hair looks completely blended with the extensions. I was so pleased to finally have a set of extensions that weren't too warm toned for my hair - another big plus point for me as I've ordered many sets from companies in the past that have been far too warm toned or brassy. 

Length: My hair is quite long in the first place without extensions, so I opted for the 20-22" length set. I prefer volume as opposed to added length so I went for a set that would be close to my own hair. They're ever so slightly longer which I really like as it gives that extra little half an inch of length without looking false and provides tonnes and tonnes of 'oomph'. Just what I'm after! Luckily, Dirty Looks offer a range of lengths so there should be the perfect length for everyone whether you're after super-long locks or a bit of added volume like me!

Hair Quality: Dirty Looks hair has seriously amazed me.  And that's saying something to say how many sets of extensions I've tried in the past! They're easily some of the thickest extensions I've ever used, and they look so healthy and full from the weft to the tip.  The 20-22" set contains 180 grams of human remy hair - which is pretty impressive considering that most standard sets are usually around 120 grams or less.  They've stayed looking thick, smooth and tangle free since I've had them and they're so easy to style. If we were awarding points out of 10 here, they would definitely get top marks for quality! Gold star for you, Dirty Looks!

The Set/Wefts: There are 10 wefts of hair altogether including one 'quad weft'. Oh my goodness. It's amazing.  I can easily get away with just wearing the quad on it's own (which is what I'm wearing in the two photos either side on the top row of photographs above). Admittedly, I have to be careful when wearing it sometimes - I don't have thin hair but if I'm having a particularly 'flat' hair day it can show slightly at the back - however, if I've styled my hair and given it a proper blow-dry, it's perfect. The other wefts included in the set are a mix of typical 3, 2 and 1 clip sections of hair which are ideal for clipping in on the sides of your head or to help blend any layers in. To be honest, because my hair is more or less the same length anyway, even just popping in a few of the smaller sections of hair without the quad weft is more than enough! The hair is so thick anyway that you honestly don't need to wear the full set to get results. Perfect for if you're in a rush of a morning and fancy some instant volume. 

Price: Ok. So Dirty Looks extensions aren't the cheapest. But I'm a firm believer in that when it comes to hair extensions, you do get what you pay for and they're 100% worthy of their price tag.  The full set is currently on sale and ranges from £69.99 all the way up to £124.50 depending on what length you need (the 20-22" currently retails at £99.99 - *link*).  These extensions will last you ages, so you probably won't need to buy a new set for quite some time.  For the quality and ease of use, I personally wouldn't really think twice about buying another set when I need to.

Overall, I'm so, so impressed with Dirty Looks extensions. I would definitely repurchase another set in future and I'm already planning on adding a couple of their singular wefts to my basket - that's another great thing about Dirty Looks! You can purchase singular wefts so there's no need to buy a full set if you just need a couple of 'top ups' or spares.  You can also buy the 'quad weft' on it's own too - which means there's no need to buy a full set if it's simply the larger weft that you're after! They also offer thin wefts for 'layer blending' which you can clip close to the root or attach onto your existing extensions. This idea is something I've not really come across from another company before - and it's great to see that Dirty Looks have thought of everything and sell different wefts separately - meaning there's no need to buy a full-head set every time. You can find their website here.

Have you tried extensions from Dirty Looks? Were you as impressed as me?!


  1. love your blog! you are a beauty girl! love the extensions!

  2. I just got my own set in black! These are the BEST hair extensions when it comes to quality. Theyre so pricey but I agree with you that theyre worth it. I just take extra good care of mine so that that last longer than the estimated 6 months. Great post!

  3. These look absolutely gorgeous, It is so hard to find a really nice pair of extensions that match perfectly xxxx

  4. Looks amazing!! I never wear extensions though because my hair is just so long anyway
    Please check out my blog it would mean the world to me
    Elizabeth x

  5. These look so good and so thick! I just had my bonds taken out so I'm really sad that I no longer have long hair but these clip ins look so natural!

  6. I love them, I have the longest new and had them trimmed today as they were rather long hehe. I adore them, such great quality!

    Liza | Glambeautys Beauty & Fashion Blog | YouTube | Glambambini Family & Lifestyle Blog

  7. They sound really good, haven't worn extensions in a long time because my previous ones hurt really bad. I love the idea of the thin wefts for blending though xx


  8. I am always so excited to see new posts from you Beth! I have to say I am not too experienced with hair extensions so this was a super helpful review! I am going on the website right now:)

  9. Wow these look incredibly natural I just love how much volume and length they give! xx

  10. I have only heard good things about these extensions and love them! You look fabulous. Very tempted to get some for myself :) xx

  11. Your hair looks amazing, I need to try some of these out! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  12. wow these are so lovely! i used to wear extensions all the time but stopped because of the shoddy quality!

  13. I'm in two mines about extensions. They look great on you, very natural but I don't know if they would show on me. I have fine hair, but a lot of it and it tends to just be a bit flat really. Aah so indecisive. Xx

  14. These look amAzing I would love to try. I used to wear foxy locks all of the time but now I'm back to my old hair but it's just not doing it for me xx



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