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Sunday 13 April 2014

Bird's Words Featured on Mallzee

'Never give up on something you enjoy purely because life is getting a little hectic'

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by the lovely folks over at Mallzee if I'd like to feature on their website as part of their new 'Blogger Showcase'.  After being introduced to Mallzee some time ago, I was so excited to see what was new on the site and of course, I jumped at the chance to be part of it all! I won't do a 'copy and paste' jobby on here - but if you fancy having a read of some of my jibberish, head on over to my interview/feature with them here.  I put my two-pennies worth in on all things blogging and discuss some of the things I've learnt throughout my 3 years of writing and scribbling away here at Bird's Words (3 years?! I started my blog before I started uni! It seems like a lifetime ago that I clicked 'publish' on my first ever post...) I also briefly mention a 90's fashion mishap and my love of Nicole Scherzinger's hair...

So what exactly is Mallzee, I hear you ask? I urge anyone who's interested in blogging, fashion and shopping (find me a girl who isn't interested in shopping and I shall eat my hat) to have a nosey - Mallzee describe themselves as 'the personal shopper in your pocket'. Now then, anyone who knows me will know of my hatred for the Tinder app (alreet there Laura and Sarah? ;)), but the Mallzee app is essentially the same concept except you're choosing clothes you like the look of instead of potential dates. Mallzee then becomes like a personal shopper in your pocket - showing you items available to buy online and on the high street depending on your style preferences. It's basically a fashion directory for your phone that personalises your experience depending on what you like and don't like - it's very easy to filter a huge array of items depending on what you're after. Mallzee also has some fabulous online features, such as interviews, articles and chit-chats with bloggers and fellow fashion-fanatics. 

Have you tried the Mallzee app before? What are your blogging tips and tricks?


  1. Ah well done hun, I need to check this site out it sounds great x

    Hope your well, we haven't tweeted in a while x x

    Liza | Beauty Blog Glambeautys | YouTube | Family & Lifestyle Blog Glambambini

  2. love your blog and face you are a beauty! lots of love,
    and have a nice week

  3. Congratulations! I just looked over on their website and it looks really cool! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD | YSL Lipstick Giveaway | The Little Deer Sunglasses and £20 Voucher Giveaway

  4. Ooh this sounds so cool :) Congrats on getting featured!! xx

  5. Such a lovely interview Beth, I have a feeling more and more great things will come your way! <3

  6. Awww Beth that's fabb!! Off to have a nosey now.... Plus how gorgeous do you look missy xxx

    Lots of Love

    Danielle || Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  7. Just installed this app on my phone. Pretty neat!



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