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Thursday 17 October 2013

Love Me Beauty Box | October

Love Me Beauty Box | Monthly Subscription Box | £10+P&P* | Link

Every month, I look forward to receiving my Love Me Beauty Box* (formerly Beauteco).  I'm sure you've all heard through the bloggery-grapevine about the concept now, but just in case you haven't, you can read my first ever post about it all here.  I can honestly say that each month I always manage to find at least two or three products that I absolutely LOVE - it really is such a fabulous little monthly treat for a beauty fanatic and I thoroughly enjoy getting my mitts on my own personalised choice of beauty treats every month!  October's box has to be one of the best one's yet (for me). Lord & Berry have fast become one of my favourite beauty brands and I've not been disappointed with any of their products I've tried - so I was jolly well chuffed to see the brand make an appearance in the box!  I was spoilt for choice with the menu's this month, but I thought I'd give you a quick run-through of what I chose for my October box...

Lord & Berry Smudge Proof Eyeliner (Full Size) | RRP £7.50
Oh how happy I was when I saw this little beauty.  I've gone a little bit crazy over kohl pencils of late - so to see a full sized eyeliner sitting pretty in my box - well - it made my day! I received the shade 'Smoke' - a gorgeous slate grey colour.  I've been pondering over grabbing a grey eyeliner for ages - much more natural than black but still providing definition. This one is a very welcome addition to my collection! I shall report back once I've tried it a little more, keep your eyes peeled!

Lord & Berry Scuba Mascara (Full Size) | RRP £12
This mascara promises thicker, longer lashes at the same time as being waterproof. Yay! I always wear waterproof mascara - I find it helps prevent any smudging and panda-eyes! The brush for this is lovely - just my cup of tea. It's not massive, but it has a good bit of bristle on there and smooths through the lashes really well.  Again, I shall report back once I've given it a good go.

Balm Balm Detox Bath & Shower Oil (Full Size) | RRP £6
I was really looking forward to receiving this product this month.  I've really gotten into aromatherapy after recently having an Indian Head massage and realising just how much a scent can make a difference to your mind-set! I chose 'Detox' - as that's just what I need currently.  I'm trying to drink more water, have suddenly developed a 'thing' for green tea and am trying to relax my mind a little more before bed to reduce stress.  This little teeny-tiny bottle is a welcome addition to my bathroom shelf and I cannot wait to hop in the bath and soothe my stress away! 

Weleda MILLET Nourishing Shampoo (Sample Size -18ml) | RRP £8.95 for 190ml
I'm always up for trying and testing new hair care.  I reckon a good half of the posts on my blog relate to some form of hair product so a shampoo or conditioner is always a winner for me.  I'm looking forward to trying this actually - it contains macadamia nut oil so it sounds like it's going to be nourishing!

Amie Skincare Morning Dew Moisturiser (Full Size) | RRP £4.95
I've always heard good stuff about this brand and was really excited to see a daily moisturiser in the mix this month! It's gentle enough for everyday use, provides the skin with the moisture levels it needs but also helps to control shine and mattify your skin ready for foundation/makeup.  Sounds good to me!

So there we have it. Another month. Another fabulous box!  I really do think the Love Me Beauty box is worth the money - and it's something I'm considering subscribing my mum up to soon (christmas is coming, don't you know?;)) With FOUR full sized products, you really cannot grumble, and for £10 + P&P*, it's really good value once you tot up the RRP's!   Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some in-depth reviews of these products once I've given them a good whirl! I've had a few Love Me Beauty box products pop up in my monthly favourites, so I'm excited to see if any of these make the cut this month!

Any of these products take your fancy? Are you subscribed to Love Me Beauty?


  1. Everything looks amazing!
    I really want a grey eyeliner now!


  2. This post is fab. Definitely looking into this!

  3. Ah i really wanna try Lord & berry products!
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  4. I Really like lord and berry products , this looks like a great box x

  5. hello hello :) I follow your blog for a long time, and I discovered thanks to a friend of mine .. I find it really interesting!! : D: D Also I am passionate about make-up and all that includes the beauty! (hair, fashion, shopping etc etc) :) If you like below will leave you the link of my blog that I just opened, so that is not very up to date :) if you like give us a jump, and I'm sorry for any errors writing but are Italian hahaha
    hello, see you soon :)

  6. Couple of things I really want to try out - the amie moisturiser, I've seen in it in drugstores but never pick it up, this though sounds like a really good moisturiser for winter :)
    the grey kohl eyeliner sounds good too! easily create some definition to your eyes or a smokey cat eye flick :) plus a kohl liner is perfect for blending out! :D win-win situation ;)
    I like this box to Glossybox - i was subscribed to them but after a couple of boxes they began to get crappier :( but this one i think you get your pennies worth :)
    Another informative & enjoyable read Beth :D

  7. They all look so good! I am subscribed to Glossy Box currently... but am thinking of subscribing to Beauty Box as well. Do you think they are the best of the beauty box companies? xx

  8. Lord & Berry seems like they cannot go wrong. I need to figure out where I can find it though, because I haven't seen it in any stores where I live (LA).

    Also, I've been dying to subscribe to Love Me Beauty (I'm already subscribed to Birchbox and Ipsy), but they don't ship to the states! I'm hoping that they will start shipping here by next year. :)

    Great review though!

    Shree |

  9. You made me want to try all thes products.

  10. This looks like such a great box with a mix of products and at an affordable price too!


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