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Wednesday 29 May 2013

Meet My Advertisers | May

I say it every month, and I shall say it again. Where the flippin'eck did this month go?!  I've had a very busy month indeed - I've had uni work coming out of my ears and haven't had a day where I haven't thought about something work related. I'm still in the same boat if I'm honest, but it's the last slog to the finish-line now so I'm determined to keep the momentum going! I've been trying so many new beauty products and have a backlog of photographs stored to my computer - I think it's safe to say I'm sorted for content until the end of summer! Anyway, rambles aside, it's the end of the month again which means it's time to meet my monthly advertisers. Yippee.  It's a fabulous way to discover blogs that you may not yet have stumbled upon and introduce to you the lovely folks who have been sitting in my sidebar since the beginning of May. Without further ado, I shall hand you over to this lovely bunch. My exclusive advertiser this month is the lovely Anna and her blog 'On The Dressing Table' (she also has a blog sale going on at the moment for any of you bargain hunters out there!)..

Anna | On The Dressing Table | *May Exclusive Advertiser* |
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Hi! I'm Anna. I'm in my 20's (just!) and I live in a cottage in the beautiful but damp Cumbrian countryside with my husband and our two dogs, Disgy & Elsa.  On The Dressing Table evolved from a long-running love affair with all things beauty.  My first love was high-end cosmetics and over the years I have built up my knowledge and collection as well as training to be a professional make up artist.  In October last year I decided to start a blog to share some of the things I have picked up along the way.

I am always on the look out for good, affordable dupes of my high end favourites so I feature products from a range of budgets.  On my blog you will find a mix of honest product reviews, both good and bad, hauls, make-up and hair tutorials, the odd food related post and a bit of general life stuff as and when things happen that I think you might be interested in! One of my other loves is photography so I am slightly obsessed with Instagram - on there you will see a mix of beauty-related pictures along with the gorgeous scenery I am lucky enough to be surrounded by, as well as my two pups who I think you will agree are pretty cute!

I love to have a chat on Twitter too so feel free to pop over and say hi or ask me any questions. Anna xxx

Rebecca | Ruffles and Lace |
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Hi i'm Rebecca and I blog over at Ruffles and Lace. I am 17 year old Yorkshire girl with an unhealthy love for Harry Potter, pop tarts and of course anything beauty/fashion related. I have done since I was young and can never resist the next product craze or a cheeky trip to Topshop! I enjoy sharing with people recent beauty/fashion purchases and the latest outfit I have worn etc. so if you get a chance I'd love for you to pop over and say hi!

Nicole | NicNacksNails |
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Hello, My name is Nicole. I am a 20 something communications graduate student from the US. I began my obsession over nail polish about 2 years ago when I started NicNacksNails. My love for collecting nail polish has recently turned into a love for everything beauty related! Blogging has turned my hobby into a true passion. I enjoy writing about beauty products and sharing my thoughts just as much as I love reading and learning about products you love and enjoy. 

I truly enjoy interacting and meeting new people who share the same interests with me so stop over and say hello!

Jess | Lady of Vintage |
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Hi, I'm Jess and the 'Lady of Vintage' in question. I write about 50's fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Along with loving all things vintage and shabby chic I also own a bakery so you'll find plenty of pictures from my tea parties and old fashioned recipes to try out. So if you love floral dresses, cake and a good cup of English tea my vintage inspired blog is the place to be!

Laura | Lola and Behold |
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I have been reading beauty and fashion blogs for well over a year, and that is where my obsession with all things cosmetic- and beauty-related started.  Whenever I saw a new product hyped up on my favourite blogs, I'd go out and buy it.  It got to the point where I had so many cosmetics I didn't know what to do with them, so decided I should start a blog myself in order to share all of my favourite products with people, and there Lola and Behold was born.  My blog has been up and running since July, and in that time I have become well and truly attached to it, and couldn't imagine being without it.  My little blog has given me a creative outlet and somewhere positive to focus my energies and I have become so passionate about blogging - I hope you enjoy it.

Rachael | BeautyPea |

Hi! I'm Rachael, a 21 year old graphic design student from the North of England. After years of reading other blogs, I finally decided to start my own. I'm completely obsessed with fashion and beauty and absolutely love blogging - I think it's a great way to 'meet' and interact with people.  I mainly post OOTDs, reviews, monthly favourites, general beauty and fashion posts with a few lifestyle bits and pieces. My blog's still quite new so I'd love it if you stopped by and left me some feedback - Thanks! :)

I hope you've managed to find some new blogs to read - pop on over to my sidebar and say hello and do let me know if you've found yourself a new favourite (don't forget there's even more blogs to be found in my sidebar that haven't been featured here so don't miss out!)

If you'd like to be featured here next month then you can view my advertising packages here. 
I currently have an offer on my Medium & Small advertising packages - making the small just £1.50 & the medium £3 - a perfect way to give advertising a whirl if you haven't already. 

Lots of love x


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    Lots of love


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