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Tuesday 28 May 2013

Balance Me | Balancing Face Moisturiser

Balance Me | Balancing Face Moisturiser (50ml) | £24.00* | Link

One thing that shall always remain an important part of my daily cleansing routine is a good moisturiser.  My skin changes from season to season, and often calls for different levels of moisture depending on the weather - I have fairly normal skin, without any overly dry or 'greasy' patches, but it does tend to lean on the side of being a little bit 'combination' from time to time - being at it's most temperamental in cold weather conditions. A while back, I was contacted by the lovely people at Balance Me - a brand which promotes natural beauty products and skincare.  Their aim is to get more people to understand the benefits of using natural products - without all the added 'riff raff' of harsh chemicals and preservatives that our skin doesn't really need.  I'm a big fan of Balance Me's Wonder Eye Cream (honestly, if you haven't tried it and are in the market for a good eye cream that does what it says tube - grab some - your dark circles won't know what's hit 'em!) so I was superly duperly chuffed to try their 'Balancing Face Moisturiser' - it sounded like just what my temperamental skin needed.

I've been trying this moisturiser for quite some time now, and have grown to really like it.  The smell is quite strong - so for those of you who hate strong smelling natural products this might not be your cup of tea - but it's surprisingly relaxing.  I really do like the smell and have grown to really crave it in my cleansing routine! It smells quite floral/spicy - but not in an overly 'knock your socks off' way - just light, refreshing and relaxing  (forgive me, I'm certainly not good with describing scents by any means - evidently). The fact that it's tailored towards 'normal to combination skin' is perfect for me - I struggle to get a good balance going on with my moisturiser - they're either too oily/heavy or far too light - but this one seems just about right for this time of year.  It sinks in incredibly quick and is very smooth to apply.  I love how it doesn't sit on top of the skin like a film - it just sinks straight in, leaving your skin feeling really smooth and soft afterwards and not greasy in the slightest - making it ideal for applying in the mornings before you put your makeup on (it really does leave such a smooth base - I was really impressed by this).  What's great about it is that it doesn't irritate my skin or smother my pores! It's packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants which help to balance the skin, giving it the nutrients and all-round goodness it needs and helping to settle any redness. I have a slight red patch on one of my cheeks that doesn't seem to want to shift - but when I apply this at night, it seems to appear calmer and smoother when I wake up in the mornings. 

I apply this both morning and night whenever I feel the need - it's just a really nice little 'all-round' moisturiser that isn't harsh on the skin and gives my skin just the right amount it needs.  I'd say this would be suitable for most skin types - but maybe the extremes would benefit with a moisturiser tailored towards dry or oily skin.  It works a treat on any dry patches I have but bare in mind if you do have very dry skin it might not be 'quenching' enough (they do a rich moisture cream that might be of interest to you though!)  It's definitely a great option if you have combination skin - as it seems to balance the moisture in all the right areas and calms any redness or dodgy patches you might have.  It claims to be a great option for those of you who live in warmer climates - sadly, living in Britain, I can count the number of hot days we've had this year on one hand so I haven't been able to vouch for this - but I can see why it would be a great option. It's not at all heavy and it's one that I will be taking away with me on holiday! It's light enough for my t-zone but gives the right amount of moisture on the drier areas of my face. Overall, I've really enjoyed using this moisturiser and it is one I shall continue to use, and I really do agree with the 'balancing' claim - the fact it's all natural ingredients makes me happy too. It has solved my combination skin woes and it's been one of the only moisturisers I've ever used that I feel happy using both in the morning and at night. 

You can find the Balancing Face Moisturiser here.
Or find your 'skin solution' for your skin type here. (dry, sensitive, congested, combination, anti-ageing..)
If you're interested in the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream I briefly mentioned then you can find that here (one of my favourites!)

Have you tried Balance Me? Which products would you recommend?
Next on my list has to be their Skin Bright Hydrating Face Mist...I'm intrigued..


  1. I have tried a few Balance Me products now and really like them. This moisturiser sounds like a good one!

    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

    1. me too! I love the Eye Cream and this moisturiser is a new favourite of mine - definitely one of my favourite skin care brands. Will definitely be ordering from them soon xx

  2. I've never tried balance me before but this sounds ideal for my combo/oily skin xx

    Zoe | Sweet Electric

  3. The ingredients of this sound lovely, although It doesn't sound like it would do the trick for my extremely dry/dehydrated skin unfortunately! x

    Sarah |

  4. I was thinking of trying this product (I'm trying to switch to natural cosmetics) so this review is an amazing coincidence! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I've tried a couple of Balance Me samples in beauty boxes and really liked them - so I might give this a whirl. Such a great review - really informative! :)

  6. I also have trouble finding a moisturiser that works for me, so I might give this a go!

    x x

  7. This sounds great, I love a moisturiser that sinks in straight away xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion Blog

  8. This sounds beautiful! I love Balance Me products and use their cleansing balm and face oil regularly!.

    Gem x

  9. I actually have this as a sample that i got in Glamour magazine last year sometime & i still have & it's really good :) Your right about the scent, i wouldn't say it was strong personally but i don't know as i've had it for a while now :| but i would buy their other products to try out :)
    informative post Beth :)


  10. I had the little sample of this that came free with a magazine some time last year. I really liked it and once I get through the backlog of moisturisers I appear to have accumulated I will definitely consider purchasing this one :)

    Becky @

  11. Never tried any of their products but definitely need to:) x

  12. I tired a small one of their under eye creams that I got in glamour, and it was really nice. I might have to to try this now too xx

  13. I have never tried any of Balance Me products before, but I have only ever heard good things! Think I need to get involved!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  14. Fab review honey.. I haven't found any balance me products I've liked so far as they've smelt a bit strange, but for £24 this sounds pretty impressive :D xxxx

  15. Using a day moisturizer could be a good way to stay your skin hydrous throughout the whole day. however if keeping your skin young is your intentions with employing a moisturizing day cream, then employing a day moisturizer is just not enough.

    natural moisturisers for face


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