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Saturday 31 March 2012

Saturday Beauty Buys

Saturday is the one day a week i tend to go a bit crazy-crazzy with the beauty pur-chasing. I walk through Boots on my way to work, and walk past Superdrug on the way out, so i'm basically destined to buy something.. Yet again, this week was no exception to this 'pur-chasing rule' and i bought a couple of things .. :)

Here's what i picked up... (i had a measly excuse of a lunch break today and i've worked bloody hard! And so i figured i would treat myself to a crafty 5 minute browse around the shoppy shops before heading to the car - i deserved it!)

Eyelure Eyelashes '050' & '101' - £5.09 each (2 for £8.99 at the momento)

Laydeeeeesss get yourself down to Superdrug if you're in need of a pair of falsies or two, as they're on offer right now at 2 pairs for £8.99 - of which i thought was absolutely spiffing :)

I picked up my trusty 101s for nights out, and i decided to go for a pair of '050's for a more natural option. I never wear falsies in the day but i figured if i do happen to have any daytime events coming up now that the weather is warming up then i have something less dramatic to opt for!

No.7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish in 'Mojo'

I had to have this colour in my life - a lovely orange colour with gold sparklies in it (ooo sparklieees). I love No.7 polishes, as they apply smoothly and evenly and last for ages without chipping (which is a miracle for me and my cruddy shoe shop job!)

Does anyone else end up buying random beauty items on their way to work to pass time?! 
& can anybody recommend their favourite false lashes for me to try? I fancy a change :)


  1. I always have a little nose in boots on my way into work to pass the time, and i always end up buying something or the other, especially with their 3 for 2 offers. xx

    1. glad its not just me ! hahaa. Ohh how i love their 3 for 2 offers :) -and the no.7 vouchers make my day xx

  2. the first lashes look simply amazing! thats exactly the kind of lashes I've been looking for!! :) xx Carrie

    1. me tooo ive been looking for some natural ones for ages..that dont look TOO natural..! theyre the perfect inbetween :) xx

  3. I always go into Boots if I'm early for college and end up coming out with heaps of stuff I don't need! Haha i love eyelure lashes, they're my favourite brand! xx

  4. Why not buy with the current 3 for 2?;)

    I'm having a giveaway here:


  5. I love those Eylure lashes, they look so natural! The nail polish looks a gorgeous shade for Summer too! :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @FCassandraBlog

  6. Eylure 101 lashes are my FAVE I also love the Kimberley lashes from the Girls Aloud range!


  7. I love those lashes<3 def want to see them on you!
    btw- I put your blog in my 'favorite blogs' tab on my page<3


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