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Wednesday 5 November 2014

The Autumn/Winter Lip | My Berry Lipstick Collection

It was only last winter-time that I really found myself throwing caution to the wind and working the 'vampy' lip look.  I think it's one of those trends that takes a while to master but once you find that one shade that works for you, you're well away. As I've had a bit of a 're-jig' of my make-up drawers recently, swapping things around for the new season, I thought I'd share my collection of berry toned lip products.  If you're a lip-product-aholic like me and have been thinking of picking up some new winter shades, hopefully this post might give you some inspiration or give you an idea as to where to begin. I have a mix of tones, ranging from subtle berry hues perfect for daytime wear to deeper statement shades - I definitely have a select few favourites of the bunch too. So if you're at a bit of a loss as to where to begin when it comes to the A/W berry/vampy lip - hopefully this will be a jolly good starting point! I've divided them in to 2 sections (us bloggers and our categories eh?) just to make it a little easier depending on what sort of product you're after... I thought I'd kick off with the 4 that I'd class as being a little more on the 'tame' side...

// The 'Every Day' Berry Tones // L-R //

Collection Deluxe // 'Prohibition' 
Probably my most used berry shade ever - this little beauty has to be my winter favourite.. I wore it to uni, I wore it on nights out, I wore it on shopping trips, I even wore it for an quick evening mooch around the aisles of Tesco - yep, I kid you not, I literally wore this everywhere. I actually bought a back-up in case they didn't stock it this year (fear not, they do). It's just the perfect berry hue - it's super creamy, pigmented, lasts me all day with minimal touch-ups and instantly finishes off my make-up. I don't know what it is, but the undertones in this lipstick really work with my skin tone - even if I'm having the dullest skin-day, I instantly look fresh, dewy and awake as soon as I apply this. It's perfection. Want to see it on? I have a full review and lip swatches here.

Rimmel Kate Moss // '107'
Ohhh the infamous '107' - how I hunted the shelves for this! Slightly cooler in tone than 'Prohibition' and slightly more matte, this shade really is one of the most raved about berry lipsticks in the bloggosphere. With good reason too I might add! It looks darker in the bullet than it does on the lips, but if you're after a statement shade that isn't too dark - I'd really recommend this one.  I have an ancient review and swatches here.

Topshop // Beguiled
And so I introduce you to the first 'vampy' lipstick I ever purchased... Topshop's 'Beguiled' is a gorgeous deep maroon/wine sort of colour with a satin finish. I sometimes struggle to get it to work for me - but it's a great one to have in my collection nonetheless. I find it quite similar to Kate Moss '107' - just a slightly more glossy version. I doubt they still stock this exact shade but I've seen so many variations from Topshop since this one was released - they probably have an almost identical shade under the same name. I featured it in my 2012 'Top 5 Autumn Lip Shades' post here.

MUA // 'Shade 1'
Probably the most pigmented of the four, this gorgeous maroon shade has to be another one of my favourites - it has to share the top spot with 'Prohibion'.  Shade 1 is a beautiful deep red which is super rich and creamy in finish, as well as being completely opaque.  Despite it being quite a dark shade, the red tones in it make it so wearable for daytime and makes for a nice, wintery twist on the classic red lip! I adore this one - everything from the shade to the formula is just bang on - and it's only £1! 

// The 'Vampy' Tones // L-R //

Mac // 'Paramount' 
A slightly different shade and one that's going to be very 'love it or hate it', but my most recent Mac purchase has to be my Autumn staple.  It's a gorgeous deep brown shade with a brick-like tone to it, described as a 'reddish brown' by Mac.  With the right make-up, this looks truly stunning but it really is quite 'out there' - it definitely has a 90's feel to it due to the brown undertone.  A statement shade to opt for it you're after something a little bit different from the norm. It's featured in my Mac lipstick collection post here.

Mac // 'Dark Side'
Another one of my winter faves! Dark Side is described as a 'deep burgundy' and has an amplified, pigmented finish.  It swatches exactly how it looks in the bullet. I love the slightly purple/red undertone to this colour - it works really well with my skin tone and makes my lips look incredibly defined and polished.  It really is the perfect statement shade if you're looking for something with a slightly 'gothic' vibe... It featured in my Mac lipstick collection post here, and I also have a full review post with photographs and swatches here.

Collection Gothic Glam // 'Revenge'
As you can see from the swatches, this is a similar match for Mac's 'Dark Side' (and I reckon its quite close to Mac 'Diva' too). Although it's much more maroon toned, it definitely gives the same look and feel to the lips - it's amazingly pigmented, glides on to the lips with ease and is very creamy and opaque. It's like a slightly amped up, more vampy version of MUA 'Shade 1' and I absolutely love it. It looks lovely if you're wearing white - it creates a fabulous bold contrast (it also works really well if you're wearing a neutral, slightly shimmery eye make-up look)

I'm Wearing | Collection 'Prohibion' lipstick & Revlon 'Embellished' lip gloss (post here)

And so there we have it - my current winter 'vampy' lipstick collection. I'm sure I'll end up expanding it at some stage - I already have my eyes on Mac's 'Diva' and really want to invest in some lip-crayon versions (I'll be sure to post about any additions over the next few months).  If I had to pick my top 3 I'd have to go with Collection's 'Prohibition', MUA's 'Shade 1' and Mac's 'Dark Side' - I reckon these 3 are my top 'staple' shades from my selection!

What's your favourite 'vampy' lip shade?


  1. I love berry/darker shades of lipstick, especially for autumn and winter! Xx

  2. I love berry toned lipsticks they are amazing, a autumn/winter staple in my opinion (107 is one of my favourite lipsticks) x

  3. I am loving the dark berry shades this year and slowly getting more confident wearing them. MAC dark side is my favourite out of this bunch x

    Beauty with charm | TOOFACED GIVEAWAY

  4. 107 is a classic. Love the bottom combo with the lipgloss, super pretty. I have just ordered a new berry lip from the NARS audacious lipstick line and I can’t wait to try it!

  5. Berry lipsticks are my new addiction. Love Rimmel 107 - such an amazing colour, didn't believe the hype till I bought it myself x

  6. You have a beautiful collection, I'm jealous!
    My Beauty Blog

  7. I'm so obsessed with dark lippies lately! You should try MAC Sin, I reckon you'd love it too :) xx

    Bonnie ♡

  8. So many great shades here, the MUA one is great! xx

    Laura | lauraslittleloves

  9. These are perfect for fall!

    Missmacbeauty | Missmacbeauty

  10. Ooo I don't think I have any of these! Definitely needing the Rimmel Kate Moss one though, and the MAC ones look gorgeous! x

  11. Such beautiful shades, especially MAC Dark Side x

  12. They're all so beautiful! Berry lip colours are my favourite x

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

  13. The last three are my favourite lip shade to wear! All of them are so stunning.

  14. I love autumn lip colors! I don't actually have any myself since I don't usually wear lipstick but I'd love to get into them!

    Watching for Pigs on the Wing

  15. After your review of MAC Dark Side, I scurried down to House of Fraser on my lunch hour to buy my first "vampy" lipstick. I ended up with Dubonnet and it's amazing, I can't wear to start wearing it again this winter! xo

  16. I love all your choices, berry lipsticks are my favourite xx

    Angelica // One Little Vice

  17. Oooh I NEED to get my hands on the MUA Shade 1 and the Collection Revenge. HOW PRETTY!

    xo Romzs from

  18. You have a very pretty collection! Love all the shades, but my favourite has to be Collection Gothic Glam // 'Revenge'. I just bought a NARS Audacious lipstick in a similar shade. It's my first real 'vampy' lipstick! Can't wait to wear it!

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

  19. I love your picks! x

  20. You just can't go wrong with a selection of berry tones!

    I need that Topshop number in my life. The Collection lipstick looks so creamy and perfect. I have Dark Side but sometimes I just wish it were darker.

    Shanelle || What Would Grace Kelly Say?


  21. Absolutely love the 'Vampy' shades, they are perfect for winter!

    Really enjoyed this post :)

    Aliya x

  22. Gorgeous colours! I'm loving the darker colours this time of year.

  23. the mua one is beautiful! was looking for a berry tone to use in a shoot, been reading through lots of blogs researching, yours was very clear and concise thank you!

  24. MUA shade one is actually incredible, all these lipsticks are beautiful- I just dyed my hair red so can see myself wearing them a lot more! xxx


  25. I do love a dark "vampy" lip. I always try to get the Topshop lipsticks but for some reason the stores in Toronto never have any (so frustrating), but the Rimmel Kate Moss 107 is one of my favs.

    Great post :)

  26. these all look so great! it's going to make lipstick shopping for the colder months much easier :) x

  27. All of these look amazing! :)

    Emily x // EmGrace

  28. Ah stop I'll be off to the shops before you know it at this rate! Lovely collection.

    Laura |

  29. Um, WOW. Can I just steal all of these lipsticks please? Lol obsessed! I need to get these colors right now! I am loving the NARS Scarlet Empress lip color and it is a berry toned too! I wrote about it in my blog if you want to check it out. I'll leave the link below :) great blog post! xo

  30. Such a great collection!!!!! Perfect for fall and winter)

  31. These shades look so lovely, definitely need to whip out my berry shades! x

  32. Love this post! The topshop colour looks amazing.

    Rachill //

  33. I have the Kate Moss 107 and MAC dark side too. Both are fall/winter favorites of mine. I really like bold lip colors. So bright colors in spring/summer and dark lips this time of year. I like your color selection. Great post.
    Xoxo Nathalie

  34. These are beautiful, i love them all! Nothing better than an autumn lip, my favourite look :)

    Life As Lissy

  35. Beautiful colors! I'm inspired to get all new autumn colors of lipgloss


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