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Thursday 7 August 2014

Summer Coolers | Arran Aromatics

Arran Aromatics have to be one of my favourite brands when it comes to skin solutions and body care. Their Lavender and Tea Tree Facial Wash made it into my 'Top 13 of 2013' (post here) and I found a new body-pampering fave in their 'Velvet Isle' Shea Butter not long ago (post here).  I've since placed more orders on their website and am always intrigued by their product range - if you're after something a little bit different from the lotions and potions you find on the high-street, they're well worth looking into. They also do some fabulous gift-y bits and I often have a little nosey on their website to see what's new (I must recommend their Island Spa and Velvet Isle ranges - I love them!) Just recently, I've been trying out a selection of their products all said to help soothe, calm and cool - perfect for the summer season. They've been welcome additions to my routine of late - the warmer weather and a rather sunny holiday in Crete has left my skin crying out for some pampering. Here's what I thought of the selection...

Aloe Vera Energising Body Gel | £8.50* | Link
This is the first product I tried when I returned home from my holiday.  Although I didn't burn at all, it's fair to say my skin was feeling a little parched and in need of some love.  Although I always pile on the aftersun (I'm a sun-care obsessive!), I like to look for generic lotions and gels which contain Aloe Vera during the summer as I find them much more soothing to the skin. It's the only time of year when I actually start looking for lighter lotions instead of thick body butters (as much as I love my pamper sessions!) I actually took to placing this gel in the fridge and applying after I'd been outside or tottling around town for the day (great if you've caught the sun and need a quick cool down!).  The witch hazel and aloe vera really does help to soothe and calm any redness, and the cooling, fresh scent adds to the sensation.  I really liked the gel consistency and the fact it doesn't leave my skin feeling tacky or greasy whilst still providing some nourishment. It sinks in so quickly and leaves behind a really subtle, fresh scent. I actually find it quite addictive and - little tip for you here - I sometimes keep it by my bed on warmer nights as it's great for an instant refresh if you're feeling a bit stuffy! It's just a nice, refreshing end to the day and it's definitely earnt itself a space in my fridge for the rest of summer!

Mint and Coriander Skin Smoother with Apricot Seeds | £4.50* | Link
I have to admit, this is one product I haven't used too much since I received it.  At first, I thought it was a generic body exfoliant as it doesn't mention on the label that it's actually for your feet!  I already have a body exfoliant on the go, so I figured I'd save it - however, when preparing this post and discovering it's intended purpose, I thought I'd actually give it a whirl and give my tootsies a treat. After shimmying around in flip-flops for 2 weeks, they needed a little bit of TLC!  It's much more harsh than your average body bar, that's for sure! It left my skin feeling smooth and revitalised, and the exfoliating seeds worked a treat. I found the mint fragrance really quite refreshing and the shape of the bar meant that it was easy to work with.

Peppermint & Lavender Foot Rub | £7.50* | Link
Oohhh this has to be my favourite product of the bunch. The consistency is what instantly sold it to me. It almost has a mousse-like quality to it whilst still remaining moisturising and soothing to apply. It definitely does seem to melt into the skin and that's exactly why I like it - it doesn't feel heavy or greasy and it's quick and easy to apply. Honestly, I love it.  It contains essential oils so it has great nourishing properties, and the peppermint and lavender scent helps to cool, soothe and comfort. It instantly cools the skin and you can feel it working as soon as you rub it in. I'd have loved something like this when I worked in the shop all day! If you work a job where you're on the go all the time and often come home feeling rather achey and 'flop on the sofa' tired - this is the perfect end-of-the-day treat.

Green Tea Eye Gel | £3.50* | Link
This is another one of my favourites.  I've previously tried one of Arran Aromatics Eye Gels (featured in this post) so I was really excited to give their Green Tea version a go.  As a lover of Green Tea (I know, I'm probably in the minority who actually enjoy knocking it back), I knew I'd love this.  I adore the scent of it - it definitely has a herbal sort of hint to it and I find it so incredibly refreshing.  Again, like the Aloe Vera gel, I've taken to popping this in the fridge and it's a very welcome treat for when my eyes are feeling a little bit tired.  It says to help reduce puffiness and fine lines, whilst extracts of Green Tea, Witch Hazel and powerful anti-oxidants help to soothe and revitalise the delicate skin around the eyes. For £3.50, these eye gels are really lovely.  They're definitely not the most moisturising - however, I love to use them for a 'refresh' and I always feel much more awake once i've popped some on. Great for summer.

Have you tried anything from Arran Aromatics before? If so, leave me your recommendations!


  1. These sound really good, I love anything with Aloe vera.

    Jess x

  2. This stuff sounds so amazing! its also really nice to see something a bit different :D

    The Jewel Beauty Blog || A friendly beauty and lifestyle blog!

  3. They look soo nice !

  4. Oh wow! These look so interesting. I've never heard of this brand before but I love the look of it- I'm having a cheeky look on their website now. Thanks for the introduction Beth!
    Imogen's Typewriter. <3 

  5. Oh god this post is like heaven I am SO hot right now!!! Thanks for sharing xxx

  6. Ooh this looks so refreshing! Great post :)

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  7. Never heard of this brand but all the products sound great, and really fresh! xxx

    Blog This With Hannah

  8. Sitting right now in a boiling hot polish city on holiday wishing I had these! Please check out my blog

  9. I've just got the eye gel to try and I can't wait. The whole brand seems fab.

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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