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Monday 24 December 2012

Festive Makeup | Eyes, Lips, Cheeks - 11 Festive Items

I can't believe it's Christmas Eve already! December has absoloutely flown by! The party season is well and truly upon us and for me, that means getting festive with the makeup...glitter, golds, deep wines and smokey eyes - anything goes for the Christmas period and it's the one time of year that we can all be experimental with our makeup, and above all it gives us a jolly good excuse to go glitter crazy! I thought i'd put together a post of some makeup items I've been using, or plan to use for Christmas partys and New Year celebrations...

| Eyes |

Look Beauty | 'Statement Eyes' eyeshadow | 'Shade 13' - A gold eyeshadow is a must-have item in my festive makeup bag! This one is perfect - it's so pigmented and has little glittery chunks all the way through it.  I love the consistency of these eyeshadows - I've been so impressed and really recommend them. They're really soft and creamy - they don't feel at all 'powdery' and apply really smoothly.

Illamasqua Eyeshadow | 'Obisidian' - A matte black shadow is a must in everyone's makeup collection. I tend to see them crop up more in my makeup application around this time of year though, and complete the look to any smokey, dramatic eye.

Mac Eyeshadow | 'Cranberry' - Eeeeek how much do I love this little beauty?! It's been a firm favourite all the way through Autumn for me and it's creeping back into my makeup routine recently. It looks amazing when blended with deep browns and purple-y tones, and adds a bit of festive cheer to your peepers.

Collection 2000 | Glam Crystals in 'Rock Chick' - These little glitter eyeliners come in rather handy around this time of year! I did a post on them earlier this year (click here to have a look if you want to see some other shades). They just add a little twist to any makeup look and look really nice applied under the lash line for a pop of colour or instead of your usual liquid liner.

Barry M | Dazzle Dusts | Silver '4' Grey '91' Gold '41' - Ohh come on.. who doesn't have at least one of these babies lurking at the bottom of their makeup drawer?! These little pots of glittery-dust have been around since I can remember (in fact I think the first 'proper' makeup product I ever owned was one of these!) Yes, they're messy. Yes, they're a little bit tacky but oh my goodness how they do come in handy for creating amazing eye looks. They also come in handy for creating glittery festive nail art... 

| Cheeks |

MUA | Blush | Shade 2 - I'm a massive blush fan - I have such a collection of them but one that I'm wearing just recently is this little plum coloured offering by MUA. It adds a lovely flush of wintery colour to my skin and doesn't look too 'overdone' with statement eyes or lips. Perfect understated wintery christmassy blush-goodness!

| Lips |

Rimmel | Kate Moss lipstick in shade '107' - This was sent to me by the lovely Sophia when I was lucky enough to win her recent giveaway! I was so excited to try this lipstick as I'd seen it in so many posts. It's the most perfect wine colour, and applies really well. It's becoming a new favourite of mine and I shall definitely be wearing it on Christmas day!

Maxfactor | Lipstick in 'Ruby Tuesday' - I included this in a recent post on my 'Top 5 Berry Lipsticks' (seen here), and it's still a firm favourite. It has to be one of my most favourite reds I've ever owned. It's so pigmented and feels moisturising on the lips at the same time as having some impressive staying power! It's such a good little all-rounder.

Barry M | Lipgloss | 'Glitter Red' - This lipgloss smells of cherries. Enough said. As well as smelling good enough to eat it also looks lovely applied on it's own - but I prefer it over a red lipstick because it adds so much depth and a bit of much needed sparkle for this time of year! The glitter can get a little annoying but Barry M lipglosses aren't sticky in the slightest and feel lovely and light on the lips.

Revlon | Lipstick | 'Cherries in the Snow' - If the name itself isn't enough to get you in the festive mood, then the beautiful berry colour surely will! If you aren't a red lipstick kind of girl then this is such a good option. It's a gorgeous berry pink shade. It applies like a dream and lasts all day (I've worn it for uni on a couple of occasions!) it looks lovely for day or night.

Estee Lauder | Lipstick in 'Tiger Eye' - I know what you're thinking. Bronze glittery lipstick, Beth are you actually a nutter?! I kid you not, this is the loveliest shade of lipstick for this season - it puts a little twist on a 'dark nude'. It applies fairly sheerly and gives a wonderful wash of bronze-y nude to the lips - it looks ridiculously glittery in the bullet but gives more of a frosted finish once it's on.  It's not everyone's cup of tea but it's a little bit different to anything else I own and it looks really nice applied in the middle of the lips over another colour if I'm not feeling brave enough to wear it full-on.

So there you have it girls. A selection of some of my festive makeup choices this season. I can't wait for Christmas now - I've finally finished wrapping all my presents and all that's left to do now is settle down on the sofa and indulge in some chocolate biscuits and Glitter Berry J20's (let me know if you're also addicted to these amazing thirst-quenching beverages!) 

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope the bearded chappy leaves you lots of lovely presents under your tree tomorrow morning! I'm sure I'll speak to some of you on Twitter at some stage.

What's in your Christmas Day makeup bag this year?!


  1. gorgeous photos and gorgeous choices!!! perfect holiday makeup! xx

  2. Ruby Tuesday is my favourite classic red, I love it. Really want to try Cherries in the Snow too. I'm loving Topshop's Beguiled and Hazard this season too. Love these choices and Happy Christmas! xx

  3. WOW amazing post such gorgeous colours, that Barry M gloss looks so gorgeous!
    Merry Christmas!

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. lovely things I really like Barry m products merry Christmas xx

  5. So much glitter....I LOVE IT! Great products, I'll check out some of them. Merry Christmas :)x

  6. Absolutely love the lipstick colour choices! Lovely post :) xox

  7. All of this make up is so gorgeous beth, I'm such huge fan of glitter pigments and that Kate moss lipstick! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas xxx

  8. All so beautiful!! I love the pictures :-) xx


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