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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sanctuary Skincare | My Current Favourites

I sometimes tend to put off doing skincare posts, simply because everyone is different and what might work for me, won't work for other people - but i've been using the Sanctuary range now since the beginning of June and it's become a firm favourite of mine.  Their skincare range is actually really impressive and suprisingly affordable, and it's one that I know I will continue to go back to. Here's a quick rundown of the products from the range that i'm using religiously at the moment:

Pore Refining Toner 150ml | £9 - This is without a doubt, my favourite product i've tried from the range. I included it in an August favourites post a while back and have since caved in and bought the big bottle. It's really gentle, yet removes every trace of makeup left on my face after cleansing, and it has a really comforting smell to it that isn't overpowering. It sprays out in a mist and can be applied directly to a cotton pad for direct toning, or it can even be used as a refreshing spray throughout the day over your makeup or just to refresh the skin in general. It helps to balance the Ph of your skin, whilst helping to refine and tighten pores - all big thumbs up for me since I do have large pores around my t-zone. Dare I say it, but my skin has looked a million times better since I began using this, and it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight after use like other toners i've used in the past.

Brightening Facial Radiance Exfoliator 100ml | £10.50 - This exfoliator contains 'ultra fine apricot granules and grape seed' and smells really fresh. This is great for those days when you feel as if your skin is looking a bit dull and uneven in tone. It's gentle enough to use fairly regularly, but not so much so that it doesn't make a difference. My skin is left feeling super soft and revitalised afterwards and appears smoother in tone.

Deep Cleanse Facial - Fresh Faced Purifying Wash 140ml | £9 - This gentle little facewash helps to balance the skin's moisture levels (which is great for me as I have combination skin) and contains witch hazel, chamomile and cucumber to cool and soothe. It has the same fragrance as the toner, and works really well used side by side. It leaves my skin feeling suitably moisturised and clean - all in all it's just a really nice little cleansing face wash that does what it says on the tin (or tube in this case... and a rather wonky one at that... i always manage to pick up the dodgy one out of everything!)

All items can be purchased from Boots, and it's worth keeping your eyes peeled for their 3 for 2! They also offer some of their products in the mini-range so you can try before you buy.

Have you tried Sanctuary skincare?


  1. I really love the sound of the Pore refining toner - I'll keep an eye out for offers in Boots! x

    1. its lovely :) its so gentle but it works a treat :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. thats ok lovely - it would be a shame not to share them! They need to be more well known in the blogging world! :) x

  3. I'd really like to try that toner... I've been toying with the idea for a while of incorporating a toner into my skincare routine and I think you just swayed me!

    Lea x

    It's Such A Wonderful Life -

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    1. definitely get one :) if you were going to get anything from the range the toner would be the first thing i'd recommend. :) i love how it doubles up as a facial spray :) let me know if you decide to try it! xx

  4. These look great. I've never tried the sanctuary skin care range. X

  5. These products all do look and sound so lovely, I always feel like I need to sort my skin care routine out but at the same time I don't want to mess it around too much in case I break out, such a dilema hahaa xxx

  6. my mum loves this brand so there's loads of products lying around the house for me to use! hehe xxx

  7. I used to use this brand a few years ago, but never went back to it... I think I should though! Their prodcts smell amazing! xo

  8. i used to use that exfoliator all the time before i moved onto different brands! they always smell so nice... :)

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  9. No I've never tried anything from them but it sounds interesting though! :)

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  11. These products look amazing. I need a new exfoliator, so may pick up that one.


  12. The brightening exfoliator sounds lovely, totally want to try it out now!! <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

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  14. Never tried anything by this brand, will have to check them out.
    Following your blog. Please check out mine, I'd love to see what you think!
    Bunny x

  15. I bought the wash, toner and the warming detox mask and I can officially say that I've been converted to Sanctuary products - thanks for the tip! xo

  16. I didn't realise Sanctuary did skincare but these all sound amazing! I used some of their bath products for the first time the other day and really loved them so hopefully I'll feel the same about their skincare :)
    Love Holly x


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