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Wednesday 19 September 2012

Top 5 | Lipsticks - Corals & Oranges

Swatches L-R / 1. Topshop 'Charmed' / 2. Rimmel 'Coral In Gold' / 3. Topshop 'Infrared' / 4. Mac 'Costa Chic' / 5. 17 'Hot Flash' /

Coral is one of my favourite colours to wear on the lips, especially in the warmer months. I know that Summer is fast coming to an end, but I thought I'd do a little run through of my Top 5 Corals & Oranges of the season - along with a couple of my all time favourite coral tones that I wear all year round.

Topshop 'Charmed' - This reminds me so much of Mac's 'Ravishing'. This is very much your typical 'peaches and cream' shade and looks amazing when paired with a peach blush swirled onto the cheeks. This colour was from a collection at Topshop which I believe isn't available anymore, but they have very similar tones in their permanent range (see 'Ooh La La').

Rimmel 'Coral In Gold' - If a more frosted finish is your thing then this colour is a great one to opt for - I find it more suitable for day wear due to the subtle shimmer in it - which takes away the shocking 'block colour' effect. I did a 'Face of the Day' with this lipstick (a rather long time ago now) - if you fancy having look then click here.

Topshop 'Infrared' - Orange has definitely overtaken the classic red lip this summer. If you haven't heard of this lipstick by now then you must have been hibernating in a cave somewhere... This is the most flattering, vibrant orange shade and it's also suprisingly wearable. I usually struggle to get orange to work for me as I lean towards cooler shades, but this one seems fairly neutral and looks flattering on the lips with or without a tan. Topshop lipsticks are of fabulous quality and the range is constantly changing with new shades and seasonal specials - If you've yet to try one then I urge you to give them a go.

Mac 'Costa Chic' - This is my all time favourite coral - hands down. If, like me, you struggle to get along with oranges, then I find this is a far more wearable shade of coral due to the pink undertones. It's still a bright colour to opt for but I find it a very versatile colour for both day and night. I'll be wearing this shade well into Autumn - and it's also the one I reach for a lot on nights out. Super-duperly pigmented, lasts all day, and has a certain brightness to it that just lights up your complexion.

17 Supreme Shine in 'Hot Flash' - This little impluse buy has turned out to be one of my go to lipsticks this summer. This coral leans more towards a red/pink shade, so again, it's easier to wear if you struggle with statement orange tones. I find the texture of these lipsticks to be really light and moisturising - perfect if you prefer a less 'heavy' finish. It's a lovely bright shade that I wear both day and night, and it instantly brightens up your face.

Ok. So maybe this is cheating slightly - but there are 2 other products in the 'Coral & Orange' category I thought were worth a little mention...

Lord & Berry Lipstick Crayon in 'Mandarin' - I bought this off ASOS a while back now and I have my eye on a few other products from the range. This lipstick in crayon form is perfect for those of you who maybe aren't big fans of a traditional lippie - it offers more control when it comes to placing the colour - and is much more practical for on the go. The peachy shade is perfect for every day wear, and the finish is so moisturising and creamy (unusual for crayons - they're often known to be a bit drying) It glides on smoothly and effortlessly. Oh - and it smells of vanilla! Yummy..

MUA Intense Colour Lip Pencil - I have an array of these lip pencils. They're a bargain at just £1 and even come with a little sharpener in the lid.

What are your favourite Coral/Orange lip products?


  1. ooooohhh i love Hot Flash :) x

  2. MAC Costa Chic looks gorgeous! xo

  3. Ooo Costa Chic has been on my wishlist for a long time and I want even more now, every time I see swatches of it I'm reminded of how beautiful it is. Same goes for Topshop Infrared. Jealous of your tan too little missy! xxx

  4. Charmed looks really nice, i haven't seen that collection before.

  5. Hot Flash is perfect !

  6. You've really inspired me to wear my coral lipsticks! Ive owned coral polyp from MAC for yonks, next summer it'll definitely be getting used up! Xx

  7. I've recently gotten into more orangey lipsticks I think it makes my teeth look whiter!

  8. Infrared is one of my favourite lipsticks right now! really like the look of costa chic too. I just got MAC lady danger which is a redy/orange and its gorgeous xxx

  9. Costa Chic looks absolutely stunning :) Great picks xx

  10. finding the right corals and oranges is hard, but I love all of these, so pretty xx

  11. This post is amazing! I am actually loving every single shade haha!!

    Lots of Love India

  12. I love coral and orange lipstick! But I don't own any of these! This made me think about getting infrared, and costa chic is really pretty too. My favorites are probaly morange and vegas volt by Mac! :)

  13. I really love your lipstick posts Beth! Costa Chic is such a gorgeous colour, I really need to pick it up soon xxx

  14. I really like Costa Chic (MAC lippies are the best) but unfortunately I can't pull off orange/coral tones, I'm too darn pale!

    The Style Rawr!

  15. Costa chics one of my favourites too, it's stunning :P

  16. I love Topshop Infared! Still wearing it in Autumn!

    I've just started blogging and your blog is great inspiration! It's great!

    Chloe xx


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