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Sunday 8 July 2012

Whats In My Suitcase | Bikinis

1. Bright Coral Bikini - La Senza
2. Yellow Bikini - River Island | Turquoise Rose Bikini - River Island (last season)
3. Blue Frilly Bikini - River Island
4. Bright Pink Bikini - Primark | Rose Gold Bikini - H&M
5. Striped - Primark (seasons ago!)
6. Bright Pink Bow Bikini - ASOS
7. Broderie Bandeau Bikini - Next (last season)

So, I thought i would kick off my 'What's In My Suitcase' posts with a very bright and colourful one on bikinis (wow theres only so many times you can type the word 'bikini' before it starts to look wrong)... I do seem to have a bit of a weakness for buying them and whereas the normal person would take about 3 or 4 for a week in the sunshine, I go a little bit crazy with my over-packing tendancies and take atleast one for each day - sometimes even more (I kid you not..I'm awful). I'm going away for 10 days so taking only the 9 featured in this post is somewhat of an achievement for me (please reassure me I'm not the only girl in the world with this bikini-buying obsessh?) I find the best place to go for bikini's and swimwear is, without a doubt, River Island - they always have an amazing range in all sorts of colours and designs and although they are a little pricier than your average, they really make a statement and always fit amazingly. I had quite a few people asking me where the Turquoise one was from last time I went away! I was rather chuffed with myself for digging out the striped Primark bikini; i bought this years ago and never really wore it much, but stripes are really in fashion at the moment so I delved into my bedroom drawers and managed to find it. I'm planning on saving the bright coral one from La Senza until later in the holiday when I'm really tanned - It was meant to be about £32 but I snapped it up on the way home from work for a more purse-friendly £15 in the sale *high five*

I really wish we could get our hands on Victoria's Secret much more easily here in the UK - although it's probably a good job as I don't think my bank account could take much more bikini-buying abuse...If you're reading this I should have arrived in the sunshine by now! I'm planning a few of these Whats In My Suitcase posts (the rest hopefully will be up when i'm back) - I hope I manage to bring some sunshine back with me...


  1. I love the blue one! River Island always do the best bikinis, I need to get down to one quick!x

  2. I took 10 for two weeks and was scared it wasn't going to be enough. I didn't even end up wearing all of them!! xx

  3. That coral bikini in the first pic is going to look amazing with your tan, save that one till the end haha.

    a girl can never have too many bikinis, its what you will be wearing the most of while your away, I bet your so excited :) xx

  4. Gorgeous Bikini Collection! I think my fave has to be the first one from La Senza, what a gorgeous colour :)

    Just found your blog, so glad I did, really enjoyed reading your posts so far :)

    Hope you can check out my blog too? Thank you,

    Laura xx

  5. aww, your bikinis are all so pretty! my favorite is the blue frilly one. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  6. Oww this makes me want to go on holiday soooo bad!

  7. Ahhh I love them all :) especially the black and white stripes! Xx.

  8. nice bikinissss!!!
    hey gorgeous, i love your blog
    lets follow each others blog, i hope we can be friends :)

  9. Very nice bikinis girl!

    the last one is cute, i love your cute blog!


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