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Monday 25 June 2012

Holiday Sanctuary Treats

Everyone tends to go a little out of routine on holiday, and the combination of sunshine, pool water and the inevitable overdose on various cocktails often means my skin tends to rebel a little if i don't take proper care of it. I usually just separate some of my products at home into plastic bottles but i am a massive over packer (i ended up parting with a purse full of leftover euros earlier this year due to my overly-generous packing habits..) so this time around i decided to grab myself some mini products from Boots to save on weight as they were on 3 for 2. I decided to pick up a cleanser/face wash, a toner/pore refiner and a moisturiser so that i can still continue a decent skin routine whilst im out there. I've never tried these before so i'm looking forward to sampling them on holiday  - i'm intrigued by the 'Illuminating Moisture Lotion' - and it contains SPF which is handy for the hot weather.

I also picked up an eyemask (of all things to pick up!) and it cost me the best part of £8 but i know i'll get some use out of it. I am an awful, awful flyer and i dread getting on the plane for weeks before i'm due to fly. I will literally try anything to help me get over my nerves - in fact i have to carry tablets with me at all times throughtout the journey in case i get a bit panicky. I try not to take them because they basically knock me out for a whole day - so i often take Rescue Remedy, sleep balm and anything with a calming influence with me in my hand luggage in order to combat the nervousness. If i can get a few hours kip and sleep through the whole ordeal then that would be just fabulous. The flight is only 4 and half hours but to me it's a LONG TIME to spend on a plane (you can imagine that actual long haul flights are just the worst thing ever for me!) but i thought I'd give this a go as i struggle to sleep at all on planes - whilst everyone else is getting some shut-eye, i'm always the one person wide awake, shifting and fidgeting in my seat much to the annoyance of the unlucky family member/travelling partner of choice sat next to me. The eye pillow is cushioned, really squishy and soft (unlike the cruddy scratchy ones they often give out for free) and is infused with calming scents to help you nod off. I also struggle to sleep abroad due to the strong lighting coming through apartment curtains in the morning/change of sleeping habits so this will hopefully help with that too.

Has anyone else tried anything from the Sanctuary skincare range?


  1. the facial cleanser sounds lovely! I haven't tried any products from sanctuary, but would love to know how you get on with these :)x

  2. These look great, I would like to try the illuminator :)

    Karys x

  3. I loveee the toner, their Hot Cloth Cleanser is really lovely too but the smell of it takes some getting used to! I didn't know Sanctuary did mini sizes though, probably end up with some of them in my suitcase!x

  4. Looks like you got some great stuff! I've always wanted to try Sanctuary products, their packaging is so pretty! Hope you have a lovely holiday :) x

  5. Hmmmmm that eye pillow looks heavenly xx

  6. I've never tried this skincare line before, but it sounds and looks great! Thanks for sharing :)


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